Turnabout Goodbyes

Turnabout Goodbyes
Start DateDecember 25th 2016
End DateDecember 28th 2016
VictimRobert Hammond
ProsecutorManfred von Karma
Defense AttorneyPhoenix Wright
Defense AssistantMaya Fey
DefendantMiles Edgeworth
GuiltyYanni Yogi

This is the forth case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


[edit] Case

The case starts with two men on a boat in the middle of a lake who seemingly haven't met for 15 years. One of them, whom we are led to believe is Edgeworth, shoots the other.

We cut to Phoenix and Maya at the Wright & Co. Law Offices, where Maya is considering getting more into her spirit medium training. The TV is on in the background and the news airs a story about a man's body being found in the lake, and someone was taken into custody on suspicion of his murder, Miles Edgeworth. After hearing that Edgeworth had been arrested, Phoenix and Maya rush on down to the detention centre to try and find out what is going on. They find Edgeworth in detention who isn't exactly happy to see them as he didn't want Phoenix to see him like this and rejects his help, saying he's just a novice and hasn't enough experience yet.

Regardless, Phoenix gets a little info out of him, the murder happened late last night at Gourd Lake, he was down there to see the creature, Gourdy, that is supposed to live in the lake, much like the Loch Ness Monster. He requests once more that Phoenix doesn't get involved as he's being so persistent in asking, then leaves. Their only clue is the lake, so they both head down to investigate.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation

Down at the lake entrance Detective Gumshoe is conducting the police investigation, desperately looking for any clues to aid Edgeworth's case, and offers to help Phoenix in any way he can. He tells them that last night, at about a quarter past midnight, a boat was taken out onto the lake with two men on it, and one of them shot the other with a pistol. Edgeworth was arrested shortly after as a witness called the police after seeing everything. He also says that no one is willing to take Edgeworth's case as they're certain he'll be declared guilty as the case looks solid against him, and with Edgeworth being quite famous, that kind of loss could ruin an attorney's reputation. Just as they're talking, Gumshoe is called back to the precinct for a briefing, but gives Phoenix and Maya permission to look around before he goes.

They take a look around the lake and come across a camera that has been set to take photos on hearing a loud noise and, after Maya has played around with it, are confronted by it's owner, Lotta Hart, who is not pleased to see them playing with her equipment and wasting film. After telling her that they're investigating the murder that took place, Lotta becomes alot more co-operative and tells them she has been here the past three days to photograph meteor showers, claiming to be a research student. Given that the victim was shot last night, they wonder if Lotta's camera caught anything, so she goes to check her film.

As this will take a little time, they head on down to the Criminal Affairs Dept where Gumshoe is finished with his meeting on the case. They still can't identify the victim, although Maya thinks he does look familiar, and Edgeworth isn't talking either, but they do learn that the trial is due to start tomorrow and are given a copy of the autopsy report.

Phoenix and Maya decide to head back to the lake to see how Lotta is getting on with checking her film, and it turns out her camera snapped two photographs from the previous night, one of which she shows to them. The photo shows two people out on the lake in a boat, and one has a gun, but due to the fog it's impossible to identify either of them. But before Lotta gets around to showing Phoenix the second photo, she runs off, saying that as she's a witness to the murder she's going to inform the police so she can get to testify, seeming almost excited about it.

As there's no point in sticking around they head out, but on their way they run into Larry who's working one of the stalls by the lake selling hot dogs. As Larry was working last night, Phoenix asks if he knows anything about the murder, telling him also that Edgeworth is the suspect. He doesn't know anything though, all he knows about is the sighting of a supposed lake monster, so, with no other reason to really stick around, Phoenix and Maya head back to the office.

Maya is looking over the evidence they've gathered when she realises she knows the victim, he was a lawyer who used to work in the same office as Mia back when she worked at Grossberg's Law Offices. With a new lead to chase, they pay a visit to Grossberg's Office to find he's in, although he doesn't appear to have heard about the shooting and Edgeworth. But he does however recognise the victim as Robert Hammond, an attorney who used to work at his office. He recalls that Hammond was the attorney on the DL-6 case, a case from 15 years ago where the police were drawing such a blank that they consulted a spirit medium, Misty Fey, to aid them in their investigation by contacting the victim. But despite Misty's testimony, Hammond won the defendant's case and no one was ever charged. Grossberg also tells them how this is all connected; the victim in the DL-6 incident was Edgeworth's father, Gregory Edgeworth. He gives Phoenix a photo of Misty, telling him showing this to Edgeworth will probably get him to finally talk.

