Turnabout Corner

Turnabout Corner
Start DateJune 15th 2026
End DateJune 17th 2026
VictimPal Meraktis
ProsecutorKlavier Gavin
Defense AttorneyApollo Justice
Defense AssistantTrucy Wright
DefendantWocky Kitaki
GuiltyAlita Tiala

This is the second case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.


[edit] Case

The case opens briefly on Phoenix standing in a street, with a car heading straight for him, Trucy chasing after someone, and another man playing his harmonica. Out in the park, another man wheeling a cart is confronted and shot...

Two months have passed since Kristoph was arrested after the events of Turnabout Trump, and at that time Apollo obviously found himself without a mentor or a job. Despite that, he promised himself he wouldn't end up at the Wright & Co. Law Offices.. but nonetheless that is where he finds himself right now. The teenage girl dressed as a magician from that case is there and seems to think Apollo has arrived for an interview and asks what his special talents are. After a moment, the girl explains what she feared, that Apollo thinks this office is still a law office, it turns out this office is now called the "Wright Talent Agency". The girl finally introduces herself as Trucy Wright, Phoenix's daughter, and tells Apollo that she and Phoenix have worked out of the agency as a Magician and Pianist ever since Phoenix quit law seven years ago. Apollo takes it all in, although can't get his head around how Phoenix can have a 15-year-old daughter, but he tells Trucy that Phoenix called him earlier to ask him to come over. Trucy tells him that Phoenix isn't here, and is actually in hospital right now so the two of them go to pay him a visit.

They arrive at the Hickfield Clinic where Phoenix is recovering and run into Dr. Hickfield, Phoenix's doctor, who is quickly scared off by Phoenix as he returns from his morning checkup. Last night he was caught in a hit and run, but luckily his only real injury is a sprained ankle. Apollo is quick to ask why Phoenix called him, and it turns out that Phoenix wants Apollo to join their office as he has a perfect client for him to take on. Apollo is eager to get back in the courtroom and do his job so he accepts. After getting out a map, Phoenix explains what happened: Last night he left the office just before 9pm to go to work playing piano at a pasta restaurant, on his way there he was hit by a car which sped off afterwards back the way Phoenix had come from. And that is all Phoenix tells him, he will be Apollo's client and he wants him to find out who knocked him down with their car so that Phoenix can sue him, but Apollo refuses, he's not a detective or a prosecutor after all. Phoenix then admits he's just joking, Apollo's real client will be dropping by the office soon, but he does add if he can find anything about his accident though, it would help him.

Apollo and Trucy go back to the Wright Talent Agency to meet their client, but someone is already there, a friend of Trucy and Phoenix's who runs a local noodle stand; Guy Eldoon. Last night his noodle cart was stolen, he was finishing up for the night and parked it outside his house, then when he went out early this morning he found the cart was gone. Apollo reminds him that he's an attorney not a detective, but it falls on deaf ears. It's then that Trucy speaks up to say that she too had something stolen last night, a pair of her panties that she had hung out the window to dry. She was alone in the office that night when a thief came and stole them from the line, she chased after him but he got away.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation

With three different requests to fulfil now, Apollo and Trucy get to work. They first head down to the scene of Phoenix's accident which is just outside a huge oriental style mansion and opposite a park which is currently taped off by police. Outside they find a lady sweeping, whom they soon realise is the wife of the head of the Kitaki family, the biggest organised crime syndicate in town. She introduces herself as Plum Kitaki, and asks what they want, so Apollo gets to the point as he doesn't want to hang around outside a mobsters house too long. He asks about the accident last night, Plum knows about it, one of their group members even saw it, and Plum has been cleaning up the mess ever since then. As the car was swerving when it hit Phoenix, it also knocked over alot of paint as it drove away, spattering it all over the entrance to the mansion.

