The First Turnabout

The First Turnabout
Episode artwork
From left: Frank Sahwit, Larry Butz and Cindy Stone
Start DateAugust 3, 2016
End DateAugust 3, 2016
Presiding JudgeJudge
VictimCindy Stone
Cause of DeathLoss of blood due to blunt trauma
Murder WeaponStatue of The Thinker
DefendantLarry Butz
ProsecutorWinston Payne
Defense AttorneyPhoenix Wright
Defense AssistantMia Fey
VerdictNot Guilty

The First Turnabout is, as the name implies, the first episode in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, and also the first case in the entire Ace Attorney series.


[edit] Opening Scene

We see Cindy Stone lying dead on the floor of her apartment, and a man, who we later learn is called Frank Sahwit, standing over her with a statue in his hand. He mutters to himself how he can't go down for this, and remembers seeing someone leave the apartment earlier, thinking he can blame the murder on him. As this is the very first case in the series, the player is shown who the murderer is from the outset, so it's just a case of proving it.

[edit] Day 1 - Trial

The case starts out in the lounge of District Courtroom, it's Wright's very first case so he's obviously nervous about his debut. Mia joins Wright's side to aid him in his very first case in which he will be defending an old school friend of his, Larry Butz, on the charge of murdering his girlfriend. Despite being nervous, Wright is reasonably calm, although the same can't be said for Larry who is much of obviously anxious about the trial, and upset that his girlfriend was killed. Wright reminds himself how long he's known Larry and that he owes him, that's why he took him on as his client, to help him and clear his name. The trial begins, and on the prosecution is Winston Payne, who submits as evidence a statue of The Thinker, which was used as the murder weapon.

[edit] Larry's Testimony

Payne then calls Larry to the stand to give his testimony. From this we learn that by the time of the murder, Cindy had actually dumped Larry and was already seeing other men, having returned from overseas with one of them the day before her murder. During Payne's questioning they establish that Larry did go to Cindy's apartment on the day of the murder, however Larry says she wasn't home. But Payne doesn't believe him and brings in a witness who can prove that he is, Frank Sahwit.

[edit] Sahwit's Testimony

Frank claims on the day of the murder he was selling newspapers in the apartment building and saw Larry quickly leave Cindy's apartment, even leaving the door half open. So Frank went to look and that's when he found Cindy dead, he went to call the police but Cindy's phone, which was located right by the door, wasn't working, so he went to a public phone box nearby in a park. He also adds that he remembers the time, it was 1pm. Payne explains that due to a blackout, Cindy's phone wasn't working.

There's an obvious contradiction in Frank's testimony, he claims he saw all of this at 1pm, however, the autopsy report shows that the time of death was between 4pm-5pm. So, Frank explains the time he heard it from a voice, assuming it was the television in Cindy's apartment and the reason it was 3 hours off? He muses that she was watching a video tape. Although, this isn't possible due to the fact that there was a blackout in the building from noon until 6pm, so the television could not have been on. So Frank corrects his testimony again and says he saw the time on a table clock, the murder weapon used to kill Cindy. The issue this time is that the murder weapon wasn't a clock, it's a statue. Despite Wright pointing this out, Frank still insists it's a clock and Payne confirms this fact too, despite looking like a statue it is also a clock, if you tilt the neck of the statue, it speaks the time. Obviously the problem now is that to hear the time, Frank would have to have held the clock, but he earlier stated he didn't fully enter the apartment. Wright puts all the pieces together and claims that frank must have entered the apartment, and hit Cindy with the statue, causing the voice to trigger.

Frank breaks down, tearing off his wig and throwing it in Wright's face. To further prove his case, Wright sounds the clock and it's still 3 hours slow. However, Frank points out that Wright can't prove that the clock was also 3 hours slow on the day of the murder. Just as Wright is giving up hope in the case, Mia steps in to help him, asking him to think it through, why was the clock 3 hours slow? Then, Wright remembers that Cindy had returned from Paris the day before her murder, the time difference between there and here is 9 hours, so when it's 4pm here, it's 1am there. The clock wasn't 3 hours slow, it was infact 9 hours fast, the clock must have been bought in Paris and Cindy hadn't gotten around to setting the correct time. Frank can't take anymore, collapses and is arrested, Larry is found not guilty.

As it turns out, Frank was a burglar who used the guise of selling newspapers to investigate when people weren't home. On the day of the murder, Frank was burgling Cindy's apartment when she came home, Frank panicked and attacked Cindy with the statue, killing her. After the trial is over, Mia congratulates Wright on his success, but Larry is still upset over Cindy's death. Just as the case is closing, Larry gives Mia the statue as a gift, saying that actually he made it for Cindy, and one for himself too. Mia then goes on to cheer up Larry, telling him that despite how she appeared with her many different men, she must have felt something for Larry as she kept his clock.

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