They head back to the detention centre and Edgeworth still doesn't want to talk, until Phoenix shows the photo of Misty. Finally Edgeworth talks, actually being impressed that Phoenix has made this much progress since they last spoke. He sets straight that he didn't what Phoenix involved as he would have found out about the DL-6 incident, not that he didn't trust his ability, but as he knows, he concedes to tell then everything. As they already know, this was the case where his father was the victim, and Edgeworth had been there when his father was shot, although he doesn't remember everything clearly. A suspect was arrested whom, given the evidence, logically would be the murderer, and Misty also said the same thing after talking to Gregory's spirit. But Hammond was still able to gain an innocent verdict. He also mentions that in 3 days the statute of limitations on that case will run out. As for the suspect from that case, Edgeworth doesn't know anything about him other than he'd be around 50 years old by now, and that he disappeared from the public eye. Finally, Edgeworth formally requests Phoenix to be his attorney which, of course, he accepts, seeing it as a chance to pay him back for something. Edgeworth isn't sure what Phoenix means by this, and he doesn't delve into it either.

Just as they're about to leave, a small earthquake occurs, but it's over in a matter of moments with no harm done, apart from Edgeworth who is curled up on the floor in a ball. They need to deliver the formal request so they head to the criminal affairs department where they find Gumshoe who is not at all happy about Lotta turning up as a witness after speaking to Phoenix. He tells them that she claims to have seen Edgeworth fire the pistol, and even has a photograph as evidence, so she will be testifying tomorrow at the trial. There was another witness due to appear, but apparently that was cancelled. Gumshoe runs off to file the paperwork and check on Edgeworth, saying that he was worried about him when he felt the earthquake earlier, Maya wonders what the deal is with Edgeworth and earthquakes, but Phoenix isn't sure either. He doesn't recall Edgeworth being afraid of them in school, but then he only knew him during the 4th grade before Edgeworth suddenly transferred.

[edit] Day 2 - Trial

The next day, Phoenix and Maya meet Edgeworth in the defendant lobby, who warns them that the prosecutor will be Manfred von Karma, the best prosecutor in the business. In his 40-year career he hasn't lost a single case, and Edgeworth warns that he really will do anything to get a guilty verdict, also mentioning that von Karma mentored him aswell. They head into the courtroom, and von Karma wastes no time calling the first witness.

[edit] Gumshoe's Testimony

Gumshoe is called and explains the facts of the case so far. The murder took place around midnight on Christmas Eve on a boat in the middle of the lake. Also, on one of the banks by the lake, Lotta Hart was camping and at 12:10am she heard two pistol shots, then the boat went back to the shore by the boat rental shop. Around 30 minutes after midnight, a man called the station to report the crime and they found Edgeworth there. It wasn't until the next morning they found the body, so, as Edgeworth was there, they had to arrest him.

Phoenix asks about the call, as they had never heard anything about a man before, but von Karma states he was just a second witness whose story was practically the same as Lotta's, which is why he hadn't been called to testify. They move on to how they found a bullet in the victim's shoulder, it didn't hit any bone so it was pretty much intact, and the gun itself was recovered from the boat too. To make matters worse, the pistol had Edgeworth's fingerprints on it.

Von Karma decides to call a brief recess before they bring in the witness, so, once they get out into the defendant lobby, Phoenix asks Edgeworth's what is going on. He admits that it is indeed him in the photo, but he swears that it wasn't him that shot Hammond. Edgeworth doesn't know who did, but he did hear the gunshot from closeby and then Hammond fell into the water, leading Edgeworth to think that Hammond actually shot himself. They don't have time to delve any further and are called back to the court room, where Lotta is ready to give her testimony.

[edit] Hart's Testimony

She explains how she was by the lake in her car, and, around midnight, she heard a "bang" from the lake. She looked up and saw two people on a boat, then she heard another shot. Von Karma also interrupts to mention the photo that Lotta took is of the moment of the crime. With all the evidence, the Judge is practically convinced of Edgeworth's guilt and wants to hand down a verdict, but Phoenix reminds him he hasn't had a chance to cross examine Lotta's testimony yet.

