Turnabout with the Wind

Turnabout with the Wind
MangaPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Chapter No.1
VictimBright Bonds
ProsecutorWinston Payne
Defense AttorneyPhoenix Wright
DefendantLarry Butz
Defense AssistantMaya Fey
GuiltyBelle Windsor

This is the first case of the Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney Official Manga and spans the first chapter of volume one.

[edit] Case

The case begins by showing the reader from the outset that the murderer in this case is Belle Windsor who is in a state of shock after seemingly having just killed someone, carrying a bloody knife in her hand.

Out at Gourd Lake it is currently the wind chime festival and Phoenix has taken Maya along to the festival to see the sights. Maya even tried to call Pearl to let her listen to the bells but, because of the frequency of the sound, the phone can't pick up the belle chimes. They run into Larry who is also there and introduces them to his new girlfriend, Belle. Shortly after this, Larry finds himself arrested under suspicion of murdering Bright Bonds.

The victim's body was found in the locker room of a men's sauna late in the evening, he had originally intended to see a baseball game that evening but, due to a sudden, violent storm, the match was postponed so he went to a sauna instead. Larry was arrested due to him leaving threatening messages on Bright's phone, as it turns out Bright was an ex-boyfriend of Belle's and Belle had mentioned to Larry that he was bothering her recently. Winston Payne, on the prosecution, claims that Larry must have murdered him after becoming jealous.

They call Belle to the witness stand to give testimony and she says that on the day of the murder, she and Larry talked for about an hour on the phone, using the phone's video calling function. In the call it clearly shows Larry in his apartment, and Belle likewise in her own apartment. Given the estimated time of death and the location of the sauna it would mean it would be impossible for Larry to have killed Bright as there simply wasn't enough time between the call and time of death to reach the sauna. Payne also brings up though that Belle had called Bright 5 minutes before she called Larry, although shes says it was to tell him to stay away from her.

Next they call in Biddy Tenniman, a landlady who owns the apartment where the murder weapon, a knife, was found after an anonymous tip off. She claims that the room was rented out about a month ago, paid for upfront and had all their furniture delivered, but she has never seen the tenant and, when they went to investigate, the apartment was completely empty. Additionally, Larry's fingerprints were on the knife handle.

Payne claims that Larry must be guilty still, and that he was the one who rented out the apartment to make it look like his own and create an alibi. It's then that Phoenix realises that there is something unusual about Belle's side of the video call, in that there is wind chime blowing in the video, but if she was in her own apartment the violent storm would have been blowing through at that time. This would have been picked up in the video, but the breeze appears calm, so Phoenix deduces that it was actually Belle who rented out the apartment as an alibi, not Larry. The fingerprints on the knife are further explained by Belle and Larry talking about how Larry cut up a watermelon for them earlier that day.

Belle claims that Bright is a large, well built an so she couldn't have possibly killed him, but Phoenix recalls that she had rung him earlier that day and suggests that she did so to create a distraction and stab him from behind. Then Belle would have run to the rented apartment to create her own alibi with her video call to Larry.

With the evidence mounting against her, Belle confesses to the murder, saying that it was exactly as Phoenix says, although she corrects him about the phone call. She rung Bright so that he would know it was her that killed him, then stabbed him in the back. Her motive being that they were having an affair which Bright wished to end and go back to his wife and children. Belle became jealous and plotted to kill him, but the place where Bright was stabbed was actually the chime festival, not the sauna where Bright's body was found.

As the case ends, Maya wonders why Bright would go to the sauna after having been stabbed, to which Phoenix proposes that, as the sauna was a strictly mens only sauna, he went there in an effort to protect Belle of being implicated in his murder.

[edit] Characters

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