Trucy becomes interested on what's going on across the street, but the police aren't letting anyone into the park right now. A young, female detective dressed in a labcoat is also around also, and tells Apollo and Trucy to move along. But Trucy still wants to find out what happened, so drags Apollo back to talk to Plum who tells them that someone was shot and killed in the park last night which is why the whole park is closed off. Plum also happens to mention, what with everything else that happened, that she was the victim of a crime as someone stole her panties last night too. As they're talking, a young women, who appears to be Plum's daughter walks past, so Trucy gives her a flyer for the new "Wright Anything Agency" as she thinks she looks like she could use some help.

They have little else to do outside the Kitaki Mansion, so they go to check out the scene of the other crime they're supposed to be investigating. It doesn't take long to reach Eldoon's house, which just so happens to be right next to a hospital and garage which Trucy recognises as where she saw the panty thief run off to last night. A police car is also parked outside which Trucy hopes is to catch the thief, but Apollo doubts that very much. They decide to ask Eldoon if he knows what's going on, but all he can tell them is that the police arrived this morning.

They check out the garage, finding a green car inside, plus a dropped phone on the floor. Whilst they're looking around, Apollo mentions how whenever he's checking out a car he remembers a case Phoenix worked on in the past where a piece of cloth was found in the exhaust of a car and turned out to be a vital clue. Just as he's musing he checks out the exhaust on the car, and as it happens, inside scrunched into a ball are Trucy's missing panties. It turns out that rather than being real panties, they're actually a prop that Trucy uses in her magic shows.

As they further examine the car Apollo noticed that the wing mirror has been torn off, and it just so happens that it matches the wing mirror they found outside the park earlier meaning this car must have been the car involved in Phoenix's hit and run. They've found all the clues they can find in the garage so they head back to the Hickfield Clinic to tell Phoenix what they've discovered so far. After telling him that they discovered the driver was the doctor at the Meraktis Clinic, Phoenix mentions that he's heard about him, and only bad things, like how he has ties to organised crime. Like the Kitaki family for example, they use the clinic for their treatment that would raise too many questions in a regular clinic. Trucy and Apollo also mention that something is going on at the park, but Phoenix seems to already know about that, saying that a body was found there this morning. But Phoenix thanks them for everything they've found out so far, and says he'll probably drop by the Clinic later if he gets bored.

They head back to the office to find that the girl they ran into outside the Kitaki Mansion is waiting there. She introduces herself as Alita Tiala and says she was looking over the flyer Trucy gave her when she noticed that they now offered "defending". The client would actually be her fiancée, Wocky Kitaki, the son of the head of the Kitaki family who was arrested this morning for murder. Alita doesn't know much of the details, but someone was shot in the park, although apparently the circumstances were unusual. She formally requests Apollo's aid as Wocky's legal defense and Apollo, eager to actually do some real legal work, accepts.

Apollo and Trucy go back to the park entrance, but even with their letter of request the police officer is reluctant to let them in. However, a tall, young man who bares a strong resemblance to Kristoph is standing outside the park, the police officer even refers to him as Mr Gavin. He takes a liking to Trucy and, after she explains the problem, shows them inside the park then makes his exit. Inside they instantly spot Eldoon's noodle cart, but before they can investigate they are confronted by the young woman in the labcoat from earlier. She finally introduces herself as Detective Ema Skye, and says that she is in charge of the crime scene, but seems to be in a bad mood and won't give them anymore information.

As they can't make anymore progress, they go back to the clinic to see Phoenix and tell him about their new client. They also tell him about the detective they're having trouble with, whom Phoenix seems to know, saying he met her about 10 years ago through a case. Trucy also mentions the young man who looks like Kristoph who Phoenix seems to know too, saying he must be Kristoph's younger brother, Klavier Gavin. But Phoenix gets back to the problem at hand with the detective, telling them to go back to the office and look under the hat to find a bottle of white powder, showing that to the detective should convince her to help them.

After going back to the office and finding the bottle that Phoenix was talking about, Apollo and Trucy go back to the park to find Ema, and, as Phoenix said, showing her the bottle does make her more co-operative. After she learns the two are both Phoenix's daughter and his apprentice, she says she'll help however she can. Now that she is willing to talk Ema tells them that they got a call late last night, they found the body in position as if it had been pulling the noodle stand, and the cause of death was a bullet wound. They finally have a name for the victim, Pal Meraktis, a local doctor who is obviously the owner of the local Meraktis Clinic. She also tells them that the defendant was arrested because there was a witness who'll be testifying tomorrow who saw the crime, and reminds them that visiting hours will soon be over at the detention centre.