Despite this, von Karma has the Judge pretty much in his hand, and convinces him that Phoenix's examination is pointless and he should hand down the verdict. As things are looking bad, Maya makes an outburst to Lotta, trying to appeal to her to be more specific, did she really see Edgeworth, for example. She claims she did and Von Karma wants Phoenix and Maya thrown out of court for contempt, but the Judge lets them stay, Lotta has said something new and Phoenix has the right to cross examine the new testimony. However, the Judge does ask Maya to leave the courtroom, leaving Phoenix to handle the rest on his own.

So Phoenix takes his one chance and presents the photograph that Lotta took, she claims she saw Edgeworth clearly that night, but the photograph shows that not only were the two men on the boat far away, but that it was foggy that night aswell. Another thing is strange is the reason Lotta claims to be at the lake, she said earlier it was to capture photos of a meteor shower, yet her camera is set up to take photos when it detects a loud noise, and it was pointed at the lake. Phoenix supposes that instead Lotta was there to try and photograph Gourdy, the monster sighted in the lake, which Lotta finally admits to being the reason she was there.

Lotta gives her new testimony, admitting she isn't a student at all, but an investigative photographer out looking for Gourdy. This makes Phoenix think, Lotta claimed that after she heard the first loud noise she looked at the boat, but given the the reason Lotta was out there, Phoenix thinks she would have been looking for Gourdy, not the boat. She doesn't see any reason to lie, so Lotta admits she wasn't looking at the boat at all, but instead was scanning the lake with her binoculars to look for Gourdy. But, Lotta does remind them that she has the photograph and even enlarged it, but had not presented it yet because von Karma told her not to. However, even with the enlargement there is too much fog to see who is on the boat, but Phoenix does notice one thing. The shooter in the photograph is left-handed, and the fingerprints on the pistol found at the scene has Edgeworth's right hand prints on it.

The Judge agrees with this line of thinking, meaning it couldn't have been Edgeworth that shot the victim, but that leaves them with the issue of who did? Von Karma is quick to point out that the victim couldn't have shot himself as the shot was taken from further than a meter away. With no lead to follow up now, the Judge decides to end court for today and that the defense and prosecution conduct further investigation.

[edit] Day 2 - Investigation

With court adjourned, Phoenix goes to see Maya, but she is still in questioning over her outburst earlier, leaving Phoenix to continue his investigation alone. He heads back to the Gourd Lake and finds Gumshoe there who is able to tell him that during tomorrow's trial von Karma plans to bring in the other witness. He also tells Phoenix that Edgeworth has paid Maya's bail and heads back to fill in the necessary paperwork.

With Maya free to go, Phoenix picks her up from the detention centre and the pair head back to the Gourd Lake to investigate. They run into Lotta at the entrance who apologises for earlier, offering to make it up to them. However, in order for her to part with the information von Karma told her not to mention, she wants something in return; information on Gourdy. They agree as they have no other leads, and set about investigating.

They head further into the park and run into Larry who has decorated around his hotdog stall with a giant steel samurai figure. He doesn't have in the way of information for them though so they head back to the Criminal Affairs department where they run into Gumshoe. They explain their deal with Lotta, so Gumshoe agrees to help them find information on Gourdy by loaning them a metal detector, not that they're sure right now how helpful it could be.

Armed with the metal detector, they head back to Gourdy Lake and soon enough pick up a signal in the bushes near the boat rental shop. After a little exploring they find the source of the signal; an empty air tank with flags wrapped around it. As the flags look alot like the ones from Larry's new display they go to ask him about it, he denies he's anything to do with it at first, but based on the flags and that he has a large inflatable Steel Samurai for the display too he gives in and admits it was his. Whilst he was using it, the valve broke and sent the tank and the inflatable flying off into the lake, this was a week ago on the 20th, and finally on the night of the 24th Larry found the inflatable out on the lake. Larry apologises for not telling Phoenix earlier that he was here on the night of the murder, but says he did go home before midnight, so he didn't know anything anyway. The information is helpful though, giving Phoenix an idea about Gourdy so he and Maya go to find Lotta.

