The Stolen Turnabout

The Stolen Turnabout
Start DateOctober 11th 2018
End DateOctober 14th 2018
VictimKane Bullard
Defense AttorneyPhoenix Wright
Defense AssistantMaya Fey
Mia Fey (Channelled by Maya)
DefendantRon DeLite
GuiltyLuke Atmey

This is the second case of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations.


[edit] Case

The case opens out to show a well guarded safe and Gumshoe, with some other guards, proud of their work tonight. They check the safe one last time, only to discover they have been robbed by the master thief, Mask*DeMasque.

It's the next morning and both Maya and Pearl are telling Phoenix about an exhibit that's coming up that will be showing alot of items from the Kurain Village. The event doesn't start until next week, but the promoter has sent them advanced VIP passes to see the event tonight, so the three go along.

They head on down to the exhibit and go to meet the promoter, who turns out to be Adrian Andrews whom both Phoenix and Pearl met 7 months previously during Farewell, My Turnabout. They talk for a bit then head to dinner. The very next day however they get news that the Fey Sacred Urn has been stolen by the phantom thief Mask*DeMasque. Obviously, this has upset Maya and Pearl who badger Phoenix into finding Mask*DeMasque and getting the urn back for them.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation

They head back to the Lordly Tailor and run into Gumshoe who is able to tell them that they got a call from the security guard on duty at 1:30am to say the urn had just been stolen. Also said to have been there last night was an "Ace Detective" who has been working on Mask*DeMasque's cases, in the last case he was even able to retrieve the stolen item. He also says that perhaps this all could have been avoided if the exhibit hall owners had been more co-operative, Mask*DeMasque always sends a calling card as a "warning" so they already knew that the exhibit was going to be targeted but they didn't contact the police.

They head on down to the basement and run into the detective that Gumshoe mentioned, Luke Atmey. Although, he's not particularly helpful, as all he does is boast about his exploits. He leaves soon enough, giving Phoenix a chance to look around, some things do seem different from last night. For instance the statue has moved since last night, and the sword it was holding is across the room and bent. Once they're finished looking around, they head out, but are interrupted from a phone call from Gumshoe. He's over the moon as he claims to have beaten Atmey to it, and has captured Mask*DeMasque himself, although confesses technically that he surrendered willingly. Gumshoe then asks Phoenix to come by the detention centre, as apparently DeMasque wants to talk to him.

They head on straight down to the detention centre where DeMasque is waiting for them, or rather Ron DeLite to give his real name. He seems nothing like his thief persona, causing Maya to question if he really is the thief after all. When asked about the urn, he confesses that he actually lost it and apologises profusely. He then asks that they go and see "Dessie", his wife, who was the one who told him to talk to Phoenix in the first place.

Phoenix and Maya head on to Ron's apartment and meet his wife, Desirée, who explains that her husband just has an over-active imagination, and couldn't possibly be involved in the theft. She also says that whilst she is a thrill-seeker, her husband, obviously, is not, but he is incredibly rich from his job as a security guard and always spoils her with gifts. Phoenix asks about last night and what happened, but Desirée can't vouch for Ron's whereabouts as she was caught speeding on her motorcycle last night and didn't get home until 3am, after the theft. They decide to ask a little more about Ron, but Desirée just says that he is merely Mask*DeMasque's biggest fan and a little delusional. She's adamant that someone is framing him, and asks Phoenix to deliver a message to Ron, telling him to fight back to clear his name.

With the letter in hand, they head back to the Detention Centre and pass it onto Ron, who, after reading it, asks Phoenix to take his case as Desirée instructed Ron to ask in the letter. Maya doesn't like the idea as she and Pearl are the "victims" in this case, but Phoenix agrees to take him as his client.

Now that they're officially on the case, they head back to the Lordly Tailor and run into Adrian. She's distraught still over loosing the urn, so offers to help them with their investigations. Adrian explains that 10 days ago they received the warning card from DeMasque and she wanted to contact the police about it, but Atmey persuaded her not to, saying he would deal with it. She actually hired him 20 days ago as she was worried something would happen. Atmey was also in charge of the security looking after the exhibits, although, she did personally check out every member of staff's background.

