Rise from the Ashes

Rise from the Ashes
Start DateFebruary 22nd 2017
End DateFebruary 25th 2017
VictimBruce Goodman
ProsecutorMiles Edgeworth
Defense AttorneyPhoenix Wright
Defense AssistantEma Skye
DefendantLana Skye
GuiltyDamon Gant

This is the fifth case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Unlike the other four cases, no episode picture is unlocked from beating Rise from the Ashes. The case was created exclusively for the DS version of the game, therefore not being in the GBA version.


[edit] Case

The case opens on a rainy night, showing a silhouette of a young women stabbing someone who cannot be seen.

It's been two months since Maya left the office to continue her training at the Kurain Village, and since then Phoenix hasn't taken on any new cases despite having plenty of offers. That is until today when a young girl shows up at the office, telling him that her sister's trial is tomorrow, having mistaken Phoenix for Mia. The girl soon realises her mistake but is excited to hear she is talking to the same Phoenix Wright from the recent Edgeworth murder case. As Phoenix is reminded of when Maya came to him for help with regards to her older sister, he decides to hear the girl out who introduces herself as Ema Skye, a "scientific investigator" although in reality she is just a student.

She explains that her older sister has been arrested for murder and that there was even a witness, although Ema says she has to be innocent. Apparently her sister knew Mia and was a few years above her in school, so requested her assistance specifically, seemingly unaware that Mia died the previous year. Ema also mentions that her sister is her only family she has left as her parents died in a car accident when she was little which is why she is even more anxious to have her sister acquitted.

The pair head down to the Detention Centre to see Ema's sister who is seems annoyed to have visitors, saying that she doesn't really want to see anyone right now. She also acts coldly towards her sister, but recognises Phoenix as apparently Mia had mentioned him to her before. She introduces herself as Lana Skye, and the Chief Prosecutor for this district, adding too that she has confessed to the murder. Lana explains thoroughly the details of the case, saying the murder occurred yesterday evening in the underground parking lot at the Prosecutor's Office and the body was found in the boot of one of her subordinates cars. The victim was a detective with the local precinct and died as a result of a stab wound to the stomach, Lana also adds that she cut her hand whilst she stabbed the victim which is now bandaged up.

Lana reminds Phoenix that she admits her guilt, but in a roundabout way also requesting him as her attorney, he accepts, thinking that beyond this case there is something else going on.

[edit] Day 1 - Investigation

Phoenix and Ema go back to the offices briefly where Ema apologises for her sister coming off as so cold, saying that she isn't always like that, although Phoenix finds it hard to believe. They then go down to investigate the parking lot at the prosecutors office where the body was found. There they run into a detective dressed like a cowboy who's investigating the scene already and tells the two of them to move along. But as the two persist in looking around, particularly at the car, he tells them to go to room 1202 of the Prosecutor's Office, there they will find the prosecutor who owns the car. Just as they look around before leaving, they run into a young woman selling lunches, Angel Starr, who tells them they shouldn't be here, but also that she is the witness to the murder. They decide to question here as she's willing to talk, and she tells how yesterday there was some kind of award given for the "King of Prosecutors", although she gives the impression that who won the award was undeserving of it, and that also he is the one who owns the car the body was found in.

They decide to go down to the Prosecutor's office and run into Edgeworth as they're taking a look around his office, it turns out that it was his car in the parking lot downstairs that the body was found in. He also tells them that he'll be prosecuting on the case tomorrow, despite that some people think that he could be guilty. Edgeworth also tells how he and Lana first worked together 2 years ago on a big case, and since then he had always felt like Lana was looking out for him, although isn't so sure about that now given that Lana hid a body in his car and stabbed the victim with his knife. They decide to ask Edgeworth more about the day of the murder and he explains how it was the annual cleaning day at the prosecutor's office where they sort and file all evidence from solved cases, and that also yesterday there were several awards given out for outstanding work where Edgeworth received the King of Prosecutors Trophy.

As they're talking, a police officer, Mike Meekins, barges in with some documents for Edgeworth, although they aren't related to the current case. This irritates Edgeworth but he tells Phoenix he should head down to the police department and they can talk more later. They take his suggestion and run into Gumshoe at the entrance of the police department, as the murderer in this case is the Chief Prosecutor they've sent everyone but the highest ranking members of criminal affairs out of the department for now, including him. He can tell them a little about the victim in the case though whom he used to work with, on the day of the murder the victim was supposed to aid in the evidence clean-up at the Prosecutor's Office to move some evidence for a case he worked on two years ago, when Lana supposedly called him out to the parking lot.