They head over to Lotta's van by the lake side and find Lotta there as they expected, telling her that they have the information on Gourdy she needs. Phoenix tells what Larry told him earlier about the air tank and inflatable Steel Samurai and how that must have been what "Gourdy" was in the lake. Lotta is obviously a bit depressed to hear that there's no Gourdy for her to chase, but she keeps her end of the deal and gives the information she has. She tells how earlier on she overheard at the police station that the other witness is also the caretaker of the boat rental shop. But before Phoenix and Maya can run off to the boat shop, Lotta reminds them how her camera went off twice the night of the murder, about 25 minutes before the other photo, but the photo itself just shows the lake. Nevertheless, Lotta gives them the other photo incase it comes in useful. There's little reason for Lotta to stick around now that Gourdy has been "found" so she packs up and leaves, letting Phoenix and Maya go to investigate the other witness.

Phoenix and Maya find the boat rental shop seemingly deserted, but once they head inside they find who appears to be the caretaker; a senile old man who thinks he is running a restaurant called the "Wet Noodle", and that Phoenix and Maya are his children. He also lives with a talking parrot named Polly whom he tells everything important. It seems like they aren't going to get anywhere talking with the old man, but eventually he tells them that he did see a boat out on the lake late last night after hearing two loud bangs, then the boat came in and a young man was muttering to himself. But the old man can't remember what it was he said, although he does promise to remember by the time he's due in court tomorrow.

They head out as they've got all the information they can probably get, but just as they leave, Maya decides to ask Polly if they've forgotten anything. Strangely, the parrot tells them to not forget DL-6. As this isn't the first time the DL-6 case has been brought up they decide to go back to the police department to find out some more about it. They run into Gumshoe who is still working there and first ask about the old man at the boat house, but he really doesn't know anything more about him than they do. As for DL-6, Gumshoe admits again that he doesn't know much about it, and that Edgeworth had forbid the file from being read at court, so he can't show it to Phoenix either. But, if Phoenix can convince Gumshoe that the DL-6 case is important to this case, then he'll see what he can do about opening up the file. They recall what the parrot said to them just as they left, and think that perhaps the old man could be linked with the DL-6 case, so Gumshoe agrees to give them access to the station's records room so they can go and find the file.

Inside the records room they soon enough find the DL-6 file, it explains a summary of the case. On December 28th 2001 (15 years ago) there was a large earthquake at 2pm and part of the court building collapsed. The power to the building obviously also went out and trapped in an elevator was Edgeworth, then 9 years old, his father, Gregory and a court bailiff, Yanni Yogi. They were trapped in the elevator for 5 hours before they could be rescued, by then enough of the oxygen in the elevator had been consumed for all three of them to be unconscious, but Gregory was found dead, having been shot in the heart. The gun was also found inside the elevator and had been fired twice. Yanni Yogi was arrested as the suspect, but he was found innocent thanks to his defense lawyer, Robert Hammond. They claimed that Yogi had suffered from brain damage due to the oxygen deprivation and had lost all of his memory, and after the case he disappeared.

[edit] Day 3 - Trial

Court begins the next morning and von Karma is as confident as ever, predicting the case will be solved in three minutes from now. He wastes no time at all and calls the witness to the stand.

[edit] Old Man's Testimony

The old man from the boat shop comes to the stand, however he is unable to give his name, beyond the past few years he can't remember anything at all. However, he is able to testify despite this, so he explains that on the night of the murder he heard a bang outside. He looked outside and saw the boat, hearing a second bang. After that the boat came back in to shore and a young man walked past his window. When questioned further, he says that the man who walked past was definitely the defendant and was muttering "I can't believe he's dead".

The Judge sees no reason to prolong the trial and declares Edgeworth guilty, but before he can fully adjourn, Larry yells for them to wait. He was sitting in the audience listening when he remembered something different from the night of the murder than what the old man said and asks to testify. The Judge gives it some thought and withdraws his verdict, allowing Larry to give his testimony to prevent any miscarriage of justice.

The Judge declares a 5 minute recess, giving Phoenix and Maya a little time to talk to Edgeworth. Maya is curious about the murder weapon and why Edgeworth's fingerprints are even on it, so Edgeworth explains that when Hammond fell into the lake he was shocked and in a daze, he wasn't really thinking and picked up the gun. Edgeworth also tells Phoenix that this could now be their chance as von Karma has always had perfectly prepared evidence and witnesses in his trials, Larry suddenly coming in to testify may throw him off his game. The brief recess is over, so they head back into the courtroom.

