Winston Payne

Winston Payne
Japanese nameAuchi Takefumi
AgePW:AA: 52
PW:JFA: 53
PW:T&T: 54 (49 in flashback case)
AAI:ME: 54
AJ:AA: 61
FamilyWife: Unnamed
Daughter: Unnamed
Brother: Gaspen Payne

Winston Payne is a prosecutor who makes his first appearance in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as the prosecutor for Case 1, The First Turnabout. His name is a pun of 'winced in pain', referring to his quite dramatic attitude. He is the first prosecutor that you will be up against in the first four games. During Turnabout Trump, Payne mentions that he didn't lose a case for his first 7 years of prosecuting, possibly this means his first loss was against Mia Fey during Turnabout Memories.

Winston Payne has a liking of mocking new defense attorneys, which explains his nickname of 'The Rookie Killer'. However strong a case he seems to uphold, his confidence can quickly be crushed when the defense attorney begins to find flaws in it. When this happens, he seems to panic, making beating him quite an easy task.

During Turnabout Memories, Payne comments that he has a daughter, although nothing is known about her, or Winston's wife. He also has a younger brother, Fumitake Auchi, who also works as a prosecutor.

He also makes a brief cameo during the first case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, after hearing about a murder in Edgeworth's office, he offers to help him should he ever need it. Edgeworth is polite enough to accept but in truth doesn't remember who Payne is.

Winston also has a younger brother, Gaspen Payne, who also works as a prosecutor and is introduced in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.

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