Turnabout Beginnings

Turnabout Beginnings
Start DateFebruary 16th 2012
End DateFebruary 16th 2012
VictimValerie Hawthorne
ProsecutorMiles Edgeworth
Defense AttorneyMia Fey
Defense AssistantDiego Armando
DefendantTerry Fawles
GuiltyNo verdict

This is the 4th case in Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, and the second case to be a flashback.


[edit] Case

The case opens out on a flashback of three people gathered on a high bridge. A man holds a girl close to him and threatens the other person, a woman, to not come any closer or he'll shoot the girl. A shot is fired, and someone falls off the bridge into the river far below. Phoenix Wright is going over a case file of Mia's from 6 years previous, Mia's first case, this is a retelling of that case.

[edit] Day 1 - Trial

The case starts in the courtroom lobby, and naturally Mia is nervous as it's her first case, and her client, Terry Fawles who is accused of murdering Valerie Hawthorne, doesn't exactly have a good record. He escaped from prison 2 days previously after being put on death row for kidnapping, extortion and murder 5 years ago. However, despite being convicted of these earlier crimes, he denies it all, saying he would never lie, and he never killed anyone, going on to say that someone lied in their testimony 5 years ago. Just before court starts, Diego Armando, another attorney at the firm Mia is working at, shows up to offer his support.

The trial starts, and the prosecution is Miles Edgeworth, incidentally it his first trial aswell, even so, he has already earned himself a reputation. They go over the case at hand, on the day Terry escaped from prison, a policewoman, Valerie Hawthorne, was murdered and the police suspect that Terry was the murderer. As it turns out, it was Valerie's testimony that was the pivotal point in the trial that saw Terry convicted 5 years previously.

[edit] Gumshoe's Testimony

Edgeworth calls in the first witness, Detective Gumshoe, who then goes over the case in a little more detail, explaining that Valerie was stabbed in the back with a knife and died from the resulting blood loss. Her body was then dragged back to the defendants car, but he was captured by police before he could get away. Additionally, no blood was found on the bridge due to the victim wearing a thick coat. The Judge notes the lack of evidence to even place them both at the scene at the same time, so Edgeworth asks Gumshoe to give his testimony.

Gumshoe explains on the day of Valerie's murder someone phoned her and asked to meet at Dusky Bridge, she agreed and went at the correct time and met Fawles there. Then she was murdered and placed in the Fawles' getaway car, but he was arrested at a checkpoint at the bottom of the mountain. As it turns out, the "someone" who called Valerie was indeed Fawles, but Edgeworth had Gumshoe omit that from his testimony until asked by the defense, so to further implicate Fawles. After receiving the phone call, Valerie wrote a note about it, but didn't tell anyone at the precinct. Gumshoe then produces a crime photo of Valerie's body in the car boot, but Mia points out that something is odd, she isn't wearing a white scarf as was requested by Fawles in the phone conversation to help him identify her. The police couldn't find the scarf at the scene despite looking for it, but it turns out that Edgeworth had it all along as he got to the crime scene first and was just trying to hide the evidence if he could.

Edgeworth asks Gumshoe to continue and he explains that there was an eyewitness who saw everything take place, and they even have a photograph from the witness. However this photo and the crime photo don't add up. In the crime photo it's clearly pouring with rain and, as the witness claims, Valerie was pushed down, which supposedly caused the scarf to get muddy. However, the crime photo shows no evidence of this at all, her jacket is clean. Naturally, something doesn't add up and Diego suggests that there is something false afoot, Mia presses the issue with the Judge and they finally agree to bring in the witness, Melissa Foster.

[edit] Melissa's Testimony

Melissa gives her testimony about the day, she was using her camera to take photographs of wild flowers up on the mountain. It was there that she caught the photo of the defendant and the victim, and afterwards went to ring the police. However, her testimony clearly isn't true, she states that the victim turned and ran from the defendant, but it isn't possible, if she turned she would have gone to a dead end as bridge was partially broken. However, Edgeworth writes this off as a problem with the diagram, saying that there is no proof the bridge was broken on the day of the murder.