[edit] Butz's Testimony

Larry is called immediately to the witness stand and he tells how on the night of the murder he was out on the lake in a boat looking for the Steel Samurai inflatable. Once he found it, he came back to the shore and moments later he heard a "bang", he looked out onto the lake but he didn't seen anything, so after that he went home.

Phoenix double-checks with Larry that he only heard one gunshot, as both the old man and Lotta testified that they heard two. He then admits that he was also listening to the radio on his headphones at the time, so he could have missed the other gunshots. But he does remember what the DJ on the radio was saying when he heard the gunshot, "it's almost Christmas". Looking at Lotta's deposition from her testimony earlier, it says that she heard the two gunshots after midnight. Von Karma believes that Larry must clearly be mistaken but Phoenix presents the photo given to him by Lotta earlier that was taken before midnight, leading Phoenix to believe that there was not just two gunshots that night, but three. Von Karma of course demands an explanation, so Phoenix explains that rather than what they have been thinking all along, that Hammond was killed at 15 minutes past midnight, that he was actually killed 25 minutes before that, and the two men in the photo on the boat are infact Edgeworth and the real murderer. Phoenix thinks that on that night, rather than the murder taking place on the boat, it infact happened at at the boat rental shop, and the murderer must be the old man. It makes sense when considering Larry's testimony, he heard the gunshot over the sound of his headphones just after he returned the boat, so he would have been close by to the boat rental shop.

The Judge asks Phoenix to explain his theory from the beginning, so he tells the court how he sees the sequence of events. That night the caretaker of the boat house called Hammond to his rental shop and at around 11:50, the time of the first gunshot, the old man shot Hammond. After this the old man put on Hammond's jacket and went out on the boat with Edgeworth to the middle of the lake. The murderer then shot the gun twice more, missing Edgeworth on purpose so as to create a witness. After that, he jumps into the lake, leaving the pistol behind on the boat and swam back to shore, putting the jacket back on Hammond and then throwing the body into the lake.

Considering all of this with the evidence, the Judge requests that the old man come back to the court, but whilst they are doing that, he calls Edgeworth to the stand to ask him some questions, specifically what he was doing out on the lake that night and his thoughts on the defenses view of things. Edgeworth admits that Phoenix is mostly correct and that several days ago he received a letter from Hammond telling him to meet at the boat shop by midnight on Christmas Eve. Just as they are discussing the matter, the bailiff comes back to tell them that the old man has disappeared. Given the circumstances, the Judge adjourns court for the day, saying they will continue the trial tomorrow as they cannot continue without talking to the old man again.

[edit] Day 3 - Investigation

Phoenix, Maya and Edgeworth leave court and celebrate the extra time they've been given, as well as overturning the guilty verdict, for the time being at least. But Edgeworth is worried, and tells Phoenix he's been debating whether to tell him something; about a nightmare he's been having in which he says he remembers a crime he's committed, a murder.

Before they can go into it, Edgeworth leaves and Maya and Phoenix head back to the Wright & Co. Offices. Before long Larry shows up, and Maya begins to wonder why Phoenix trusts Larry and Edgeworth so much, so Phoenix explains how they saved him back in school, and the reason he became an attorney in the first place. Back when the three of them were in the 4th grade, Phoenix was put on trial in a mock classroom trial as a classmate had his lunch money stolen. The money had gone missing during PE class, and as Phoenix had been coming down with a cold, he sat the class out, so everyone assumed that it was him who stole it. It actually was Edgeworth who had his money stolen, but despite this he stood up for Phoenix, as did Larry. They believed Phoenix when he said he didn't do it, and there was no real proof that he was the one who stole it either, so Phoenix was "declared innocent" in the trial. The three of them became good friends after that, and that's when he learnt that Edgeworth's father was a defense attorney, Edgeworth even wanted to be an attorney like him when he was older. But a few months later, Edgeworth suddenly transferred, because of the DL-6 incident they assume. Several years later, Phoenix heard about Edgeworth again and all the accusations of his bad work practices as a prosecutor, Phoenix even tried to contact him several times but he never replied.

