Japanese nameShiina
Age28 (22 in flashback case)
OccupationInterpol Agent

Shih-na is a character who appears in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. She is an Interpol agent from the Republic of Zheng Fa and works closely alongside Shi-Long Lang as his assistant. She is cool and quiet, only really speaking when she has to.

We find out that her real name is not Shih-na after all, her real name is never revealed. She infact was working for a large scale crime organisation headed by Quercus Alba (who was the ambassador of Allebahst at the time) and was sent by him to pose as a defense attorney named Calisto Yew whose sister had just been murdered.

[edit] Calisto Yew

Using her alias and supposed grief at the death of her "sister", Cece Yew, Calisto was able to get close to Byrne Faraday and Tyrell Badd, forming a 3-person team called the Yatagarasu who researched and investigated corrupt companies and exposing them to the media. Calisto remained loyal to Quercus though, acting as a double agent. Years later Byrne was able to obtain incriminating evidence that lead back to Quercus which he intended to use along with testimony from Deid Mann who had worked at the embassy and witnessed the corrupt dealings. To prevent her boss from being exposed she hired Mack Rell to kill Deid, which he did but he was caught on camera and arrested. Using her position as a defense attorney, Calisto defended Mack and had him accuse Byrne of being the Yatagarasu. But when it seemed like Mack might reveal the truth to Byrne during the court recess she killed both Mack and Byrne, and made it look like they killed each other before fleeing the scene.

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