SL-9 Incident Files

SL-9 Incident Files
Received fromLana Skye
CaseRise from the Ashes

These are all the files related to the SL-9 incident that Lana Skye requested for Phoenix to go through, thinking it would help him with the case. It reads:

Incident No. SL-9
Criminal: Joe Darke
Crime: Serial murder
Sentance: Death
Edward Jones
Jason Knight
Edith Kirby
Rachael Moss
Jeb Bates
Neil Marshall
Trial Data
Head Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth
Witnesses: Lana Skye, Ema Skye
Investigation Task Force
Executive Investigators: Damon Gant, Lana Skye
Head Investigator: Bruce Goodman
Investigators: Jake Marshall, Angel Starr
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