Wright Anything Agency

Wright Anything Agency
CaseTurnabout Sisters onwards

This is the main office of Phoenix Wright and appears in the vast majority of cases throughout the first 4 games. Interestingly, the office itself has gone through 4 name changes before ending up as it is known currently as the Wright Anything Agency.


[edit] Names

[edit] Fey & Co. Law Offices

The office was first seen and known as the Fey & Co. Law Offices and at that point was owned by Mia Fey. This is also the first place that Phoenix worked at. Sadly this place also became a crime scene when Mia was murdered there just after The First Turnabout.

[edit] Wright & Co. Law Offices

Wright & Co. Law Offices
After Mia's death, Phoenix took over the office after Turnabout Sisters and carried on his work as an attorney there for the next 3 years. In terms of game time, this is what the office was known as for the majority of the time.

[edit] Wright Talent Agency

Around six months after the events of Bridge to the Turnabout, Phoenix was disbarred and also took in Trucy as his daughter. It was during this time that Phoenix and Trucy used the office as a base for their talent agency, particularly Trucy who seemed to store alot of her magicians equipment in the office.

[edit] Wright Anything Agency

After Turnabout Trump when Phoenix took Apollo in under his wing, acting somewhat like a mentor, the office was renamed once again to what it is today; the Wright Anything Agency. Currently the three of them work out of this office.

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