They rush on down to the detention centre with three minutes to spare only to find Wocky is arguing with his father, Winfred Kitaki. He steps aside to tell Apollo that Wocky is innocent, despite what Wocky is saying, and after that visiting hours are over leaving no time for a real conversation with Wocky.

[edit] Day 2 - Trial

The next morning Apollo and Trucy meet at the defendant lobby, Phoenix is staying at home today due to an old foot injury. Wocky and Winfred are also there and arguing just like yesterday, still leaving no time to even talk to Wocky.

They head into court, and the prosecutor for the trial appears to be Klavier whom they met yesterday in the park. He seems to have been out of the courtroom for a while, travelling on tour with his popular rock band, but apparently he was curious to meet the attorney who beat his brother. Klavier then gives an overview of the case so far, the victim was Pal Meraktis, the director of the Meraktis Clinic, and on the night of his murder he was pulling a noodle stand when he reached People Par. There he was witnessed being shot by the defendant. The Judge wants to have the witness brought in, but Klavier interrupts to say that the defendant has actually requested to testify about his motive. Despite it being unusual, the Judge grants Wocky the opportunity to testify first.

[edit] Kitaki's Testimony

About half a year ago, Wocky went into the clinic for an operation, but despite the operation going badly, he was discharged anyway. He had a run in with a rival family and was shot right beside the heart, but the doctor failed to remove the bullet, so Wocky paid him a visit by his clinic last night. They only just found out now after the regular family health check, and Klavier reveals that Wocky's father was keeping it a secret that the bullet, if not removed immediately, could kill him. He also decides now that Wocky has quietened down a bit, that this is enough of a warm-up act and calls in the witness.

[edit] Stickler's Testimony

The witness is Wesley Stickler, a student at Ivy University studying within the Department of Science and Engineering. On the night of the murder he was walking home from shopping through the park when he saw the victim pulling the noodle stand and the defendant opposite shooting him in the forehead. Apollo objects as this obviously contradicts what is written on the autopsy report, that Meraktis was shot in the right temple. But, seemingly as if he knew Apollo was going to mention it, Klavier already has an answer, that when Stickler saw the pair of them he shouted, meaning Meraktis would have turned his head.

Stickler revises his testimony to include that he shouted, saying that after Wocky had shot Meraktis, he appeared to get frightened, threw the gun and ran. But the gun found at the crime scene had clearly been wiped for prints, meaning that if Wocky had thrown the gun as Stickler testified, he wouldn't have had time to do so. In fact, he thinks Stickler must be mistaken, what he actually saw Wocky throw wasn't a gun, but the knife that he and Trucy found at the scene. Thus this proves that Wocky threw down a knife and wasn't wearing gloves as gus prints were found on the knife handle, but Klavier is quick to point out that this also proves that Wocky was definitely at the scene like Stickler has testified, and that Wocky was holding a knife with intent. The Judge asks for another testimony from Stickler, this time, with less assuming and more actual fact about what happened after the shot.

Unable to stop Wocky from leaving, Stickler says that he called the police from his mobile phone and 10 minutes later the police arrived, he saw no one else during that time. Apollo can't find anything wrong with the testimony, and Klavier explains the existence of knife away with that he could have been wearing gloves, and the knife simply fell from his pocket. The Judge has heard enough, and, as there are no further objections, wants to pass down judgement. But before he can do so a man in a cape and top hat grabs Trucy and brings a knife to her throat, saying to adjorn court for twenty minutes if they don't want anything to happen to her. They agree to adjorn and the man, plus Trucy disappear.

