Series Timeline

The timeline of events thus far. (A WIP)


[edit] 1951

Manfred von Karma is are born.

[edit] 1952

Marvin Grossberg, Damon Gant and Magnifi Gramarye are born.

[edit] 1957

Zinc Lablanc II is born.

[edit] 1964

Winston Payne and Yanni Yogi are born.

[edit] 1966

Gregory Edgeworth is born.

[edit] 1968

Robert Hammond is born.

[edit] 1970

Kane Bullard, Winfred Kitaki and Drew Misham are born.

[edit] 1973

Joe Darke is born.

[edit] 1977

Redd White is born.

[edit] 1980

Frank Sahwit, Bruce Goodman, Zak Gramarye, Guy Eldoon and Pal Meraktis are born.

[edit] 1982

Turner Grey is born.

[edit] 1983

Jake Marshall is born.

[edit] 1984

Luke Atmey and Plum Kitaki are born.

[edit] 1985

Angel Starr and Diego Armando are born.

[edit] 1986

Dick Gumshoe and Thalassa Gramarye are born.

[edit] 1987

Terry Fawles, Lana Skye and Neil Marshall are born.

[edit] September 6th

Dustin Prince is born.

[edit] 1989

Mia Fey and Valerie Hawthorne are born.

[edit] 1990

The Bellboy of the Watergate Hotel, Buddy Faith and Jacques Portsman are born.

[edit] 1991

Doug Swallow and Akbey Hicks are born.

[edit] 1992

Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright are born.

[edit] 1993

Larry Butz, April May, Dahlia Hawthorne and Iris are born.

[edit] 1994

Cindy Stone, Lotta Hart, Mike Meekins, Adrian Andrews and Kristoph Gavin are born.

[edit] 1995

Richard Wellington, Maggey Byrde, Ron DeLite, Desirée DeLite Rhoda Teneiro and Cammy Meele are born.

[edit] 1997

Juan Corrida and Matt Engarde are born.

[edit] 1999

Maya Fey and Franziska von Karma are born.

[edit] 2000

Ema Skye is born.

[edit] 2001

Earlier in the year, Phoenix is accused of stealing Edgeworth's lunch money in a classroom trial. The two of them and Larry become good friends.

[edit] December 28th

DL-6 Incident - An earthquake hits the courthouse and Gregory Edgeworth, Miles Edgeworth and Yanni Yogi are trapped in an elevator. Manfred von Karma shoots Gregory in the heart and vanishes for 6 months on vacation.

[edit] 2002

Klavier Gavin is born.

[edit] 2004

Apollo Justice and Wesley Stickler are born.

[edit] 2005

Olga Orly and Alita Tiala are born.

[edit] 2007

Dahlia Hawthorne, Valerie Hawthorne and Terry Fawles stage Dahlia's kidnapping to extort a diamond belonging to the sisters' father. Dahlia escapes with the diamond and fakes her own death. Terry is arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder and put on death row.

Wocky Kitaki and Vera Misham are born.

[edit] 2009

Cody Hackins and Pearl Fey are born.

[edit] 2011

Trucy is born.

[edit] 2012

Franziska von Karma prosecutes her first case in Germany.

[edit] February 14th

Terry Fawles escapes from prison and agrees to meet Valerie Hawthorne. Dahlia Hawthorne kills Valerie and escapes, Terry is arrested for her murder.

[edit] February 16th

Turnabout Beginnings - Mia Fey's first case as an attorney and Miles Edgeworth's first as a prosecutor. Terry Fawles commits suicide in the courtroom.

[edit] August 27th

Diego Armando is poisoned by Dahlia Hawthorne and falls into a coma. Phoenix Wright meets Dahlia in the courthouse library.

[edit] 2013

[edit] April 9th

Doug Swallow is murdered by Dahlia Hawthorne.

[edit] April 11th

Turnabout Memories and the start of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. Mia Fey takes on her second case and meets Phoenix Wright for the first time defending him in court. The same day, Mia proves that Dahlia Hawthorne murdered Doug Swallow.

[edit] 2015

[edit] February 19th

The SL-9 incident is brought to a close. Jose Darke murders 5 people before finally being arrested. He escapes questioning and Damon Gant murders Neil Marshall, manipulating the scene to make it seem like Ema Skye was the murderer. Gant blackmails Lana Skye in return for his silence over Ema's "involvement" in the murder and further manipulates the scene to make it seem like Darke had murdered Neil. Joe Darke is later convicted and executed.

[edit] 2016

Sometime in this year, Juan Corrida and Celeste Inpax were engaged. Shortly after, Juan calls off the engagement and Celeste commits suicide. Adrian Andrews attempts suicide but survives.

[edit] May 2nd

14 patients die at the Turner Surgical Clinic as a result of malpractice by nurse Mimi Miney. Ini dies in the crash and Mimi is badly injured, after the accident, as her face has to be reconstructed, she pretends to be Ini and assumes her identity.

[edit] May 14th

Mimi Miney crashes her car whilst driving herself and her sister, Ini Miney, home.

[edit] July 31st

Cindy Stone is murdered by Frank Sahwit.

[edit] August 3rd

The First Turnabout - Phoenix Wright's first case as an attorney and the start of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Larry Butz is accused of murdering Cindy Stone, his girlfriend. The same day Phoenix proves that Frank Sahwit murdered Cindy.