They get back to work, and head to the detention centre to talk to Edgeworth. After recalling the class trial from when they were kids, Phoenix asks Edgeworth why he became a prosecutor, even though he admired his father who was a defense attorney. With what happened with his father's murder case, in that the defense attorney got Yanni Yogi an innocent verdict despite him being the only plausible murderer, he decided he didn't want to defend criminals anymore. He also warns of von Karma's obsession with perfection, leaving them to think their chances are still not good for tomorrow's trial.

After talking with Edgeworth, Phoenix and Maya go back to the lake and run into Gumshoe who is working to try and find the old man from the boat house. He doesn't stick around to talk for long though, and gets back to work, promising to have the culprit in custody for tomorrow's trial. They decide to take another look at the caretakers shack, but right outside they happen to run into Grossberg. However, he too is quick to go, but tells them to come by his office if they find anything that he might be able to assist them with. They go inside the caretakers shack and find it deserted except for Polly the parrot. Maya remembers the safe from earlier so they take a look inside, finding a letter which details how the murder of Robert Hammond should play out, and how to use it to take revenge on Edgeworth.

With the letter in hand, they go back to the detention centre to show it to Edgeworth, but he still has no idea who the old man could be, or why he would want revenge on both him and Hammond. They also wonder about how this could be the "last chance for revenge", thinking perhaps they could be referring to the statute of limitations on the DL-6 case which expires tomorrow. Suddenly, Edgeworth remembers, could the old man be Yanni Yogi, the defendant in that case? He decides that now he should tell Phoenix about the nightmare he mentioned earlier, a re-occurring nightmare he's had for the past 15 years. In the nightmare, Edgeworth recalls when he, his father and Yanni Yogi were trapped in the elevator in the dark, his father and Yanni were arguing as the air started to run out and got into a fight. Whilst they are arguing, Edgeworth sees the pistol infront of him and, in a daze, he throws it at them. After that, in the dark he can hear a shot, and that's the point where Edgeworth wakes up from his nightmare. This has lead Edgeworth to think that, given what the letter says, that Yogi could have been innocent or his father's murder and it was infact him who killed him. Of course, they can't be sure of what happened, so they leave to go ask Grossberg, as he's the only other person who would know alot about DL-6.

Phoenix and Maya find Grossberg in his office and explain the situation, but given all the facts, Grossberg thinks what Edgeworth has dreamt could be possible, after all, Yogi did harbour a hatred for Edgeworth. He also tells them a little more about the DL-6 case, how after Gregory was murdered the police brought in Misty Fey to use her powers as a spirit medium to help them identify the murderer, and it was through this that Yogi was named as a suspect. But after Yogi was found innocent, Misty went into hiding after being thought of as a fraud, but Grossberg thinks that perhaps it was Gregory's ghost that was lieing in order to protect Edgeworth. They also show Grossberg the letter and, after looking at it, he feels he recognises the handwriting, certain that it is von Karma's. He thinks that perhaps, if it really is von Karma's handwriting, that he could be getting revenge for an old grudge with Gergory by framing Edgeworth for murder. He tells them both about how Gregory had faced von Karma in court and, even though von Karma had won the case, Gregory had made an accusation about faulty evidence and the accusation was upheld, meaning that von Karma received his first and only penalty in his career. Von Karma's perfect record was blemished and he even disappeared on vacation for several months following that. Despite this all though, Phoenix is certain that Edgeworth is innocent, so Grossberg says he will try and find the old files on DL-6 incase there's something that they can use in court tomorrow.

They too decide to do some more investigating and go over to the police department, Gumshoe is still out looking for Yogi, but one of the police officers there lets Phoenix and Maya into the Records Room as von Karma is already in there. Inside the Record Room it looks deserted, but one of the drawers used for storing evidence of unsolved cases has been left open, and the file for DL-6 has been emptied. Just as they're looking, von Karma appears, but naturally he doesn't really give anything away. That is, until Phoenix shows von Karma the letter they found, he doesn't deny it was him that sent it, even commenting that Yogi was supposed to have burnt the letter after he'd read it. He then produces a stun gun and threatens them with it, demanding the letter, but before they can decide either way, Maya jumps him but he tazers them both, knocking them unconscious, and making off with the letter.