Next they go to talk to Atmey himself about what occurred that night, he explains that he was the sole guard that night as he didn't want anyone else interfering with his work. They question him about how the urn could have been stolen if he was supposed to be standing guard, but he is adamant that no one entered the basement that night. Obviously, this is contradicted by the camera data that clearly shows that someone entered the basement at 1am that night. Phoenix reasons that perhaps the reason Atmey didn't see anything was because he was unconscious and proposes that the Shichishito was used to hit him with by someone. Atmey gives in at the suggestion and admits that's what happened, he never actually saw the thief at all. However, the security camera that Atmey set up did, and the photo it took clearly shows Mask*DeMasque in it. He's also certain that Ron DeLite is Mask*DeMasque, claiming he had a very good reason to needing to steal all these treasures and says that there is a green envelope in his apartment that Phoenix should look into.

They head straight back to Ron's apartment and find the letter in question, a blackmail letter threatening that if Ron doesn't want his identity revealed to the world, he must come to KB Security and pay up $50,000, that or they will also take a "red diamond" supposedly in his possession. Soon after making the discover, Desirée has a visitor who by coincidence turns out to be Larry Butz. As Phoenix and Larry know each other, Desirée leaves them too it whilst she goes to fix up her bike. It turns out that he came to return Ron's wallet which he found whilst working last night at his security guard job. He says he found it about 1am on the first floor of the security company building and clarifies that Ron also worked for the same company; KB Security. But before they can investigate the security company, they get a phone call from Pearl who has until now been investigating by herself, trying to be useful, but got herself lost and wound up at Atmey's place.

Phoenix and Maya meet up with Pearl at Atmey's Detective Agency, being the only people there. They also notice a large bag that wasn't there last time they were in the agency, but before they can properly look inside it, Atmey returns. He lets the fact that they were snooping slide as he's too busy boasting about the fact that with his testimony in tomorrow's trial, it will be a sure victory for him in bringing Mask*DeMasque to justice. He also warns about the prosecutor working on the case, someone named Godot, whom Atmey sings the praises of.

[edit] Day 2 - Trial

Phoenix meets up with Maya, Pearl and Ron in the defendant lobby, where Ron is still insisting that he is the criminal. Moments later they are called into the courtroom where they see Godot for the first time who, despite having a reputation, claims this is the first time ever prosecuting. However, he does seem to know Phoenix, despite Phoenix having no idea who he is.

[edit] Gumshoe's Testimony

They call in Gumshoe first to give an overview of the case and what they have discovered do far. He tells that Mask*DeMasque first started his thefts 6 months ago and always sends a calling card before his crime as a warning. The theft of the urn was his fifth heist and he always goes for the highest value art piece, which Phoenix mentions is strange in this instance as the sacred urn has no monetary value. Godot confirms this too, leading the Judge to believe that Phoenix is trying to suggest that Mask*DeMasque was not responsible for this theft. Godot calls Phoenix on his statement and asks for proof that the thief was not the real Mask*DeMasque and a fake like he is trying to suggest. After examining the security photo from that night, it becomes clear that a piece of DeMasque's costume is missing, a large broach that holds the cape on. However, at the crime scene, Godot had actually found the broach in question on the floor, looking like it had been torn off from the costume. Godot also says he's ready for his next witness, so they call them in.

[edit] Atmey's Testimony

Atmey comes to the stand and confirms what Phoenix had already discovered yesterday; he was alone on security that night and at around 1am Mask*DeMasque hit him on head and knocked him unconscious. He awoke about 30 mins later and called the police. To go into more detail, he claims he wasn't hiding at the scene, merely waiting by the computer and was caught off guard by the thief. But Phoenix mentions the broach torn from DeMasque's costume, this indicates there must have been a struggle, so surely Atmey did see him and wasn't knocked unconscious straight away, but Atmey shrugs it off as getting this case confused with another and revises his testimony.

He says that what actually happened was that the thief went, got the Shichishito and used it to hit him over the forehead with, rendering him unconscious. So he did seem the thief after all, although briefly. But Phoenix remembers that Atmey said yesterday that he was hit over the back of the head, not the front, and accuses Atmey of being the real thief given that no one saw him there that night, his lies in the testimony and that he single-handedly managed to retrieve one of the stolen treasures in the previous robbery. Godot asks to see proof that Atmey actually is the thief but of course Phoenix has none to present.

