Turnabout Airlines

Turnabout Airlines
Start DateMarch 12th 2019
End DateMarch 12th 2019
VictimAkbey Hicks
ProsecutorMiles Edgeworth
Prosecutor AssistantRhoda Teneiro
Cammy Meele
Dick Gumshoe
GuiltyCammy Meele

This is the second case of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, although chronologically this would be the first.


[edit] Case

The case begins early in the morning on board an iFly Airlines flight back to America that Edgeworth is taking. During the flight the plane experiences heavy turbulence whilst Edgeworth is in the lounge which causes him to faint, much like he would when caught in an earthquake. When Edgeworth comes around he realises he must have been unconscious for about 10 minutes but is relieved it's over and attempts to use the lift to go back up to the higher floor and return to his seat. On his way to the lift he realises that somehow someone's travel wallet has ended up in his pocket, he doesn't know how but keeps hold of the wallet for a moment. Edgeworth opens the lift doors and is shocked to find a body inside, and behind him one of the air hostesses spots both Edgeworth and the body, getting the wrong idea and thinking that Edgeworth murdered the man.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation Part 1

Edgeworth is escorted back to his seat in First Class and handcuffed whilst the flight attendant who found Edgeworth initially, Rhoda Teneiro, is trying to calm the passengers. Edgeworth attests to his innocence but Rhoda is convinced Edgeworth is the culprit as she even has incriminating evidence to suggest it. Given the situation, and that the authorities have already been alerted and will be waiting at the airport when they land, Edgeworth asks for a chance to plead his case and also hear what kind of evidence Rhoda has.

[edit] Teneiro's Argument

The reasoning behind Rhoda being so sure that Edgeworth is the killer is that when she found the scene, she is certain she saw Edgeworth standing there holding the murder weapon that was dripping with fresh blood. Edgeworth knows full well he wasn't holding any murder weapon, and thinks that what Rhoda saw was actually the stained travel wallet he found. Infact, the blood stain is actually just grape juice, meaning that a murder weapon dripping with blood does not exist.

Rhoda demands to see what is inside the wallet as, if something heavy were inside it could still be used as a weapon, but all that is inside is a passport belonging to the victim who we finally learn is named Akbey Hicks. Realising that Edgeworth was infact holding something that belonged to the victim, Rhoda accuses him of stealing it and his money after murdering him. However, Edgeworth is quick to point out that all around Akbey's body in the elevator was money scattered everywhere, meaning he didn't take it at all. Rhoda soon realises her mistakes in her accusations and releases Edgeworth.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation Part 2

Just as Edgeworth is finally cleared of any suspicion, another of the passengers bursts into the cabin, ranting in Borginian. Rhoda can't speak Borginian but luckily the passenger can also speak English and explains himself. He is Zinc Lablanc II who claims to be a very wealthy man in Borginia and an art dealer. He claims that earlier he saw the victim use the elevator to go down to the lounge at exactly 6 o'clock, and, as he was found dead 15 minutes later and Edgeworth was the only one in the lounge at the time, he insists that Edgeworth is the murderer. Edgeworth is eager to discover what really happened and requests permission to investigate the crime scene, which the captain agrees to on the condition that Rhoda accompanies him.

Edgeworth and Rhoda head on down to the crime scene where Rhoda says that after the body was discovered they made a thorough search of the plane and that no one from Business or Economy Class moved to the First Class areas, meaning the murderer had to be from first class. Firstly they examine the body which is still in the elevator and soon discover that Akbey died as a result of blunt-force trauma to the head with the likely murder weapon being a piggy bank found beside him stained with blood. Edgeworth also notices on the flood, leading out of the elevator and off towards the giftshop area, are a set of footprints made in the spilt grape juice, along with the trails of something being dragged. This leads Edgeworth to deduce that someone else must have been in the elevator with Akbey, given that the trail could only have been made after the turbulence, so therefore, after the murder.

Whilst they are investigating, Zinc is ranting not too far at another flight attendant, complaining that the in-flight movie is airing late. As Zinc is there, and Edgeworth is certain now that he can prove his innocence to him, he asks Zinc to explain exactly what he saw earlier.

[edit] LaBlanc's Argument

Zinc sticks to what he said he saw earlier; that Akbey went into the elevator at exactly 6 o'clock and his body was discovered 15 minutes later, meaning only Edgeworth could be the culprit. He also claims that he is absolutely certain that no one else was in the elevator when Akbey went inside. Edgeworth then explains the discovery of the footprints, and how they could only have occurred after the murder, meaning someone else at some point was in the elevator with Akbey. Despite being at odds with the evidence and what they know about the scene, Zinc insists that is exactly what he saw, leaving Rhoda and Edgeworth to believe that he isn't lieing, so they decide to delve a little deeper.

