Wocky Kitaki

Wocky Kitaki
Japanese nameKitaki Takita
AgeAJ:AA: 19
FamilyFather: Winfred Kitaki
Mother: Plum Kitaki

Wocky Kitaki is the son of mob-boss Winfred Kitaki and defendant during Turnabout Corner. He fully embraces the gangster lifestyle and is disgusted to hear that his father wants to turn the business around into something legitimate.

Six months prior to the case Wocky was shot during an altercation between a rival family and rushed to the Meraktis Clinic where Pal Meraktis performed surgery to remove the bullet. During the recovery Wocky also befriended and proposed to the nurse looking after him, Alita Tiala, and once he was discharged from the clinic he took Alita with her back to the Kitaki Mansion.

Six months passed and after a check-up by another doctor they discovered that Meraktis hadn't removed the bullet at all and it was still lodged against his heart. Wocky was enraged by this and stole a gun from the family stash, swearing to get revenge. That evening he ran into Meraktis in the park, who was incidentally pulling a noodle cart behind him. Before Wocky could really do anything, Meraktis tried to warn him about Alita, but before he could he was shot. Wocky ran off but was later arrested, claiming that he was the one who had murdered Meraktis.

Apollo was assigned as Wocky's lawyer and managed to prove that Wocky was innocent, and infact the murderer was Alita, who was also just using Wocky to gain his fortune. Despite everything, Wocky was still at odds with his father for wanting to give up their gangster life, but changed his tune when he learnt the real reason behind his father's change of heart was because he wanted to raise clean money to pay for Wocky's life-saving operation.

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