The Lost Turnabout

The Lost Turnabout
Start DateSeptember 8th 2017
End DateSeptember 8th 2017
VictimDustin Prince
ProsecutorWinston Payne
Defense AttorneyPhoenix Wright
DefendantMaggey Byrde
GuiltyRichard Wellington

This is the first case of Phoenix Wright: Justice For All.


[edit] Case

The case opens on Phoenix Wright having some kind of nightmare, caused by a mobile phone in his pocket (which isn't his) that soon wakes him up. Moments later, Phoenix is hit over the head by a man with a fire extinguisher, knocking him unconscious.

[edit] Day 1 - Trial

A few minutes after being knocked unconscious, Phoenix wakes up, but there's a problem, he has amnesia! Maggey Byrde comes to greet Phoenix, but gets pretty worried when he wonders why she's there, as it turns out she is his current client and supposed to be defending her. Despite the obvious problem of not really remembering anything, they both head into court. Winston Payne is on the prosecution and gives his opening statement, Maggey is accused of murdering her boyfriend and fellow police officer, Dustin Prince.

[edit] Gumshoe's Testimony

They then call Detective Gumshoe to testify in more detail about the crime. The murder occurred at a park nearby the police headquarters, Exposé Park, Dustin was pushed down from the benches on the upper path and died as a result of breaking his neck in the fall. The victim's watch stopped in the impact, so they had a precise time of death, 6:28pm, also, a pair of broken glasses were found by the victim's body, however Maggey claims they aren't hers. Along with this piece of evidence, is also the fact that the victim wrote "Maggie" in the sand below. Of course, the issue with this is that this is not the correct spelling, as the defendant's name is spelt "Maggey".

To check how well the victim and defendant knew each other, Gumshoe is asked to testify again about their relationship. The couple had been going out for about six months and were even considering getting engaged. Additionally the day of the murder was Dustin's birthday, and Maggey had asked Gumshoe for help to get him a present two months previously, a baseball glove. It's clear from the testimony that the two were involved, but the name on the ground being spelt wrong is puzzling. Whilst the police couldn't confirm the handwriting, it was definitely written with Dustin's right index finger due the sand under the fingernail and scrapes on the skin. However, as shown by the baseball glove, Dustin was obviously left-handed.

In light of this, it's clear the victim couldn't have written the name, and it was spelt wrong. As the Judge is about to hand down his not guilty verdict, Payne interrupts and says he wants to call his witness. They call a recess and Maggey does her best to help Phoenix regain some of his memory, mentioning something about a mobile phone, on the day of Dustin's murder at around 6pm, Maggey and Dustin found a lost mobile phone on the ground that started to ring. The owner of the phone had rung and arranged to meet to pick the phone back up at 6pm, however the owner never showed. The phone was the one that was ringing earlier and woke Phoenix up. Then, Maya shows up with something she has brought for Phoenix, a list of con artists the police are chasing, and all the numbers were also found on the phone Maggey found.

[edit] Wellington's Testimony

Court reconvenes and calls the witness, a drifter who was in the park on the day of the murder; Richard Wellington. He claims that on the day of the murder he was sitting in the park when Dustin fell from the area above right infront of him, and he saw Maggey when he looked up. He also adds that he remembers some bananas falling after Dustin as well, Phoenix wonders if he perhaps means the yellow baseball glove so asks to clarify, and, even now when the baseball glove is presented Wellington thought it was a bunch of bananas. This proves one thing, Wellington has bad eyesight, incidentally he isn't wearing his glasses today despite how bad his eyes are, claiming he lost them.

The Judge asks Wellington to explain what he saw after Dustin was pushed, he claims that Maggey ran away as soon as she had realised what happened and he reported the crime, claiming he called at about 6:45pm, however, Dustin died at 6:28pm, this leaves a considerable time discrepancy. He tried to explain it by the fact that he had to look for a phone box because he had lost his mobile phone, but there was a phone box right by Dustin's body. Phoenix muses that the reason for the time gap is because Wellington lost his glasses and was looking for them, which were found under Dustin later by the police, as such, Phoenix accuses Wellington of the murder.

Payne asks Phoenix to piece all evidence together, if Wellington was the murderer, he would have had to have known Maggey's name already to write it in the sand. Phoenix goes on to explain the incident with the phone on the day of Dustin's murder and says how Maggey told the owner of the phone her name, this would also explain the mistake in the spelling. And the motive? All the numbers stored on the phone were of people from a certain group of con artists, and Wellington must be one of them, thus the phone was a liability to exposing him and all the others. Although Wellington had agreed to pick up the phone from Maggey as agreed, but when he got there he saw Maggey with Dustin, who was still wearing his police uniform. Seeing Maggey with a police officer and his phone, Wellington panicked. Despite all this, there is still no proof of who owns the phone, so, Pheonix asks Maya to call his own mobile phone. The phone rings with Phoenix's distinct ringtone from the phone in Wellington's possession, confirming that Wellington was the one who bashed Phoenix on the head this morning, and when he went to get his phone back, he took the wrong one. After being proven guilty, Wellington collapses and is arrested.

Out in the lobby Maggey thanks Phoenix's for helping her, and swears that despite all her bad luck, she will try and start anew.

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