Out in the defendant lobby Apollo is quick to find Trucy, who's absolutely fine, infact she admits it was an act by her all along she performed with one of her props, Mr Hat. The prop is like a large puppet that she can produce from her cape that she uses in her shows as one of her best tricks. She tells Apollo she, obviously, did it to buy some more time and reminds him that he promised Wocky's father yesterday he would get Wocky's innocent verdict. She goes on to say she can tell that Stickler isn't confident in his own testimony, that she can "perceive" his feeling, and tells him to think back to the two contradictions in his testimony, each time he wasn't certain, his fingers were fiddling with the corner of the page in the book he's carrying. Apollo wonders how on earth he's supposed to spot that, but Trucy says she could easily, and tells how she would sometimes sit with Phoenix on his big poker matches to help, but is keen to add that he is a good poker player by himself. Apollo still doesn't seem confident, but Trucy cheers him on, telling him that Phoenix said that he had the gift too. Their recess is over, so they both head back into court.

Apollo requests to hear Stickler's testimony again, but rather than listen, Apollo watches this time for his nervous habit. This time, when Stickler is saying how he called the police from his mobile, he feels his bracelet is "reacting" to the statement, and, now that's he's focussed, he can see everything that Stickler does as he speaks more clearly. He spots the nervous habit when he specifically mentions his mobile phone, so asks to see it, but Stickler says he's lost it. Apollo presents the phone that he and Trucy found under the car in the Meraktis Clinic's garage and asks if it is his, which he confirms and admits that he actually called the police from a pay phone closeby. Apollo further proves that the phone must have been dropped on the night of the crime because of the car having a missing wing mirror and the position of the phone on the floor meant that if the phone had been dropped before that night, it woud have been run over by the car. Therefore, the phone had to have been dropped there after 9PM that night.

The Judge has Stickler testify about what he was really doing, but his testimony remains the same beyond that he says he must have dropped his phone on his way back from the supermarket. He also mentions the stand for the first time, but he mentions something that doesn't add up to what they know so far, that the sign read "Noodle". But they know from where he was supposedly standing, the sign should have read "Eldoon", this changes everything as it means the Stickler was standing not where he claimed to be. This also means that, if Stickler shouted to Meraktis and Wocky from his new position in the park, when Meraktis turned his head, he couldn't be shot in the right temple by Wocky, as now his left temple was facing him. With this in mind, the only other person present at the crime scene who could have shot Meraktis in his right temple would be Stickler, but Apollo doesn't think that fits, but he is certainly hiding something.

The court wants to hear what exactly Apollo is accusing Stickler of if it's not murder, so, after putting everything else together, Apollo accusing Stickler of being the pantie thief that night. Considering that his phone was found in the Meraktis garage, along with Trucy's missing panties, and Plum's later were found in the park, and Trucy being sure she recognised him. He admits it finally, but says he only stole them after he got curious about them he saw her use them in her magic shows. That aside, Klavier wants to know why Stickler lied about his location in the park in the first place, so Apollo muses it must be about the other pair of missing underwear that evening, the ones belonging to Plum Kitaki that were found in a rubbish bin right where Stickler was standing. Stickler admits too that he did steal them, and hid them as he thought the police might search him after he reported the murder. The Judge has heard enough for today and dismisses Stickler then adjourns for the day, asking the defense and prosecution to continue their investigations.

[edit] Day 2 - Investigation

Apollo and Trucy head back to the Wright Anything Agency and find Alita is there, ready to thank them for their work today. They talk for a bit, and Alita happens to mention that the head of the Kitaki family is trying to turn the mob around into a legitimate business, although Wocky is at odds with this, and wants to keep running with the family traditions.

They really need to talk to Wocky, so Apollo and Trucy go down to the detention centre, but he's still in questioning. However, Stickler is available to talk to, but all he has to tell them is basically what he already said in court.

With no other clues to go on there, they both head to the Meraktis Clinic and find Eldoon outside, but he seems to be in a grumpy mood. It turns out that, despite them both finding his stand, the police won't return it to him yet as it's part of a crime scene. He blames Meraktis for it, making it clear they had a past together, so Apollo takes a guess, assuming that Eldoon's former career was as a doctor before he took up being a noodle chef. He admits it's true, and that he was a surgeon until 2 years ago, but quit then when Meraktis' own clinic basically took all of the business in the area due to his contacts with the mob. He doesn't have anymore information though and they're denied access to the clinic unless they can prove that it's connected to the incident at the park.

