Turnabout Visitor

Turnabout Visitor
Start DateMarch 14th 2019
End DateMarch 14th 2019
VictimBuddy Faith
ProsecutorMiles Edgeworth
Prosecutor AssistantDick Gumshoe
GuiltyJacques Portsman

This is the first case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, although chronologically this would be the third.


[edit] Case

In the early hours of the morning two men are talking in Edgeworth's office, one is shot and we see one man holding a gun.

About an hour later, Edgeworth finally returns to his office after being abroad for a month, Gumshoe has been taking care of his things since then. Edgeworth is about to go inside when he noticed his door is unlocked and, once he gets inside, a body on the floor. Before he can do anything, he is threatened by a man in the shadows with a gun, but he soon enough leaves before Edgeworth can identify him.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation Part 1

Naturally Edgeworth is quite annoyed to be threatened and find a body in his own office, so he takes it upon himself to begin investigating. It doesn't take long for the forensics department and Dick Gumshoe to arrive, Gumshoe is shocked to hear about what happened but glad that Edgeworth is okay. Edgeworth and Gumshoe begin to investigate the office for evidence, but Edgeworth can't help but think it's no coincidence that the murder took place in his office, given that it should have been locked whilst he was away.

Firstly they find what appears to be the murder weapon, a handgun which Gumshoe says looks like the same model he was issued when he joined the precinct, so it's likely the murderer has connections to the police department. They then investigate around the body, which is still slumped on the floor against Edgeworth's bookshelf. After finding a little wallet on the floor beside the body, they are able to identify him as Buddy Faith, a detective that works at the local precinct. It also becomes obvious from looking at the body that Buddy was shot in the lower abdomen. Scattered all around the body are files that have fallen off of Edgeworth's bookcase, which suggest that Buddy and the murderer struggled before Buddy was killed.

Just as they are finishing up investigating, someone bursts in, seemingly devastated to hear that Buddy has been killed, although they refer to him as "Jim" for some reason. He introduces himself as Jacques Portsman, another Prosecutor and Buddy was his work partner. At first, Portsman blames Edgeworth for the murder, given that this is his office and he knows that all of the prosecutor offices are locked, but Gumshoe interrupts to say that Edgeworth has only just returned from overseas and the key was with him all the time he was away. Based on this, Portsman then decides to blame Gumshoe for the murder instead.

Edgeworth tells everyone to calm down and reminds Portsman that he too is a prosecutor and that he should know better than to jump to conclusions when the investigation has only just begun. Whilst Portsman is mourning Buddy, Edgeworth and Gumshoe continue to look around the office for clues, firstly at the frame on the floor which has Edgeworth's old jacket in it. The frame itself is now damaged after the killer fired a second shot to threaten Edgeworth when he came inside the office before the killer could escape. But upon seeing the bullet hole, Edgeworth can't help but notice a contradiction in the evidence, thinking that he's starting to sound like "him" when he mentions the contradiction. The contradiction itself is quite simple, they know that two bullets were fired in the office, but the gun they found shows that only one was fired with that particular gun.

Whilst they're both looking at the frame on the floor, Gumshoe can't help but notice something on the wall behind it, which Edgeworth explains is a secret safe hidden in the wall. Ordinarily the safe would be out of sight behind the frame. Gumshoe is disappointed to hear that it doesn't contain anything like money and that usually they store important evidence. Although, there is nothing inside it right now Edgeworth informs and that all prosecutors are aware of the safes. On closer inspection of the safe, Edgeworth notices that it seems to have been used recently and the forensics team can't pull any fingerprints off the keypad, meaning that someone tried to open the safe and then wiped off the prints. Edgeworth now believes that the murderer came inside his office to get at whatever was in his safe, this could also mean that the files spread on the floor were not actually from a struggle, but instead from being spread out when the killer was looking for something.