They wake up later in the records room to find von Karma gone, and the letter missing, but they do have one piece of extra evidence that Maya managed to get from von Karma before he knocked them out. It turns out to be a piece of evidence from the DL-6 case file, the bullet retrieved from Gregory's heart.

[edit] Day 4 - Trial

The next morning Phoenix, Maya, Edgeworth and Gumshoe meet outside court where, just before they go inside, Gumshoe tells them that last night they were able to apprehend the old man. Without wasting anymore time, they go into court and the old man is called to testify.

[edit] Old Man's Testimony

He explains that the reason he left court yesterday was to buy food for Polly, and left without warning as he didn't see how he had anything to do with the case anymore, especially as he has no motive. Of course, Phoenix says otherwise, that he has motive against both Edgeworth and Hammond, and that his loss of memory is all an act, claiming that he is infact Yanni Yogi. Naturally, von Karma asks for proof of Phoenix's claim, so he asks for them to take the fingerprints of the old man, so they can be compared with those of Yanni Yogi from the DL-6 file. But von Karma already knows that won't get them anywhere, as the old man claims to have no fingerprints at all as, before he worked at the lake, he worked at a chemical factory and his fingers were burnt. As von Karma is gloating at his victory over Phoenix's idea, he happens to joke that he should cross-examine the parrot, but as Phoenix gives it a little thought he figures that might not be such a bad idea.

[edit] Polly's Testimony

They bring in Polly, but they can't get her to say about DL-6 like she did the other day, but they do get her to say her name. The Judge wonders what the relevance is, so Phoenix shows them the DL-6 case file, specifically the page with the information on Yanni Yogi, where it states that his girlfriend at the time, Polly Jenkins, committed suicide after his arrest. Phoenix claims then that Yanni must remember his girlfriend's name as he named the parrot after her, although, whilst it's a good point, the Judge says they need stronger evidence than this.

They decide to get her to say the safe number, 1228, not that von Karma can see the relevance in that. Yet again, Phoenix presents the DL-6 case file, pointing out the date of the incident; 12/28. Whilst von Karma writes it off as just a mere coincidence, the Judge thinks two at the same time is more like a pattern and has the old man summoned again.

[edit] Yogi's Testimony

The old man is brought to the stand, his demeanour being completely from before, and he finally admits that he is Yanni Yogi, having been pretending for the past 15 years to have lost his memory. 15 years ago, Robert Hammond used the defense that he was mentally unsound to gain an innocent verdict, so since then he had to keep up the act. He swears though that he was innocent of Gregory Edgeworth's murder, but Hammond didn't believe him. Then recently, a parcel arrived for him containing a letter and a gun. In the letter there was a detailed plan for his revenge on Hammond and Edgeworth. He admits that he was the one who killed Hammond, but won't say why he wanted revenge on Edgeworth and that they should ask him about it.

Yogi is arrested and Edgeworth is declared innocent, but before court can be fully adjourned, Edgeworth objects and declares himself guilty of his father's murder. Von Karma says they should hold a new trial, so the Judge declares a 5 minute recess in order to decide the appropriate course of action.

They go back out to the defendant lobby, where Edgeworth apologises for wasting Phoenix's efforts. But Phoenix doesn't believe Edgeworth's confession, and is still determined to prove him innocent. The brief recess is over and Edgeworth is called to the stand to testify.

[edit] Edgeworth's Testimony

He explains the details of that day, he had gone to court to watch one of his father's trials, then afterwards he, his father and Yogi were trapped in the elevator as they left due to a powerful earthquake. As the oxygen started to deplete, his father and Yogi started to argue. Just then, a gun fell at Edgeworth's feet, so he picked it up and threw it at them to get them to stop fighting, after that he heard a gunshot and a scream, and that was the last thing Edgeworth remembers. Phoenix brings out the DL-6 case file again and points out that the murder weapon was fired twice, and Edgeworth only heard it once. He thinks this must mean that the first shot was the gun accidentally triggering from when Edgeworth threw it, and then the real murderer fired it the second time.