Just when they're wondering what to do next, Desirée arrives with a bag containing the stolen urn which she found in the Atmey's office. But Godot doesn't buy it, being Ron's wife, it's all too convenient to find the urn at Atmey's place, so Phoenix asks for the urn to be dusted for prints. He claims if his fingerprints are on it, then that will prove the urn was at Atmey's, as he was riffling through that bag yesterday before Atmey interrupted him. But before they can do that, Atmey tells them to wait, he already knows Pheonix's fingerprints are on there and cracks up, admitting it was him all along, having created his only arch-nemesis, Mask*DeMasque.

Atmey is taken away, and the Judge is about to declare Ron innocent when Ron interrupts and claims they've got it wrong, and he really is Mask*DeMasque. Godot tells Ron to prove it so they allow Ron to testify.

[edit] DeLite's Testimony

Ron claims that he really is the thief as they can't prove that he isn't, and he has no alibi for that night. Phoenix recalls the wallet found at KB Security however which Ron says he lost sometime that evening. Godot encourages Ron to try and disprove it, so Ron claims it couldn't have been there, as he had no reason to be at that security office. But this is disproved by the blackmail letter Ron received, on the night of the crime Ron had to be dealing with his blackmailer. However, saying he was there and being able to prove it is another thing entirely, they need proof, so Wright mentions what Larry told him about the keycard found in Ron's wallet, it will reveal where it was used, when and by whom.

They investigate the new information, whilst they were unable to get hold of the CEO of KB Security, Kane Bullard, they were able to get the data off of the keycard. According to the data, the card was used at 1am on the night of the theft, meaning that Ron could not have been at the exhibit basement stealing the urn. With the evidence being so, the Judge declares Ron as innocent.

Just as they start to celebrate out in the defendants lobby, Godot informs them that the case isn't over as Kane Bullard's body was discovered in his office early this morning, his estimated time of death being 1am on October 12th; the time they had just proven Ron was in the office. Also, combined with the blackmail letter, Ron has a motive so is taken back to the detention centre. Before leaving, Godot says he looks forward to facing Phoenix again in court, telling him he's come back from Hell to go against him, leaving Phoenix and the others just as confused as ever.

[edit] Day 2 - Investigation

Phoenix and Maya head back to the Wright & Co. Offices, with Pearl heading back home to the Kurain Village so she can return the urn. Before they head out to investigate the murder, Maya mentions that the urn looked different than before. It used to be have "I AM" written on it, from when Pearl broke the urn and put it back together incorrectly (see Reunion, and Turnabout), but now it spells "AMI", just like it used to before it was broken. It also has pink paint stains all over it. They decide not to worry about it too much for now, as Pearl has taken it back to the village the people there will probably be able to determine what happened to it.

They head back to Ron's place to talk to Desirée, finding out a little about how she and Ron met, but more importantly how to get to the KB Security building. They head straight to the scene of the crime to find Gumshoe is already there. He fills them in that Bullard was found about 9am this morning and that the cause of death was blunt force trauma, although they haven't identified the weapon yet. His body was hidden inside a large safe in the office which can only be opened with a specific security code, and, unfortunately for Phoenix, everyone who knew the code, except for Ron, have airtight alibis. They also learn a little more about the victim, as well as selling security, given his area of work, he knew alot of trade secrets and also sold these between rivals. The company itself used to head the security for all the previous Mask*DeMasque cases, but given they had screwed up every time, the company's name was tarnished. Additionally, on the wall of the office was an emergency buzzer that, when pressed, will call a security guard up to the office, as well as set off a loud alarm, but it had apparently not been pressed that night.