He again confirms what he has already said, and is certain of the time because he had been checking the time constantly because he was waiting for the in-flight movie to start. Apparently the film isn't airing in Borginia, so he was looking forward to it, he even set his watch to the destination time so that he wouldn't miss it, not realising that the in-flight movie was due to start at 6 o'clock departure country time, not destination country time. This means that Zinc's clock is 3 hours head of the schedule and in turn he saw Akbey at 3AM, not 6AM like he originally thought. With this new information there is a much wider time of death, anywhere between 3AM and 6:15AM.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation Part 3

Just as Edgeworth is pondering his next move, the other flight attendant, who introduces herself as Cammy Meele, finally speaks up. She says that she saw Akbey sitting in his seat at 5AM as he pushed the call button during that time when the plane briefly stopped at the Republic of Zheng Fa to refuel and complete a cargo transfer. Whilst this closes the murder time window to 5AM-6:15AM, Edgeworth finds that he was still sadly in the lounge at that time, as he came down to this floor after the re-fueling.

However, Edgeworth is keen to point out again the footprints they discovered earlier which lead to the in-flight shop, aswell as the fact that the murder weapon was a piggybank also only found in the shop. Rhoda also mentions that she saw the piggybank earlier in the shop at 5:40AM, just prior to the turbulence. She admits she was in the shop earlier and when she found the body and Edgeworth, she had just left the flight attendants' room which is connected to the lounge itself.

Edgeworth now wants to investigate the shop, but Cammy interrupts them by pointing out that Rhoda never got permission from the Captain to investigate at all, and was lying earlier. In light of this, Rhoda has to leave to be spoken to by the captain, but Cammy says that she has gained the permission needed and will accompany Edgeworth to the in-flight shop to continue investigating.

The two of them go to the shop which is in a slight disarray after the earlier turbulence. Edgeworth soon finds the cabinet where the piggybank which was later used as the murder weapon was stored, however, the glass is broken but no glass shards can be found inside the cabinet, only on the floor. This leads Edgeworth to deduce that rather than the killer breaking into the case to get the piggybank, the piggybank must have fallen out of the case and broke the glass during the turbulence. In turn, the piggybank must have been taken after the turbulence, but the murder occurred before the turbulence, so the piggybank can't be the murder weapon after all.

Bearing in mind that the turbulence has made such a mess of the shop, Edgeworth finds it unusual that the suitcases seemed unaffected, especially as they are the kind with wheels on them, so he decides to take a closer look at them. Upon closer inspection, Edgeworth discovers that one of the cases doesn't have wheel stoppers on it like that other, and that one of the wheels is stained with what appears to be grape juice. It's also unlocked and, after opening it up, they find a large blood stained cloth inside, leading Edgeworth to believe that the suitcase was used to move Akbey's body.

Rhoda returns moments later to inform Edgeworth that the captain wants the investigation wrapped up now which Edgeworth agrees to on the condition that the two areas on investigation are watched over to ensure they aren't tampered with.

Shortly the plane arrives at its destination and Edgeworth is left feeling a little bothered that he can't continue investigating himself as the local police are supposed to take over from here. Much to his surprise Franziska is there to meet him at the gate, but it turns out she is here to arrest Edgeworth. After explaining that he obviously isn't the criminal, he offers Franziska his aid in continuing the investigation which she predictably declines and leaves Edgeworth under the watch of Gumshoe who is also at the airport.

Edgeworth and Gumshoe return to the plane to continue investigating where, down in the lounge, Zinc is raging over the fact that his cargo is still being held due to the investigation. He also mentions that Rhoda is still being interviewed in the attendants room and that it is holding everything up because it is taking so long. Franziska then comes downstairs to find them and wants to hear Edgeworth's side of things to confirm everything is in order before she allows Edgeworth to continue investigating.

[edit] von Karma's First Argument

Franziska goes over how she sees the crime, the victim was murdered here in the lounge and as Edgeworth was the only person in the lounge around that time, that makes him the likeliest suspect. Edgeworth of course counters this with the discovery that the body was moved with the suitcase which puts the location of the murder into question, the grape juice stains on the carpet and the wheels also support this theory. Despite acknowledging that the body was moved, Franziska still concludes that Edgeworth was the culprit by preparing himself with the piggybank, but Edgeworth explains how the piggybank is a fake piece of evidence, thrown in to confuse things as it could only have been removed from the shop after the murder.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation Part 4

Franziska acknowledges Edgeworth's innocence, finally, but thinks that there is also a possibility that the piggybank could still have been taken before the turbulence by Rhoda as she had the keys to the shop and the cabinets. Given also her strange behaviour in that she didn't properly seek the captains permission to investigate, it gives Franziska good enough reason to suspect her.