Gumshoe goes on to say how this case has put Edgeworth in a difficult spot again, what with all the rumours in the past with witness tampering, forged evidence and, of course, the recent murder accusation, even though he was proven innocent. It's now going around the offices that Edgeworth only took on this particular case because he wants Lana out of the way so he can claim the chief prosecutor position.

Lastly, Gumshoe tells them he's not officially on this case and that it's been assigned to Jake Marshall, the "cowboy" that Phoenix and Ema ran into earlier, even though Jake isn't really a detective. He helps them out by giving Phoenix a letter of introduction that should help them examine the parking lot without being told to leave.

Armed with the letter they both go back to try their luck at the parking lot again, finding that Jake is still there. Upon seeing the letter Jake becomes alot more co-operative and gives them a copy of the autopsy report and answers a few questions. Firstly he tells them that both Lana and Goodman, besides working on a case a few years ago together, had essentially no connection at all. Phoenix has another thing on his mind though and wants to know why Jake, who is just a patrolman, has been assigned to the case. The truth of the matter is that Jake actually used to be a detective until 2 years ago and, because they are short on hands right now, he was assigned to the case. Phoenix brings up that Gumshoe is currently free so that reasoning doesn't make sense, but Jake muses that Gumshoe was passed over on this case due to his closer connections with Edgeworth.

Now that they have permission to do so, Phoenix and Ema take a look around the scene and find a mobile phone dropped on the ground. After looking it over they discover that it's still set to redial the last number called on it, they test the number and it dials Ema's number. Jake comes over to see what they are up to and tells them that the phone belongs to Lana and that she dropped it when she was taken into custody. They also find a note in the boot of Edgeworth's car written by Goodman, but it's just some numbers so, for now, it doesn't really give anymore clues.

Phoenix decides to ask a little more about the atmosphere brewing at the prosecution office right now, and Jake mentions that the rumours about Edgeworth's forged evidence and the like all started about 2 years ago, but all the rumours eventually lead back to one person; Lana. It seems like they have all the evidence they'll be gathering today, so Phoenix asks Ema about the phonecall she must have received just after the murder from Lana, but all Ema can tell him is that she hung up straight away.

[edit] Day 2 - Trial

The next morning Phoenix and Ema meet up with Lana at the courthouse and Lana is remaining adamant of her guilt as they head inside for the trial where Edgeworth wastes no time in calling in Angel as the first witness.

[edit] Starr's Testimony

Angel introduces herself to the court, and Edgeworth also fills in that up until 2 years ago she was working with for the police as an investigator and homicide detective. With that revelation the Judge finally realises why she seems so familiar and remembers her as the "Cough-up Queen", so called as she always got criminals to confess. She also seems to hold some sort of grudge against Lana.

With the formalities out of the way, Angel explains about the incident, starting with the parking lot. The lot is divided into two blocks, A block for prosecutors and B block for visitors and clients with a chain divider separating the two sections. The murder took place by a car in the A block, after stabbing the victim, the murderer attempted to move the body into the car but was seen by a Angel and arrested immediately. She says she witnessed the moment of the murder as she was on her way to deliver and lunchbox to her boyfriend. To be more specific, Angel notes that she saw them through the wire fence and that Lana was carrying the knife in her right hand as she stabbed the victim in the chest. She even took a photograph as evidence, using a camera hidden inside one of her lunchboxes. However, the photograph, whilst it does show Lana at the crime scene, it does not capture the actual moment of the crime, as Angel claims to have seen. Lana's coat is stained with what appears to be blood, showing that infact Angel would have seen several moments after the actual crime took place.

Despite the oversight, Angel stands by her testimony and further adds that the murder must have been premeditated as Lana is wearing gloves in order to not leave prints on the murder weapon. But Phoenix doesn't think this can be possible, given that the murder weapon was Edgeworth's knife that was inside the boot of his car, there's no way for Lana to have known the knife was there, if it was premeditated then Lana would have brought her own weapon.

Regardless of this however, Edgeworth points out that whether it was premeditated or not is really not the issue, all they need to know about is whether Lana killed Goodman or not, so he asks Angel to just tell the court what she saw. She revises her testimony and this time claims to have seen Lana stab Goodman multiple times, this however conflicts with the autopsy report which notes only one stab wound to the victim. Realising her mistake, Angel changes her testimony again to say that she saw red and assumed it was blood, when in actual fact it was Lana's red muffler, but this again cannot be possible because, as shown in the crime photo from the scene, Lana was not even wearing the muffler in question.

