Wesley Stickler

Wesley Stickler
Japanese nameKawadu Kyousaku
AgeAJ:AA: 22

Wesley Stickler is a student in the Department of Science and Engineering at Ivy University and a witness during Turnabout Corner.

On the night of the murder of Pal Meraktis, Wesley was out and actually committing a crime of his own. He stole the magic panties belonging to Trucy Wright and was chased around the town by her, before he ducked into the Meraktis Garage to hide until he lost her. He disposed of the panties in the exhaust of the car parked in the garage and made his escape. Additionally, at some other point in the evening he had also stole a pair of panties belonging to Plum Kitaki.

Whilst he was making his way home through the park he came across both Meraktis and Wocky Kitaki, the latter waving a gun around. He shouted at them both to stop and at that point Meraktis was shot. Wocky made a run for it and Wesley called the police and was later brought in as a witness. Although he tried to cover up his theft earlier in the evening, it was soon exposed which he claims was merely a theft due to his curious nature. He had seen Trucy perform with the panties in her magic act, pulling all manner of things out of them, and Wesley wanted to discover how they worked.

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