They decide to check the files on the floor, restoring them all to the shelf and discovering in the process that Buddy was definitely killed whilst standing by the bookcase from the blood stains. The bullet is also located as it is lodged in the spine of one of the books marked 0 on the bottom shelf. This is strange because, knowing that Buddy was shot in the stomach whilst standing, the bullet is much too low. The files themselves are organised correctly though, even though the files marked with a "0" come after 1, 2 and 3. This leads Edgeworth to think that the murderer thought the files marked 0 came before 1 so they re-arrange the files again in that order. Now that the files are re-arranged, the bullet hole is in the exact place it should be for Buddy to have been shot whilst standing at the bookcase. This would indicate that the files were ransacked and then put back in place before Buddy was murdered, then after murdering Buddy, the files were messed up on the floor again for some reason.

As they are moving the files around they also spot some of the files have been written on across the spine in blood, clearly spelling "Gumshoe" upside-down across the bottom row of files, although one file is actually missing. Portsman thinks this is a message from Buddy to name his killer and accuses Gumshoe again of being the real murderer.

[edit] Portsman's First Argument

Naturally Edgeworth doesn't believe that Gumshoe could be the murderer, especially given that when the murderer had stolen one of his files, he would have surely noticed his own name written across the files in blood. Portsman has to agree with Edgeworth's logic. but he is eager to mention that along with Gumshoe, there is one other person who has the key to Edgeworth's office; Maggey Byrde, who is working on security at the office.

Portsman has Maggey brought in and explains that she is on security tonight, meaning she has access to the master key that opens all the office doors in the building. In light of this, Portsman now blames Maggey for the murder of Buddy, but Maggey says that at around 1AM she discovered that the master key was actually missing, although it re-appeared sometime later. Edgeworth also doesn't believe it as the motive for going inside Edgeworth's office in the first place appeared to be theft, yet whoever it was knew about the secret safe; something only known to other prosecutors.

Portsman seems angry about this, but then confesses that actually Buddy also knew about the existence of the safes from working with him. He now believes that the thief who broke in and tried to steal something from the safe would have been Buddy after all, and that Maggey had attempted to stop him, perhaps even shooting him in self-defense. After that, Portsman chases them out of Edgeworth's office so he can continue investigating as he is the prosecutor assigned to the case.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation Part 2

Edgeworth, Gumshoe and Maggey go back out into the hallway where Edgeworth decides to continue his own investigation. Further down the hallway they recover the missing file that was stolen from Edgeworth's office, although a few pages have been removed, seemingly the thief only took what they needed. Edgeworth tells how they just relate to old cases, but the case in question wasn't his own, but those of the prosecutor that occupied the office before him as he was asked to keep hold of them. Edgeworth seems familiar with the case the files belong to though, stating they were from 10 years ago.

After finding the file, Edgeworth decides to question Maggey about the master key, who says she noticed it was missing at around 1AM, and that it had returned by about 2:30AM. She also mentions that she had used it prior to it being missing, which was why it was left lying out, as opposed to safely tucked away in the security office. Now that she thinks about it, she remembers that she actually had to use the key to accompany Portsman into his office as he had forgotten his key. This was at about midnight when Portsman requested the key, although naturally Maggey accompanied him to his office, and then at around 1:30AM she went back to lock up his office as he was leaving. Edgeworth notices a contradiction in that Maggey already said the master key was missing by 1AM, and Maggey admits that it's still true, only that when she went to lock Portsman door at 1:30AM she actually only pretended to do so with her house key.

They decide to take a closer look at Portsman's door and are surprised to find that the door is locked, despite the fact that it should still be unlocked. This means that either Portsman really did have his key, or that Maggey didn't open Portsman's door. They check the doorknob for prints and find that only Portsman's and Buddy's prints are present, not Maggey's, meaning that she couldn't have opened Portsman's door. They also discover a note left by Buddy under Portsman's door, claiming that he came by earlier with some evidence that Portsman wanted, but he appeared to be out. Additionally it appears as though the basketball hoop beside Portsman's office has been recently moved. They also quickly investigate Edgeworth's door, finding no sign of forced entry or that the lock was picked, plus the doorknob had been wiped of prints.

With everything they have discovered, Edgeworth is certain that the true culprit is actually Portsman so, along with Gumshoe and Maggey, go to confront him.

