Turnabout Serenade

Turnabout Serenade
Start DateJuly 7th 2026
End DateJuly 10th 2026
VictimRomein LeTouse
ProsecutorKlavier Gavin
Defense AttorneyApollo Justice
Defense AssistantTrucy Wright
DefendantMachi Tobaye
GuiltyDaryan Crescend

Turnabout Serenade is the third case out of four in the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney game.

[edit] Start of the Case

On July 7th, 2026, Klavier Gavin invites Apollo Justice and Trucy Wright to his band The Gavinners' concert. The band finish their set, but get prepared for an encore with Lamiroir, a Borginian singer who is the self proclaimed Siren of the Ballad. Lamiroir is set to perform her hit song The Guitar's Serenade with her pianist Machi Tobaye on the piano and Klavier on the guitar. Apollo and Trucy meet her along with her agent Romein LeTouse, just before they head off to do their set, which Trucy attended. During the song, Klavier's guitar burst into flames when the lyric "burning on in my heart, fire" was sung.

After the show, Apollo and Trucy speak to Klavier who is in a fowl mood. He states the guitar was not meant to burst into flames during the song. However Trucy states she thinks the crowd thought it was in sync with the song, which makes Klavier more pleased. He however states it's still been an awful day, because first his motorcycle wouldn't start, then his guitar case broke, and finally his guitar has been ruined. Soon after, Klavier returns to the stage to finish off the concert.

During the third set, police detective Ema Skye was made a security guard due to strange happenings that had been happened prior to the concert (something had been stolen). Apollo met up with Ema. As they are speaking, they hearded gunshot like sounds in Lamiroir's Dressing Room.

The two barged into the room to find Romein LeTouse on the floor, dying. Just before dying, he said to Apollo "Cold... Can't see... The witness... is siren...", just as Ema contacted the police. Before Ema returned, Apollo heard another noise, before Ema returned.

Prosecutor Klavier Gavin (accompanied by Daryan Crescend) visits Ema and Apollo stating the concert has been cancelled and that Apollo can stay to investigate, aslong as he doesn't mention to anybody the murder details.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation

Despite not having anybody to defend, Apollo decides that he should start investigating to avenge the death of Romein LeTouse. Him and Trucy go to the crime scene to talk to Ema about the details of the crime. She states the murder weapon (which was left at the crime scene) is a .45 calibur handgun which is a power weapon which is only used by people who can handle firearms well. Ema says the victim was shot through the shoulder, with the impact hitting the wall behind him, aswell as another bullet hole which must of been a missed shot.

Whilst examining the crime scene, Apollo finds a small green broach on the floor which he adds to his evidence. He examines the room thinking of possible ways for the murderer to have escaped. The room has no other doors apart from the entrance, there is a small window near the body but it is too small to climb through. Apollo sees a step ladder leaning up against the wall towards the air vent, which Apollo thinks nothing of yet.

He decides to have a look around the victim's body, and upon examining it finds a set of keys on a heart shaped key holder in the hands of the victim, aswell as a bloody smear above his head.

Apollo and Ema both agree that the case is a strange one, and they both heard the gunshots, yet they didn't see any movement that night, and they also state that it was the first time LeTouse had come to the country, so hardly anybody would have a motive to kill him.

Ema states she has to leave for a minute, so she asks Apollo and Trucy if they will stay to watch the crime scene, however the decide nothing will happen so they go off investigating. As they step into the hallway, they see a man in a yellow magician's outfit. However, before they can speak to him, he runs off. Apollo asks Trucy if she knows him due to his outfit, and she replies no.

The two go over to the stage where the concert was held, where they see Daryan and Klavier arguing about their performance from earlier that night. Klavier states that somebody messed up during their performance last night. We find out Daryan is a detective from Klavier, who also states that all member's of the band are part of law enforcement somehow. Klavier asks Trucy and Apollo to use an audio mixer to see who it was who messed up on stage. Daryan says two rookies wouldn't know who messed up, however the duo figure out it and Klavier gets angry at Daryan, much to his distress.

Klavier continues to moan, but now it's about his bad day. He says it began when his keys were stolen. Then he couldn't start his motorcycle and he couldn't open his guitar case, leading to him breaking it open. Trucy then suddenly pulls out the lyrics to the guitar's serenade and shows that all the bad stuff that happened fits with the songs lyrics. Klavier praises Trucy and admits it looks like somebody has been imitating his lyrics.

Apollo and Trucy head back to Klavier's dressing room, where a confused Lamiroir was told to wait. On the way there, they see the mysterious magician again, who disappears quickly. Trucy states he looks very familiar but can't put a finger on who he is.

The two travel to Klavier's dressing room again, where they see Lamiroir and machi. He decides to leave due to being shy around strangers. Lamiroir, however, stays to talk to the pair, in English this time. She talks to the two about her career, and her past in music. She states despite living in Borginia, she does not originate from there, unlike Machi. She says she used to play in clubs and restaurants, with Machi accompanying her on piano.

more to come.

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