Despite the further error in the testimony, it doesn't really change the fact that Angel claims to have seen Lana stab the victim so she is allowed to continue. Angel explains that after the murder, Lana tried to run, but Angel chased and caught her, arresting her on the spot, supposedly mentioning the muffler at this point also which is why Angel was sure she had seen it. Phoenix questions her further on the muffler as Angel is so intent on mentioning it and she clarifies that she only heard her mention the word, Lana was actually speaking on her phone at the time. Apparently, Lana had first tried to use the landline phone on the wall, but when she couldn't due to it being out of order she used her mobile phone. Phoenix doesn't see how this is possible though, given that the phone on the wall is behind a partition and from where Angel claims to have witnessed the crime, she could not have possibly seen Lana at all at the phone, leaving Phoenix to conclude that Angel is lieing about her location in the parking lot. Remembering earlier that Angel had stated that she was visiting the security guard room to deliver lunch there, Phoenix believes that this was where Angel really was during the time of the crime.

Angel admits that this is the truth, she was waiting for her boyfriend in the security hut when she saw the crime and then rushed downstairs to go to the door that lead to A block of the parking lot. But when she got there the door was locked, meaning that she had to run all the way around to B block, taking at least 5 minutes to reach the scene of the crime. Given that Lana stayed at the crime scene, and for such a long time, they don't believe that Angel can be telling the truth as she holds a grudge against Lana.

Just as the Judge wants to adjourn, Angel interrupts to say that she has decisive evidence, she has Goodman's shoe from the scene of the crime and it just so happens to be stained with the blood of both Lana and Goodman. One thing Phoenix notes though is that on the bottom of the shoe is also stained with blood, which is strange given that no bloody footprints were seen at the scene of the crime. Edgeworth however remembers that much earlier in Angels' testimony that she mentioned struggling with Lana when she tried to arrest her, even knocking over an oil drum filled with water, this would explain how the bloody footprints were not found at the scene; they were simply washed away intentionally.

The Judge wants to wrap up the trial but, spurred on by a comment from Ema that Angel is on the side of the prosecution so could have lied about the water, she produces another crime scene photo. This time, the photo shows the body of Goodman in the boot of Edgeworth's car, and also that the floor of the parking lot is wet. Phoenix isn't sure what else he can do at this point and is close to giving up, when he hears some encouraging words from Mia, and decides to take a closer look at the new photo. One thing of note is that there is something like cloth sticking out of the car muffler, which reminds Phoenix of earlier when Angel mentioned that Lana had spoken of a muffler on her phone, but Angel had assumed she meant the scarf, not a car muffler.

The Judge is curious about this cloth, so adjourns court for a 30 minute recess whilst they have it investigated (and also to eat lunch). Phoenix and Ema sit out the recess in the defendant lobby where they run into Jake who came along to see how the trial is going and mentions as they talk briefly that he was sure he'd seen Lana's scarf that day at the awards ceremony.

The 30 minutes is soon over, and they all return to the courtroom, where Edgeworth is ranting about something, but before they can establish what that is, someone new that Phoenix doesn't recognise has taken the stand. It turns out that it's Damon Gant, the Chief of Police, who according to the Judge hasn't been in the courtroom for over two years now. Gant has brought the piece of the evidence they have been waiting for, Lana's red scarf that was stuffed in the exhaust pipe of Edgeworth's car. Additionally, wrapped up inside the scarf was a broken, bloodstained switchblade knife.

[edit] Gant's Testimony

They decide to have Gant testify about the knife and the case on the whole. He reveals to Edgeworth that it was his fault they missed the two valuable pieces of items. He asks for a written apology and Edgeworth looks humiliated. But, Gant doesn't really see the point in discussing the new knife too closely, as he can't see how it is connected to the current case. But, on investigating the knife closer, it has a tag with "SL-9 2" written on it, which Phoenix connects to a note found on Goodman. Previously Phoenix believed the note to read as "6-7S 12/2", but, after turning it upside down, he realised it read "2/21 SL-9". Gant doesn't seem at all phased by the revelation, seemingly he'd already realised this, so tells the truth; the knife was evidence in a case and was stolen from the police departments evidence room on the day of the murder.

