Robert Hammond

Robert Hammond
Profile (Robert Hammond).png
Japanese nameNamakura Yukio
AgePW:AA: 48 (deceased)
OccupationDefense Attorney

Robert Hammond is a defense attorney, and the victim of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Goodbyes. He worked as a part of Grossberg's office.

To understand the circumstances of Hammond's death you have to look at DL-6, a case that took place 15 years before his death. The case involved the murder of Gregory Edgeworth, another defense attorney, who was shot whilst trapped in an elevator with his young son and a court baliff, Yanni Yogi. He later took on Yogi's case when he was arrested on suspicion of Gregory's murder after a spirit medium summoned Gregory's spirit and named him as his murderer. Hammond didn't believe Yogi's innocence, but managed to get him a not guilty verdict by claiming that Yogi had been brain damaged due to the oxygen deprivation whilst trapped and so couldn't be held accountable for his actions. In truth, Yogi was innocent of the murder.

Almost 15 years passed, and just before the statute of limitations was going to run out on the case, Hammond received a letter asking him to come to Gourd Lake very late on Christmas Eve. He went and was shot by Yogi out of revenge for how his life fell apart after the DL-6 trial.

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