[edit] Portsman's Second Argument

Of course Portsman denies it, saying firstly that he wouldn't even have been able to get into Edgeworth's room, but Edgeworth brings up his use of the master key earlier. With the master key it would be possible for him to open any door in the building, including Edgeworth's office. After pointing out the lack of Maggey's prints on Portsman's own door he suggests that Portsman tricked Maggey into opening the door to Edgeworth's office. Maggey is upset to hear that she was tricked, but she is certain that she opened Portsman's door as she checked the number on the plate hung on the door.

Edgeworth now mentions that even if it had the right number, that the plates on the doors can actually be changed quite easily as they just slide out of their frames. He also recalls seeing that the basketball hoop that is by Portsman's door had been recently moved, meaning that it was probably moved along with the plate number to make his room seem like Portsman's.

Naturally Portsman denies this and says that he was in his office the entire time he was in the building, but Edgeworth knows this not to be true as Buddy left Portsman a note under his door when he was unable to find him. Once again Edgeworth accuses Portsman of using Maggey to open up the door to his office, due to the lack of fingerprints belonging to Maggey found on the doorknob of Portsman's office door. He asks Portsman to give up his lieing and just admit that he came into his office to steal something and was discovered by Buddy after he probably heard sounds coming from an office whose occupant was on leave. He also accuses Portsman of threatening him with the gun when he returned to the office, but Portsman laughs it all off.

Portsman then claims that he is a little obsessive-compulsive and wiped down the doorknob after Maggey had used it, and that they can't prove when Buddy left him that note, he may have left it before he arrived at the office and didn't notice it. He also points out that at 2AM when Edgeworth had that confrontation with the gunman in his office that he was down at the criminal affairs department, some detectives there at the time would be able to confirm this. Gumshoe runs on down to the criminal affairs department to check this and, like Portsman says, he was seen there at around 2AM.

Edgeworth realises his alibi is perfect, so he thinks the whole situation through again. Recalling that two bullets were fired at the scene and the gun found shows that it was only fired once means that logically two guns were used. Also, given that the killer had to use Buddy's own gun, that would suggest that the killer didn't have a second gun and that infact the person who confronted Edgeworth in his office later was someone else entirely. The presence of a second person would also explain why Edgeworth's files were disturbed, put back on the shelves, then disturbed again.

Portsman still denies everything, saying that they still can't prove anything, and that he never saw Buddy as he was down at Criminal Affairs when he came by his office to deliver evidence. The evidence was two items from yesterday's case, but Edgeworth knows from the note that Buddy wrote there should be three pieces and accuses Portsman of concealing the third piece of evidence relating to that case. Gumshoe searches Portsman and finds the missing piece, a video tape with fresh blood on it belonging to, who they assume must be Buddy. Portsman has been worried for a while and when Edgeworth threatens to test who the blood belongs to, and check the tape for fingerprints, Portsman breaks down, finally making it obvious who the murderer was.

The police arrest Portsman and Maggey is grateful to both Edgeworth and Gumshoe for proving her innocence. Gumshoe also informs Edgeworth that Portsman's career so far as a prosecutor has been subject to scrutiny with rumours flying around of him using forged evidence and him declining to prosecute some cases of unusual reasons. He also mentions another rumour in that a larger scale organisation is behind things, which would explain why Portsman was reluctant to talk about his motives for theft despite being proven guilty. Edgeworth is sure they haven't heard the last of today's events given that they still don't know who the second visitor to his office was, or why they stole some particular files from an old case. Just as they are finishing talking one of the police officers hands Edgeworth a card that was found in his office whilst they were investigating, which Edgeworth recognises has the insignia of the Great Thief Yatagarasu, known as a modern-day Robin Hood. Not much is known about the thief beyond that he or she likes to expose corrupt dealings and the like to the public, and written on the back of the card is the location of the missing file stolen from Edgeworth's office, leading Edgeworth to believe that the second person to come into his office could be the Yatagarasu.

[edit] Court Record

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