Melissa continues with her testimony a second time but there are still holes, as Melissa explains the murderer picked up Valerie's body to hide it in the boot of the car, but, they were right above a river with a very strong current, why didn't he just throw the body in the river? However, Edgeworth manages to null the point, this is what the witness saw, so it doesn't matter why he didn't throw the body in the river, so Melissa continues her testimony, claiming that after this, she saw Fawles break open the car boot. Again, Melissa has made another error in her testimony, as from where she was standing, it's not possible to even see the car. When questioned on this, Edgeworth manages to convince the Judge that it was just a mistake in the testimony and that she must have heard it on the news, so Diego insists she explain how she knew. Her answer is that she saw the scratch marks on the car boot, but it would be impossible for her to have seen that, so Mia suggests that she must have seen them when she put the body in the car herself, it couldn't have been Fawles who broke in, he had the key to the car after all. Additionally, the camera Melissa used has a timer, there's no way to prove she was even at the field taking photos like she claimed, Mia proposes that Melissa was infact where the victim was presumed to be, dressed as her on the bridge meeting Fawles, and at that time Valerie was already dead and in the car boot. After the build up of these accusations, Melissa faints.

Whilst Melissa recovers, they call a recess. Out in the lobby, Diego reminds Mia that whilst they're sure Melissa is the murderer, they need to find a motive, so they ask Fawles about what happened 5 years ago. He admits that he did kidnap the girl in that incident 5 years ago, his girlfriend, Dahlia Hawthorne, who also happens to be Valerie's younger sister. Five years ago, the three of them met on that bridge, but the whole thing was a fake-kidnapping and all of them were in on it. From the beginning it was Dahlia who planned the whole thing, her family was rich as they owned a jewellery business so they staged Dahlia's kidnapping and demanded a ransom; a 2 million dollar diamond. Valerie was meant to make the transfer as she was a detective so would be trusted, then the three of them would split the diamond between them. However, when they were supposed to exchange, Valerie shot at Fawles for real and in the confusion, Dahlia jumped into the river, it was then that Fawles blacked out and was found by the police. Later in court, Valerie would testify that Fawles killed Dahlia and threw her off the bridge, and that was why Fawles wanted to meet after escaping from prison, to find out why she lied and betrayed him. Diego then asks about the diamond, but Fawles doesn't know where it is, it was with Dahlia when she jumped off the bridge and her body, plus the diamond, were never found.

Court reconvenes, and Melissa is back on the stand and continues with her testimony. She says that she was out of the country until last year, and had never met either the victim of the defendant before. But she slips up in her testimony as she mentions the white scarf, which was only mentioned in the memo Valerie had written and was kept a secret from the public, even Edgeworth is cure that the note wasn't leaked to the public. The only people who knew about the white scarf were the victim, the defendant and Dahlia, as she is mentioned in the memo. Mia then recalls that Dahlia was 14 when she "died" 5 years ago, which would make her 19 now, the exact age that Melissa is. With all the evidence making it obvious, Edgeworth gives in and reveals that Melissa is infact Dahlia, and he knew all along. Even in light of this revelation, the Judge and prosecution can't see how it changes anything as Dahlia has no motive to kill her sister, but Diego claims that they have evidence of a motive. Mia explains, the motive was that Valerie was going to reveal to the world "the truth", and requests testimony about her kidnapping 5 years ago.

Dahlia gives her account of what happened 5 years ago, she was kidnapped by Fawles who demanded a ransom, which her sister brought to make the exchange. After the exchange, Valerie shot Fawles and then he pushed Dahlia from behind into the river below. But it's not possible, if she was pushed from behind, she would have landed on the rocks below, not in the river. Mia goes on to explain that Dahlia jumped on purpose to keep the diamond, and this is why she killed Valerie, because she intended to tell Fawles, and everyone, about what happened that day. Dahlia's demeanour seems to change after this, but she asks Mia to prove that the kidnapping was faked, they don't have any evidence, but Diego reminds Mia that they do have testimony from Fawles.

[edit] Fawles' Testimony

They call Fawles to the stand and he can't believe what's going on, having thought Dahlia had died 5 years ago. The Judge asks who it was that he saw that day, Valerie or Dahlia? He claims it was Valerie, but also says he arrived early and went to get a momento he and Dahlia had buried nearby, so his car was unattended for around 30 minutes, enough time for the body to be planted. But before Fawles can answer, he starts to act strangely and coughs up some blood, he says that he and Dahlia promised if they ever couldn't trust one another, they were supposed to drink from the bottle in the momento he had dug up. Inside the bottle was a poison, and Fawles dies a few moments later, and as such, no verdict was given. There were rumours that the scene where Fawles dies caused the game to be released in Europe later than planned, due to a changed rating.

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