They decide to go and look for clues at the park, running into Plum again outside the Kitaki Mansion. She thanks Apollo for catching the panty thief and they start to talk about the case. She confirms for them that a gun is indeed missing from the mansion, but doesn't think it could be Wocky as he is useless with them, despite all his bravado. She also mentions that the family need money, but clean money this time.

After talking to Plum, Apollo and Trucy go back to the detention centre to find that Wocky is done with his questioning and able to finally talk with them. He tells them that he's frustrated with his father for giving up their gangster life, and all he seems to care about is making money now. He admits though that on the day he found out about the bullet still by his heart that he went to the family's gun stash and borrowed one, intent on getting back at Meraktis. But on his way to the clinic he ran into Meraktis in the park pulling the noodle cart, he doesn't remember the rest of what occurred clearly, but seeing as there was no one else present who could have shot Meraktis, he figures it must have been him.

Trucy and Apollo decide to take another look at the crime scene to see if they can find anything, but when they get there a huge crowd has gathered at the park due to Klavier putting in an appearance. He was investigating the crime scene and about to leave when his motorbike failed to start due to a clogged exhaust, he soon leaves though, pushing his bike and warning Apollo and Trucy that Ema is in a foul mood. They soon find Ema at the crime scene and her mood is just how Klavier described, although it seems he is the main cause of her foul mood for winding her up. They start to talk and Ema mentions how Phoenix helped her years ago when she was in trouble, but also says that Klavier is the one who stripped Phoenix of his attorney's badge, which is another reason she doesn't like him. She tells Apollo though if he wants to know more about that incident, then he should investigate it himself. One thing that Ema is more than happy to talk about however is a new footprint analysis kit she ordered for herself, on the night of the murder it rained so footprints were left in the mud. Ema admits that she's a little clumsy so asks for Apollo and Trucy to help her use the kit so the three of them set about making plaster casts of the three footprints from the scene. Once they finish making the plaster casts they manage to identify the footprints of Wocky, Wesley and an unknown third print which they don't have on their database of witnesses and suspects. But on closer inspection, Apollo notices that the third shoeprint would match a print left by the slippers they found in the bin outside the park. Now that it seems the Meraktis Clinic is directly involved with the murder, Trucy asks Ema if she can help them get access to investigate the clinic. In return for their help with the shoeprints Ema agrees and writes them a note to show the officers on the scene.

On their way to the Clinic they call in on Phoenix who is still at the Hickfield clinic and Apollo still has on his mind what Ema mentioned to him earlier, so he asks Phoenix about what happened 7 years ago. Phoenix says about how back then he was in court defending a certain "magnificent genius" and Klavier was on the prosecution, just 17 years old at the time. Phoenix tries to claim that because he was beaten by a 17-year-old newcomer that he left the field in shame, but Apollo tells him about what he had been reading in the newspapers from the time, saying that infact Phoenix was stripped of his attorney's badge for presenting forged evidence. Apollo doesn't want to believe that Phoenix would have forged evidence, but he can't help but think about what happened at the end of his first trial with the forged playing card, and Phoenix won't give him a straight answer.

Phoenix obviously doesn't want to talk about the past anymore and with the note in hand Apollo and Trucy go down to the Meraktis Clinic and are finally allowed inside. They find the rack of slippers and just one pair is missing, which must be the pair they found in the park. Also, they find a pair of sandals lying around which is strange as no one is currently at the clinic, meaning whoever they belong to must have left without them. As they're looking around, they hear a noise from the doctor's office but by the time they reach the office, it's empty, but in a huge mess. They notice an electronic safe with 2 digits of the code put in already, obviously the burglar was trying to open the safe but fled before they were able to. Using the fingerprint kit, they dust the buttons to determine what the other 2 digits should be and open the safe to find inside a bullet lodged in the back wall of the safe along with Wocky's medical charts and x-rays. They can't really understand the charts, but one thing they do notice is that Alita is named as Wocky's nurse.