Edgeworth, Gumshoe and Franziska go to find Rhoda in the flight attendants room where she explains that the reason she lied about getting permission was due to the fact that she didn't think she would be able to get permission in the first place. Reason being that the captain has a thing for Cammy and only listens to her and she felt awful for accusing Edgeworth so wanted to make it up to him. She then explains her movements, that she was in the shop just before the turbulence to check up on everything as she is in charge of the shop, then came back to the flight attendants room to freshen up. Edgeworth thinks that perhaps her suitcases might have been part of the reason which she admits is true, she wanted to see how well they were selling and mentions she was relieved that there was only one left.

The fact that she mentions only one being left is interesting because when Edgeworth investigated earlier there was most definitely two remaining. Edgeworth also can't help but notice that there is one of the cases in the attendants room, which Rhoda soon admits under scrutiny that she has been buying a case for every flight she goes on because the suitcases had been selling so poorly. After this flight all the remaining cases being stored in the cargo hold will just be scrapped sue to the poor sales. This could then mean that the murderer gotten of one of the cases from the cargo hold and, besides the elevator, the only other way to access the cargo hold is through a door in the attendants room. The door has no special lock because to enter the attendants room you already need a staff keycard.

Before Edgeworth can suggest going down there to investigate, Franziska mentions that she was earlier told by Cammy that in order to ride the elevator a different type of keycard is required, and the only person who has that kind of keycard is Rhoda who confirms this as true. She says she keeps the keycard in her locker at all times, but when she goes to retrieve it the card is missing. Franziska doesn't believe that the card is stolen and has Rhoda arrested then she, along with Edgeworth and Gumshoe, go down to investigate the cargo hold.

Whilst investigating they find Akbey's suitcase split out from the others and take a look inside,. Nothing is too out of the ordinary except for a file on Franziska which, once they quiz her on it, they discover that Franziska was actually at the airport to meet Akbey as he was an Interpol Agent whom Franziska was going to be working with. They were going to be working together on a case regarding a very large international scale smuggling ring, Franziska had actually been the one who had put Akbey on the case to work undercover for them.

This must mean that Akbey came down to the cargo hold to investigate, but he could only have come down here with a member of staff due to the security measures in place, so that member of staff must presumably have been the culprit. The murderer then placed Akbey's body inside one of the suitcases, but in the ride in the elevator the turbulence was so bad that it popped open and made the huge mess in elevator, as well as releasing Akbey's body. Franziska is still certain that this must mean the murderer is Rhoda.

[edit] von Karma's Second Argument

The keycard access and the access to the locked cabinets in the shop are Franziska's main reasons for doubting Rhoda's innocence, but Edgeworth thinks she is still jumping to conclusions, especially as they don't have the autopsy report yet. Franziska sends Gumshoe off to get the report, but the examination is not yet completed, however they do know that the death was caused from a blow causing a large bruise across Akbey's shoulder and mid-back.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation Part 5

As they are discussing this, Zinc barges in, demanding to have access to his artworks being held in the cargo hold, even going so far as to try and push past the officer guarding the stairs. However, once the guard refuses him entry, he jumps over the side of the railing and lands on a case just over the rail. Seeing this, Edgeworth starts to make sense of the murder, thinking that perhaps instead of being beaten to death with the piggybank, which is far to small to leave the large bruise over Akbey's back, something much larger was the cause. Edgeworth believes that rather than being beaten, Akbey died as a result of falling from the top of the cargo hold stairs.

Right now, however, a fall from the stairs wouldn't cause death or even injury, due to the large cargo on board, namely Zinc's artworks. But at the time of death the cargo would not have been present where it currently is due to the arrangements of the Zheng Fa cargo which should logically be infront of it, not behind. As Zinc's art piece is so valuable, Edgeworth suspects that it was moved and replaced at Zheng Fa as a result of the smugglers that Franziska and Akbey were investigating.

Franziska is still not convinced and Zinc is more than willing to prove that the piece of art he has is surely not a fake, so he removes the covering and indeed the art work is there as it should be. But as Edgeworth examines the statue closer he notices that something is off in that the eyes should be red gemstones, but the ones in the statue are orange. This proves that the statue on the plane is infact a fake and was clearly exchanged for the real state at the stop over in Zheng Fa due to the fact that it is sitting on the covering of other cargo which was loaded during the stopover.

They decide to move the statue and have forensics test the area and they do get a reaction on the floor when they spray for blood. This would also mean that Akbey was killed before the stop over, as they would have found the blood stain on the floor when the cargo was moved, but this casts Cammy's testimony into doubt as she said that Akbey was in his seat at 5AM, when the stopover was between 4AM-5AM.