Naturally von Karma is quick to counter this, as the evidence is dated, there is no telling when the extra shot was fired. After consulting the evidence again, Phoenix shows the DL-6 photo from the crime scene clearly showing not just Gregory as he was found, but a second bullet hole in the glass window of the elevator door. But von Karma has another answer, firstly he points out that only one bullet was ever found at the scene, meaning that the only shot fired there had to be the first one by Edgeworth and the other hole in the door must have been made by something else. Whilst the Judge agrees that the gun was indeed fired twice, the second bullet should have been found, meaning they have to discount Phoenix's claim that it was fired at the scene as it cannot be backed up by solid evidence.

With nothing else to disprove Edgeworth's confession, the Judge wants to pass down his verdict which Phoenix objects to. But despite his objection, he doesn't have anything to back it up, feeling at a loss. It's then that Phoenix has a brief vision of Mia, telling him that the second bullet must exist, that someone took it. Phoenix claims as much and he's stumped again, but Mia tells him to think "more crazy", why did the murderer have to take the other bullet with him? He blurts it out for lack of anything else to say, that the murderer had to bring the bullet with him, like for instance if the bullet hit the murderer. The Judge works through the idea, for Phoenix's theory to work it would mean that there would have had to be someone else involved besides Edgeworth, his father and Yogi. When Edgeworth threw the gun, it accidentally fires, going through the elevator door and into the murderer outside. The murderer then opens the door and shoots Gregory. As they're working it through, Maya remembers what Grossberg told them the previous day, about how Gregory dealt a penalty to von Karma's perfect record, causing him to go on a long vacation afterwards, something that was very unusual for him. They start to muse that what if von Karma didn't take the vacation because he was in shock, but because he was injured instead.

Phoenix makes his accusation that von Karma is the real murderer in this case, and is obviously called on to prove it. As they almost consider trying to find von Karma's doctor Edgeworth tells them it's pointless, if von Karma had been shot he wouldn't have had it operated on as it would have left evidence. This must mean that the bullet is still somewhere in his body, so Phoenix produces the metal detector that Gumshoe loaned them earlier to prove it. Von Karma refuses to allow it, but the Judge demands the testing be done and sure enough, they get a reading from the detector from his right shoulder, but von Karma claims that he was shot long before the DL-6 incident. He reminds them also that he has no obligation to prove where the bullet is from, that is down to the defense and as, so von Karma thinks, the defense has no proof, he cannot be convicted of anything. But Phoenix claims he has proof and presents the DL-6 bullet that was removed from Gregory's heart, the bullet itself is quite well preserved and contains all the ballistic markings on it still. If they were to compare the markings from that bullet with the one lodged in von Karma's shoulder, they would know for certain whether the bullet was fired from the same gun as the one involved with DL-6. As the statute of limitations on the case run out today, they would have to do it right now. With no way to argue his way out of it, von Karma cracks and lets out a scream which Edgeworth then recognises as the scream he heard in the elevator.

Von Karma confesses all, about how after receiving his penalty after being caught out by Gregory that he found himself at the elevator, being shot in the shoulder by the stray bullet. Moments later the power came back on and the elevator door opened where he saw the three of them unconscious, so he shot Gregory. Then when Gregory was called on by the spirit medium, he mistakenly blamed Yogi for his murder.

Finally, again, Edgeworth is found innocent and von Karma is arrested. Out in the lobby, Maya and Gumshoe congratulate Phoenix on his victory, and Edgeworth offers his thanks. Even Lotta shows up to say congratulations, and says she's gone back to college now, and Larry too, who has been dumped by his girlfriend again. Larry even has a gift for Edgeworth, giving him an envelope with a little money inside, which so happens to be the amount of money that Edgeworth had stolen from him in school. Edgeworth admits that he actually did suspect Larry a little back then, and is surprised Phoenix didn't already figure it out.

[edit] Day 5

Phoenix wakes up early the next morning with a hangover from the celebrations of the night before to find a note from Maya saying she's left to go back to her village and become a proper spirit medium, feeling that despite how things worked out in the trial, that she wasn't much use. Despite the early hour, Phoenix runs on down to the train station to catch Maya before she leaves, telling her to hold on and listen. He explains how he heard Mia's voice at the trial when things looked their worst, but Maya is still certain that she didn't do anything to help Edgeworth. So Phoenix reminds her about the bullet she managed to get from von Karma, without that, they wouldn't have been able to beat von Karma. Maya is cheered up and moved, but the train is ready to leave, Maya boards saying she'll come back once her training is completed.

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