They quickly leave and head back to the park with the sandals, and other evidence they found in the office. The sandals have a toe print, as do the slippers they found earlier and, after checking the prints with the fingerprint dust, they're able to determine that whoever wore the shoes also wore the slippers. They have an idea who they probably belong to so Apollo and Trucy go back to visit Wocky at the detention centre. He recognises the sandals instantly as a gift he bought Alita, confirming what Apollo had thought. Apollo also asks him about how he and Alita met, and Wocky explains that they really did meet when he was brought in after he was shot and Alita was his nurse. She wanted to leave the hospital and Wocky offered to take her away, which she agreed to, on the condition that Wocky married her.

With the new information they go back to the Meraktis Clinic and find Eldoon is at home, so ask him to look at and explain Wocky's chart for them. The chart is a post-op, meaning the operation is done but the bullet clearly hasn't been removed, which Eldoon thinks must be because it was too tricky to remove. Given where the bullet is lodged, right up close to the heart and aorta, Eldoon doesn't think Wocky would be likely to live another 6 months at best from when the chart was written. Given that the chart was written 6 months ago already, Eldoon thinks they're already on borrowed time and Wocky should be operated on immediately. He muses that Meraktis, when he found the bullet in Wocky's chest and realised he couldn't remove it must have sewn him back up and then, when Wocky inevitably became ill from it and brought back to him, he could cover up the real reason. What remains a mystery though is why Alita never said anything about it, as his nurse she would have been aware of the situation and as his fiancée, she surely would have wanted the second operation performed as soon as possible.

[edit] Day 3 - Trial

After a relatively sleepless night worrying about the trial, Apollo meets Trucy at the Defendant Lobby ready for today's trial. Phoenix, apparently feeling bored at the hospital and having discharged himself, is also there to view the trial today and tell them that Klavier's witness today will be Alita.

[edit] Tiala's Testimony

The trial starts minutes later and Klavier is quick to bringing in Alita to testify, claiming at first she didn't want to, but that she can't hold back the truth anymore. She says how on the day of the check-up when they realised Meraktis had left the bullet in Wocky's chest that he flew into a rage and swore that he'd have his revenge, even taking one of the family pistols. With this in mind, she can't see how anyone else could have shot Meraktis that night, although Apollo points out that she could, given that she also would have access to the guns and had a connection to the doctor as she used to work for him. Alita admits that she did have a connection, but she left the clinic 6 months ago because the job was boring, so she doesn't see how she has any connection right now. Apollo disagrees and presents the sandals found at the clinic reception and Klavier points out that toes also leave prints like fingers do, so a simple toeprint would prove that the sandals do belong to her.

The Judge asks Alita to testify as to why she was at the clinic on the day of the murder, so she explains that she went to the clinic for the first time since quitting in January to warn Meraktis about what Wocky planned to do. But Apollo, remembering that when they reached the clinic office that the safe was partially unlocked, thinks that Alita went to get Wocky's chart that was locked inside. Just as Alita is talking, Apollo feels his bracelet starting to vibrate, meaning they must be close to uncovering that Alita is nervous about something, and therefore hiding something. He notices Alita is nervously fiddling with the ring on her finger when she talks about "why would she want to get that chart now", figuring that there is a very good reason why she would. If Wocky were to die as a result of the botched operation, and the documents uncovered, the Kitaki family would realise that Alita knew about the threat to Wocky's life all along, yet she said nothing.

Alita admits she lied about not having a connection to Meraktis anymore, but still stands by her testimony in that she went to see Meraktis to warn him and then went home. But Apollo disagrees, something must have happened when Alita went to visit as he and Trucy found a bullet lodged in the back of the safe in his office. Klavier says, whilst it is a surprising find, that they need to prove the bullet is even related to the case, so the Judge has the bullet taken away to be analysed to see if it matches the gun taken from the Kitaki Mansion.