Phoenix and Maya head downstairs to the security guard office and find Larry is there working. He tells how he had been looking into Ron's background and discovered that he was fired a year ago out of the blue. They also ask him about the night of the murder, but get confronted with a psyche-lock. Phoenix questions Larry about what he was doing that night, but he claims he was working like he was supposed to. But, that night he had found Ron's wallet, and on the first floor of the building, so that night Larry would have had to have left his post. Furthermore, the murder had to have occurred during Larry's shift as the keycard data discovered in the trial earlier today showed that the card was only used once, at 1am that morning. Larry finally confesses that he did leave his post that night as he got a call from his girlfriend saying she needed to meet him right away, incidentally to break up with him. He feels guilty over what happened and wants to make it up somehow, so Phoenix asks Larry to tell them a little about the emergency buzzer in the CEO Office. The system makes a record of when the buzzer was pressed so they double-check to confirm that it wasn't pressed, but there is infact a record, it was pressed at around 1am the night of the murder, and Larry had missed it because he was away from his post.

They decide to pay Ron a visit in the detention centre given all the new information they've gathered to see if he can shed any light on it. Ron admits it really wasn't him that night that stole the urn, and he was at the CEO's Office for 1am just like the blackmail note said to be. But when he got to the office, someone else was there and bashed him over the head, rendering him unconscious. When Ron woke up he found the body of Bullard right in front of him, he thought he should do something so he put the body in the safe. Back onto the subject of Mask*DeMasque, he explains that after he stole the Tear of Emanon, he hid his costume in a bin and disguised himself as a security guard, but his costume was found and taken by Atmey. Shortly after that he started to get blackmail letters saying that they knew his true identity and that to keep it a secret he had to give up the treasure. Soon after this Ron started to get sent plans for heists he was to perform, being given money if he managed to complete the heists successfully and give up the treasure.

Just as they finish talking, Pearl reappears with news that the urn is the real thing, but someone recently got paint on it. With no clue as to how it got there, Maya and Pearl demand that they investigate, so they head back to the Lordly Tailor, finding Adrian is still working down there. They let her know the urn was safely returned, but seemed different from how they remember it and, like Larry, are confronted with another psyche-lock. They ask her further about the urn, saying that it looks different to before, showing Adrian the poster of the urn when it used to read "I AM", not "AMI" like it does now. Also, the urn is covered in the same paint as that found on the floor of the basement, meaning the urn had to have been broken here. With all this evidence, Adrian confesses that she accidentally broke the urn when she tripped over some paint tins and put it back together again. She also moved the Ami Fey statue to cover up the paint stain as it was so garish. This reminds Phoenix and the others that after the theft, the statue had been moved back and was no longer covering the paint stain. Adrian certainly didn't move it, so that one remains a mystery.

[edit] Day 3 - Trial

It's the next morning and Phoenix and Maya heard to court, apparently in the next courtroom Atmey is having his trial for the theft of the urn. They head into court and Godot decides to bring Ron to testify first.

[edit] DeLite's Testimony

They ask Ron to explain what he was doing at KB Security that night, and he tells how he went according to the instruction on the blackmail letter. He also revealed that the reason he was fired from KB Security a year ago was because he stole security data and sold it on in order to fund Desirée's shopping habit. Once he was found out, Bullard fired Ron immediately. Godot proposes that in order to protect Ron's secret of being fired and becoming a thief from ever being found out by Desirée, that Ron murdered Bullard.

With a motive seemingly established they question Ron on what happened when he went inside the office that night. Ron tells it just as he told Phoenix the previous day, when he got there, there was somebody else already in the room who hit him over the head and left, and when Ron regained consciousness he discovered Bullard's body. He also tells for the first time that he went to the office dressed as Mask*DeMasque, but also that he spent about 10 minutes hiding the body in the safe. Whilst Godot thinks this just further incriminates Ron and that he must be lieing about being hit over the head, Phoenix points out something that doesn't add up. According to the computer data, the emergency buzzer was pressed just before the murder, and the buzzer is incredibly loud. As Ron knows how the system works, in that a guard would be coming up as a response to the buzzer, why did he spend 10 whole minutes moving the body if he were the murderer? Ron's testimony that he was hit over the head must be correct, after he was knocked unconscious the buzzer was sounded just before whoever the other person in the room was killed Bullard. But Bullard's fingerprints weren't found on the buzzer, meaning that the murderer himself must have pressed it in order to call the guard, and put the blame on Ron. They wonder who the third hypothetical person could be, so Phoenix, given everything they've learnt so far, accuses Atmey, claiming he wanted to be found guilty of theft, so he wouldn't be found guilty of murder.

