The Phantom

The Phantom
VictimsMetis Cykes
Clay Terran
Bobby Fulbright
OccupationInternational Spy

The Phantom is the killer who is exposed in the Turnabout For Tomorrow case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. Throughout the game, he uses the disguise of Bobby Fulbright, who he murdered, to erase any evidence that he killed Metis Cykes and, of course, Fulbright. The Phantom is a master of disguises and so his true identity is not shown.

[edit] Turnabout For Tomorrow

The Phantom is exposed by Phoenix Wright in this case, in the hope Athena Cykes receives the "Not Guilty" verdict for both her mother's and Terran's murder. He shown an emotionless way about him throughout the trial, but this is later exposed when his emotion of Fear is detected by the Mood Matrix. This resulted in him tearing off all of his masks to find out who he really was.

At the end of his breakdown, he his shot by a sniper. His wound was not fatal and therefore, he was arrested; bringing justice to the two cases at hand.

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