Steel Samurai

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[edit] Description

Steel Samurai was for a time a very popular children's television show (and even some adults as well). This show starred Will Powers as the Steel Samurai and Jack Hammer as the Steel Samurai's rival, the Evil Magistrate. However, in the episode Turnabout Samurai which involved Will Powers and Jack Hammer, Hammer was murdered and Powers was accused of Hammer's murder. Although, Phoenix proved Will Powers' innocence and proved that the show's producer, Dee Vasquez was are real murderer in this case, the show would be canceled due to this incident (to be replaced by another children's television show Pink Princess envisioned by Sal Manella after hius encounter with Phoenix and Maya Fey). Eventhough, the show would not be on televison anymore, but it's popularity and legacy lived on. The Steel Samurai would be a part of plays (with Larry Butz at one time playing the main role) and would merge with the Pink Princess (with Wendy Oldbag standing in for an actress in one play). In the plays, the Steel Samurai and the Pink Princess marry and even have a baby that would be named "Iron Infant".

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