Turner Grey

Turner Grey
Japanese nameKirisaki Tetsurou
Age35 (Deceased)

Turner Grey is a surgeon and director of the Grey Surgical Clinic and also the victim of Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Reunion, and Turnabout.

About a year prior to his appearance, his clinic came under heavy scrutiny after 14 patients died at the clinic as a result of malpractice by Mimi Miney, a nurse who worked at the clinic. Then, two weeks later, the nurse died in a car accident and ever since then Turner and his clinic have suffered from a damaged reputation as a result of the deaths and some tabloids even accusing him of causing the car accident. Through an acquaintance, Ini Miney, Turner learns of spirit channelling and asks for her to help set up a channelling session at the Kurain Village so that the spirit of the dead nurse could be brought back to sign a confession about the malpractice and the car accident so that he could clear his name. Maya agrees to perform the channelling but on the one condition that he brings Phoenix along with him.

Turner manages to find and persuade Phoenix to join him but, during the channelling, Turner was stabbed by what he most likely believed was Ini disguised as Maya (although in reality, it was actually Mimi who had not died the previous year after all). He didn't die instantly and was able to take a shot at Mimi but missed, Mimi then stole the gun from Turner and shot and killed him.

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