[edit] September 5th

Turnabout Sisters - Mia Fey is murdered by Redd White. Maya Fey is arrested for her murder.

[edit] September 9th

Phoenix Wright proves that Redd White murdered Mia Fey. After the trial, Phoenix takes over Mia's office and forms Wright & Co. Law Offices.

[edit] December 24th

Turnabout Goodbyes - Yanni Yogi shoots Robert Hammond.

[edit] December 25th

Just after midnight, Yanni Yogi tricks Miles Edgeworth and frames him for murder, Edgeworth is arrested.

[edit] December 28th

After 4 days of court, Phoenix Wright proves Miles Edgeworth innocent of the murder of Robert Hammond and Yanni Yogi confesses to murder. Also, Phoenix proves that von Karma was the murderer in the DL-6 incident.

[edit] December 29th

Maya Fey returns home to the Kurain Village to continue training.

[edit] 2017

[edit] February 21st

Damon Gant murders Bruce Goodman. He orders Lana Skye to aid in the disposal of the body and sets her up to take the fall for the murder.

[edit] February 22nd

Rise from the Ashes. Phoenix takes on Ema Skye's request to defend Lana Skye who has admitted to the murder of Bruce Goodman.

[edit] February 25th

Phoenix and Edgeworth prove that Gant murdered both Bruce Goodman and Neil Marshall. Ema leaves to study abroad in Europe and Edgeworth leaves the Prosecution Office.

[edit] June 16th

Reunion, and Turnabout, Turner Grey meets with Phoenix to arrange a channelling at the Kurain Village.

[edit] June 19th

Phoenix and Turner arrive at the Kurain Village and Turner is murdered by Mimi during the summoning. Morgan Fey and Mimi arrange the scene to frame Maya. Maya is subsequently arrested.

[edit] June 22nd

Phoenix proves that Mimi, with the help of Morgan, murdered Turner.

[edit] September 6th

Dustin Prince is murdered by Richard Wellington who flees the scene. Maggey Byrde is arrested.

[edit] September 8th

The Lost Turnabout and the start of Phoenix Wright: Justice For All. Phoenix Wright defends Maggey Byrde and proves the same day that it was Richard Wellington who murdered Dustin.

[edit] 2018

[edit] March 20th

Farewell, My Turnabout - Juan Corrida is murdered by Shelley De Killer after being paid to do so by Matt Engarde, Matt is arrested the same night. Shortly after, Shelley De Killer kidnaps Maya Fey.

[edit] March 22nd

Franziska von Karma is shot by Shelley De Killer, causing Miles Edgeworth to take over as prosecutor on the case.

[edit] March 23rd

Phoenix Wright and Edgeworth prove that Matt Engarde was responsible for Juan Corrida's murder. Maya is finally released.

[edit] October 11th

The Stolen Turnabout - Maya and Pearl go with Phoenix to visit the Fey Treasures exhibit being set up by Adrian Andrews' company.

[edit] October 12th

Luke Atmey, disguised as Mask*DeMasque, steals the sacred urn from the Fey exhibit, the same night he also murders Kane Bullard. Ron DeLite confesses to the police that he is Mask*DeMasque.

[edit] October 13th

Phoenix Wright proves that it was Luke Atmey that stole the urn. Kane Bullard's body is discovered and Ron DeLite is arrested on suspicion of his murder.

[edit] October 14th

Phoenix Wright proves that Luke Atmey murdered Kane Bullard.

[edit] 2019

[edit] March 12th

Turnabout Airlines starts with Akbey Hicks, an Interpol Agent, investigating on board an iFly Airlines flight for any signs of smuggling. Whilst he is investigating, he is pushed to his death by Cammy Meele, an air hostess and also member of the very smuggling ring that Akbey was investigating. Despite her efforts to frame both Edgeworth and Rhoda Teneiro, Cammy is discovered to have been the true murderer.

[edit] March 14th

Turnabout Visitor and the start of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. In the small hours of the morning Jacques Portsman breaks into Edgeworth's office and attempts to steal some files. After being discovered by Buddy Faith, he shoots and kills Buddy. Hours later Edgeworth and Gumshoe prove that Portsman was responsible for the murder.

[edit] 2026

[edit] April 17th

In the small hours of the morning, Zak Gramarye, under the alias of Shadi Smith, is murdered by Kristoph Gavin. Phoenix Wright is arrested for the murder.

[edit] April 20th

Turnabout Trump and the start of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Apollo Justice's first trial, Kristoph Gavin is proved to have been the murderer of Shadi Smith.

[edit] June 14th

That night, Alita Tiala shoots Pal Meraktis and Phoenix Wright is involved in a hit and run and hospitalised. The same night Guy Eldoon's noodle stand is stolen and also Trucy Wright and Plum Kitaki's panties are stolen.

[edit] June 15th

Turnabout Corner - Apollo Justice agrees to take on all the incidents that occurred the previous night as cases. As Apollo joins Phoenix's office, Trucy renames the Wright Talent Agency to the Wright Anything Agency. Wocky Kitaki is arrested for Pal Meraktis' murder.

[edit] June 17th

Alita Tiala is proven to be Pal Meraktis' murderer.

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