Cammy is called to the cargo hold so that she can explain this contradiction, she claims to have just made a mistake. Obviously this doesn't really cut it, so Edgeworth asks Cammy about her movements between 3AM and 6AM.

[edit] Meele's Argument

Cammy claims that from 3AM-4AM, and 5AM-6AM she was alone in the flight attendants room, and that is all she offers without further pressing. Although, despite the weak alibi, Edgeworth spots a contradiction already as they know that Rhoda bought a suitcase at 5:40AM and brought it to the attendants room. Rhoda confirms that she didn't see Cammy either when she brought the suitcase back, but Cammy just says she was using the bathroom at the time and must have missed her. She also can't understand why all the suspicion is on her all of a sudden and not Rhoda given that she has access to both the staff card for the elevator and for the shop. Cammy however is talented in languages, particularly Borginian as she is the only crew member on board that knows the language. This also means she would have been in charge of the forged documents in Borginian that stated that Zinc's statue was supposedly loaded in Europe and in turn would have had a role in the smuggling.

Cammy denies any link to the smuggling and said all she did was sign the document, she didn't actually check if the cargo had been loaded properly or not. She again claims that Rhoda should be the one under suspicion, but Edgeworth just thinks that all along the killer to place blame on Rhoda, given that the body was placed inside one of the suitcases that Rhoda always buys. The suitcase containing the body could easily have been switched for the on that Rhoda bought. Edgeworth then deduces that the case opened up during the turbulence and, as there wasn't enough time to clean up the mess again, Akbey was placed in the elevator in order to frame him, then the suitcase was returned to the shop and the piggybank retrieved in order to further fabricate a false murder weapon.

Cammy doesn't see the need for such an elaborate hiding of the body and obscuring of the real cause of death and wonders why a killer would go to such trouble, but Edgeworth explains that, as the murder occurred mid-flight, and with how strict customs are these days, the body would easily have been found. Therefore, the murderer had to frame someone, and actually attempted to frame either himself and Rhoda, the only person being able to do so would of course be Cammy. She denies it and points out that all Edgeworth has as proof is circumstantial evidence. Edgeworth claims that there is evidence but it is missing, namely the victims phone which has been missing since the body was found, if they find the phone, they will also find the murderer.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation Part 6

Edgeworth asks for Franziska to call Akbey's phone, which they hear ringing down in the cargo hold to be coming from up in the attendants room. Edgeworth and Gumshoe quickly locate the ringing phone, which is actually inside Rhoda's locker, and head back down to the others in the cargo hold. But Edgeworth doesn't believe that Rhoda is the culprit and proposes that when the keycard was stolen from her, the phone was also planted in her locker, however Franziska points out there is no evidence of either of those incidents occurring.

Before Franziska can take Rhoda away to be arrested, Edgeworth stops her and asks to look at the phone in more detail as, because it was stolen, there must be something incriminating on it. After examining the phone they discover that the screen is cracked, but that it has a camera which Akbey could have been using to take photos as evidence. In order to check this they decide to transfer the data to Franziska's phone and do find one picture of the inside of the cargo hold, notably in the picture is alot of boxes which Zinc translates the Borginian on the front of the boxes to say that they contain types of cloth. Borginian cloth was also used to clean the scene of blood, but the only person who could have been down in the cargo hold and also read Borginian is Cammy. Additionally, there were also boxes with bedsheets inside, written on in English, yet these were untouched. Edgeworth deduces that these weren't used because the Borginian cloth was to be unloaded in Zheng Fa, so no one would know that they had been opened in relation to the murder. They can also call the authorities in Zheng Fa and confirm if any of the boxes had been opened, so finally, with all the evidence mounting against her Cammy finally confesses that she murdered Akbey by pushing him over the railings to his death in the cargo hold as she panicked as Akbey was investigating and was worried she would be found out for her role in the smuggling.

Cammy is taken away and arrested and Rhoda thanks Edgeworth for all his help in proving her innocence and finding the real culprit behind the murder. She even gives Edgeworth one of the suitcases which he reluctantly accepts. He and Gumshoe briefly meet with Franziska at the airport as she is soon to depart again as part of her work. She explains that she will still be working on the smuggling case as there is another agent working with her and that perhaps Edgeworth will run into him one day. Just as Edgeworth and Gumshoe are about to head down to the Prosecution Office, Edgeworth gets a call from Ernest Amano, someone he appears to be familiar with, who tells Edgeworth that his son has been kidnapped. This is the start of events that lead onto the next case, The Kidnapped Turnabout.

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