Godot reminds them that Atmey's trial should be coming to a close very soon, so if they are going to call in Atmey, they need to do it now. Phoenix requests a recess and goes to the courtroom next door where Winston Payne is about to have successfully finished Atmey's trial. But before the verdict can be officially declared Phoenix interrupts and accuses Atmey of murder, having him brought to the other courtroom for testimony.

[edit] Atmey's Testimony

Naturally Atmey denies all knowledge of a murder, claims that he is Mask*DeMasque and that he was committing the theft of the urn when Bullard was murdered. They decide to take a closer look at the security camera photo, and Phoenix notices something missing; the Ami Fey statue is no longer covering up the paint stain. Phoenix concludes that Atmey must have taken this photo days before the theft was supposed to have taken place, and when he realised the statue had been placed there on the day of the theft, he moved it so that the scene would match the photo.

Whilst the theory is interesting, Godot reminds them it's only a theory, so they ask Atmey to tell them about his movements and plans for stealing the urn that night. He tells them everything they already know, but also claims to have never seen the urn until he stole it that night. But, in his calling card sent to the Lordly Tailor 10 days prior to the theft, he clearly calls the urn "speckled", something he would have only called it after the urn had been delivered to the exhibit after Adrian had dropped it in paint.

Atmey seems to be starting to crack under the pressure, but Godot wants a motive, as far as they can see, he would have no reason to kill Bullard. Atmey claims he has no connection at all with Bullard, and that Bullard simply made a mistake in his investigation of Mask*DeMasque. Plus, he felt a grudge against DeLite for stealing the computer data the year previous, and resorted to blackmailing him. But after taking a closer look at the blackmail letter itself, there is a contradiction in that where it mentions a red diamond, but the only diamond that Mask*DeMasque has stolen was a blue one. Based on this, Phoenix believes the letter could not have been intended for Ron at all, but for Atmey instead who happens to be wearing a ring with a large red diamond in it which he received for recovering the stolen treasure in the previous heist.

So Bullard sent the blackmail letters to Atmey, who in turn blackmailed Ron, who had figured out that Ron was Mask*DeMasque after his first heist when he found his costume in the rubbish bin. With Atmey's reputation as an "Ace Detective" tarnished and now exposed as a blackmailer and a murderer, he finally cracks. The Judge is about to hand down his verdict when Godot interrupts, whilst Phoenix has proved that Atmey is a blackmailer, and wasn't at the Lordly Tailor the night of the theft, he hasn't proved that he was at Bullard's office and therefore the murderer.

Phoenix is at a loss for what to do, but before the Judge can send Atmey back to the other courtroom, Mia objects, being suddenly channelled by Maya. She asks the Judge if they can cross-examine some remarks that Atmey made just after his testimony, as all remarks made by a witness should be subject to scrutiny. Godot seems taken aback a moment, but agrees with Mia's suggestion.

They ask Atmey to testify a final time about why he believes that Ron is the murderer, and he goes through much of what we already know and have established. However, there is one thing that he mentions that proves that Atmey had to be in Bullard's office, that he knew that Ron was wearing his Mask*DeMasque costume that night which was only established in court a few hours ago. It finally becomes clear that Atmey was the one that murdered Bullard and, like yesterday, cracks up completely.

Ron is finally declared innocent of murder and due to the Double Jeopardy rule, meaning someone who has been declared innocent cannot be re-tried for the same crime, is therefore innocent of the thefts also. They all head out to the defendants lobby where Mia congratulates Phoenix on his victory. Before leaving she asks him to keep an eye out for Maya as she seems worried about becoming the Master of the Kurain Channelling school, as that would mean also letting go of their mother. Ron is worried however that now everything he had been doing the past year has been exposed, that Desirée won't want to be with him anymore. However, Desirée is actually impressed by Ron's feats, that he declared his crimes before he committed them, calling him chivalrous. She thanks Phoenix for everything he has done for Ron, causing him to blush a little just as Pearl arrives back to congratulate them. As usual, Pearl gets the wrong idea and gives him a slap for "betraying" Maya.

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