Romein LeTouse

Romein LeTouse
Japanese nameRomaine Lettuce
AgeAJ: AA: 35 (deceased)
OccupationInterpol Agent
FamilyNone known
First AppearanceTurnabout Serenade

Romein LeTouse was a Borginian interpol agent, who posed as Lamiroir's manager, bodyguard and interpreter. He was investigating the smuggling of Borginian cocoons right up until his death.

LeTouse became Lamiroir's manager because he thought it was her or her pianist Machi Tobaye who was smuggling cocoon's into the country. It was however infact The Gavinners guitarist Daryan Crescend who was the smuggler. Letouse confonted him, but he was shot by Crescend with his own 45. caliber revolver.

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