Winfred Kitaki

Winfred Kitaki
Japanese nameKitaki Tsunekatsu
AgeAJ:AA: 56
FamilyWife: Plum Kitaki
Son: Wocky Kitaki

Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki is the head of a mob-family and appears in Turnabout Corner.

Six months prior to the case his only son, Wocky Kitaki, was shot in an altercation with another rival family and taken to the Meraktis Clinic where they always take their mob's members for more questionable injuries. The director of the clinic, Pal Meraktis, performed the surgery and as far as they were aware everything was fine.

Six months passed and over this time Winfred had been considering turning their business around into something legitimate, despite the protests of his son. He arranged a check-up for everyone working for the family and that was when they learnt that Meraktis had lied to them and Wocky still had a bullet lodged against his heart which was threatening his life. Shortly after this Meraktis was murdered and Wocky arrested, although in the end Wocky was proven innocent. He still protested against Winfred's ideas about giving up their current line of business until Winfred finally explained that they had located a doctor who could perform the procedure on Wocky to remove the bullet. The procedure is obviously quite costly, and Winfred wanted to pay for it with clean money, as their old lifestyle had endangered their son in the first place. He and Wocky don't get along all the time, but he is a good father figure to his son.

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