Trucy Wright

Trucy Wright
Japanese nameNaruhodo Minuki
AgeAJ:AA: 15 (8 in flashback case)
PW:AA-DD: 16
OccupationMagician in training
FamilyFather (Biological): Zak Gramarye
Mother: Thalassa Gramarye
Father (Adoptive): Phoenix Wright
Grandfather: Magnifi Gramarye
Half-brother: Apollo Justice

Trucy is a young magician in training who is first introduced in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney briefly during the first case; Turnabout Trump, then appearing throughout.


[edit] Background

Trucy is a friendly girl who, despite her somewhat complicated upbringing, remains to be cheerful and optimistic. Like Apollo, she also has a gift in reading peoples body language, being able to detect when they are nervous or seem to be hiding something.

[edit] Friends & Family

Trucy grew up with her parents, Zak Gramarye and Thalassa Gramarye, her grandfather and "Uncle" Valant Gramarye surrounded by the circus. Seven years before her first appearance, her father was accused of murdering her grandfather. However, after it looked like the case would end badly, she aided Zak's escape from the courthouse and found herself orphaned as her mother had died some time before in a circus accident. She was taken in by Phoenix Wright who was serving as her father's attorney at the time, initially on a temporary basis which then became permanent when Zak never returned. Since then she has lived with Phoenix, seemingly taking over the running of his old office.

[edit] Work

Trucy Age 8
Trucy works as a magician out of the Wright Talent Agency with Phoenix, performing at different locations around town. With the addition of Apollo however they rename the office to the Wright Anything Agency and, as well as her magician work, she also aids Apollo in his investigations, effectively acting as his assistant. Due to her ability of sensing peoples subtle changes in body language, Phoenix would often bring her along to his important poker games to aid him.

[edit] Cases

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