End DateFebruary 19th 2015
VictimsEdward Jones
Jason Knight
Edith Kirby
Rachael Moss
Jeb Bates
Neil Marshall
ProsecutorNeil Marshall
Miles Edgeworth
DefendantJoe Darke
GuiltyJoe Darke

SL-9 is a case heavily referenced and tied to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Rise from the Ashes. The case was more commonly know as the "Joe Darke Killings".

The case occurred 2 years prior to Rise from the Ashes and started when Joe Darke, an ordinary businessman, accidentally hit and killed someone with his car. In a panic, he killed a witness who happened to see the accident and a further 3 more witnesses who saw those murders. He was on the run for 6 months before finally being brought in for questioning, having evaded it until then due to lack of evidence. Assigned to the case were detectives Damon Gant, Lana Skye, Bruce Goodman, Jake Marshall, Angel Starr and prosecutor Neil Marshall.

Whilst being questioned by Neil and Gant, Darke was able to escape and fled into Gant and Lana's office where Lana's younger sister, Ema Skye, was waiting at the time. Darke took Ema hostage and was challenged by Neil who had chased after him when he escaped. The two men fought and Neil was stabbed and killed by Darke, this was the first time that Darke had left any evidence and as a result was convicted and executed.

Some time after the case was closed there were allegations that falsified evidence had been used during the trial, as a result Angel was fired, Jake demoted to patrolman and Edgeworth, who had taken over as prosecutor on the case after Neil's death, had his reputation damaged. It wouldn't be until 2 years later when Goodman was murdered that the truth over the Neil's murder would come to light. Darke had not actually murdered Neil, it was Gant who murdered him and manipulated the crime scene to implicate Ema. In doing so he could further manipulate Lana to re-arrange the crimescene and forge evidence a further second time to implicate Darke and continue to blackmail her for his silence.

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