Thirty minutes passes and the analysis is complete, the bullet was fired from the gun from the Kitaki Mansion. Apollo states the defenses position on the case, on the day of the murder a shot was fired in the office, which he thinks was because Alita was threatening Meraktis to open the safe and hand over the charts. Wocky interrupts everything and tells them to stop accusing Alita, claiming once again that he was the one who killed Meraktis, but as he is mouthing off Alita starts to laugh. She finally shows her true side, and tells Wocky to just wake up, surprised that he hasn't figured it all out yet, she just married him so that, when Wocky would eventually die as a result of the bullet, she would inherit the fortune intended for him. Despite all this, there is one problem which Klavier is quick to point out, why did Alita leave the charts in the safe as it was obviously open, otherwise the bullet would never have been lodged into the back of it.

They have Alita testify further about what happened at the clinic that day, she says she did go to get the chart but was unable to, so went back again later after hearing Meraktis was murdered. But she goes off topic, saying there's no proof she had the gun, and Wocky was at the murder scene anyway and it doesn't matter which temple Meraktis was shot in. They review the crimscene and Apollo points out where the shooter must have been; inside the noodle stand that Meraktis had been dragging. Wesley Stickler told them yesterday that when he saw the victim and defendant he yelled at them to stop, given where they had proven where Stickler was standing, when Meraktis turned to look, his right temple would have been facing towards the noodle stand. Klavier naturally asks for proof that someone was inside the noodle stand that night, so Apollo presents the clinic slippers they found at the scene which were stained with paint and the foot print of them found right by the stand. Plus Alita's toeprint was found inside the left slipper too, but Klavier isn't convinced, saying there shouldn't be enough room inside the stand for a person to hide in. Apollo is quick to explain this by the large number of noodle bowls that were found in the Meraktis Clinic lobby, given how things are turning out, the Judge gives Alita one more chance to explain.

Alita tells how she went to the clinic to get the chart, but Meraktis thought that the Kitakis had sent her so refused to hand it over. After that she gave up and went home, all they did was talk. As Alita is talking, Apollo notices another nervous habit, when she talks about what happened in the office she fiddles with the scarf around her neck. Apollo thinks something else must have happened than just talking, given the poor state of the office when he and Trucy visited it yesterday, a struggle of some sort had obvious ensued. He then asks for Alita to remove her scarf and, when she finally does, they all see there are red marks around her neck. They ask for Alita to explain and she says how when she went to talk to Meraktis, he attacked her and tried to strangle her with the cord of the lamp and at some point she blacked out.

The Judge thinks they've heard all they need to and is about to end the cross examination when Klavier objects, he wants to hear what happened after Alita blacked out. Apollo thinks it over, and proposes that Meraktis, thinking he had infact killed Alita, stole Eldoon's noodle cart, emptied it of the bowls and put Alita's "dead body" inside. He then dragged the cart to the park, presumably with the intention of dumping the body in the river, but ran into Wocky before he could reach it.

It sounds convincing but Alita and Klavier notice the one flaw in the logic; Meraktis had a car, it was even parked at the clinic garage that night, so why use the cart to transport the "body"? They also knew that the car had to be working, as that very evening was the same evening that Meraktis hit Phoenix with his car and was able to drive it back to the clinic. Apollo disagrees however, recalling yesterday when they discussed in court that Trucy's Magic Panties were stuffed inside the exhaust of Meraktis' car, this would have prevented the car from running.

With the truth exposes, Alita confesses to what happened. When she woke up inside the noodle stand she could hear Meraktis and Wocky talking, Meraktis was about to expose her plan to inherit the money from the Kitaki family so she shot him. Alita is arrested and Wocky is finally declared innocent, although Apollo is left feeling that Klavier had figured it all out a while ago.

They all head out to the defendant lobby where Wocky is mouthing off again for what Apollo supposedly did to turn Alita bad and at his father for giving up their lifestyle to become a legal businessman. Wocky's father steps in to try and calm him down and Apollo, with a nudge from Trucy, tells Wocky why his father is trying to turn their business around and earn their money the right way. Wocky's father searched the globe and had finally found a doctor who is confident to perform the procedure to remove the bullet, but it's a very expensive operation. He only wants to pay with it with clean money because their old lifestyle is how Wocky ended up hurt in the first place. Wocky seems conflicted, but grateful and runs off, his father following after him, not before thanking Apollo for all his work in helping their son.

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