Gant also happens to mention that at the same time as Goodman was murdered, another detective was killed at the very same time in the police department, but they are trying to deal with that incident quietly. Infact, they have already arrested a suspect. The victim was stabbed in the police departments evidence room at 5:15pm, the exact time that Goodman was also stabbed to death in the prosecutors car park. Despite everything though, Gant is insistent the cases aren't linked, but both Phoenix and Edgeworth point out that they are most definitely linked; the knife was stolen from one crime scene and ended up at the other, and Goodman even had the case name written down on a note. Gant finally relents and says he can pass along a little information on the murder at the police department, although he cannot reveal the name of the victim, so Phoenix asks for the victims police ID number. Even though it was a gamble asking, Phoenix recognises the ID number, it's the same ID number that Goodman has, suggesting that the victim of the murder in the evidence room was also Bruce Goodman.

Obviously this can't be possible, so Edgeworth accuses the police department of making some kind of error, but Gant insists that the error is Edgeworth's as he sent a police officer, Mike Meekins, to deliver a report on the incident to Edgeworth. But, as Meekins had said the report had nothing to do with Lana Skye's case, Edgeworth hadn't accepted it, which Gant continues to berate Edgeworth over despite being deliberately misleading. Edgeworth apologises for his oversight and requests one more day so that everything can be fully investigated, which the Judge grants.

[edit] Day 2 - Investigation

With court adjourned for the day, Phoenix and Ema go back to the office to decide their next move, soon opting to go back to the Prosecutor's Office parking lot. Ema seems to have an idea she wants to try out and shows Phoenix a bottle of Luminol spray; a spray that can reveal traces of blood even after they have been washed away. They try out the spray and find a little blood by the back of Edgeworth's car where Lana and Goodman supposedly fought. But the odd thing is that there is very little blood present, when you consider the large blood stain on the bottom of Goodman's shoe.

Whilst they are investigating, Angel arrives and apologises for what happened in court, saying that she only worded her story differently as she didn't think it sounded convincing to say she witnessed the murder from the security office. Ema happens to also ask about how Angel was a detective in the past, a very capable one from the way Angel has spoken before, and Angel mentions that it was two years ago that she was "let go", all because of the SL-9 incident. As she mentioned it, Phoenix decides to ask a little about the SL-9 case so Angel reveals that Goodman was actually the head detective assigned to that case and the switchblade was due to be transferred into storage the day that he was murdered. She explains that, whilst SL-9 is officially closed and the criminal was convicted and executed, there was never ever decisive evidence found. The accused was convicted using fabricated evidence and, after it was revealed a few months after the case, every detective involved on the case was fired or demoted. She herself was fired, and Jake, one of the other detectives involved on the case, was demoted to patrolman, and the two of them are investigating the other side to the case even now. Infact, Angel reveals the only reason she delivers lunches to the prosecution office is so that she can talk to old boyfriends for information. As Angel sees that Phoenix is serious about getting to the bottom of the case, she gives him a special boxed lunch and says Jake will help them if they give it to him.

On their way to go and find Jake, they bump into Gumshoe who tells them that the suspect in the murder in the evidence room is in custody and they should be able to find him at the detention centre. So the two decide to make a detour and visit there first, finding that the suspect is Mike Meekins, the police officer they met briefly yesterday at Edgeworth's office. He explains that he was on his way to the evidence room when he reached the security room, which was empty at the time, and spotted a suspicious person on the surveillance monitors that record activity in the evidence room. But he doesn't remember anything else as he blacked out moments later and didn't wake up again until he was brought to the detention centre. Also, just like Lana, Mike has a bandaged hand, but all he remembers of what happened as that Goodman pointed the knife at him then he blacked out, waking up in the evidence room. Once he was awake he realised he was alone and that his hand was bleeding, he of course denies doing anything and that he is a victim, he didn't even know who Goodman was.

Phoenix happens to show Mike the ID card they found which jogs Mike's memory, when he saw Goodman in the evidence room, thinking he was doing something suspicious, he asked to see his ID card. That was when Goodman pulled the knife on Mike who, in a panic, leapt at Goodman but found himself somehow knocked unconscious. He also mentions something about a security video tape from the surveillance systems, so Phoenix and Ema go to see what they can find at the crime scene.

On their way to the evidence room whilst passing through the criminal affairs department they spot Gant who is discussing the investigation with the head detective. Once he spots Phoenix though he comes over, saying that an inquiry is being done into Edgeworth right now due to the problems they have had with him lately. He doesn't say alot else though regarding the murder case as it is still being investigated and mostly is all secret right now. Phoenix and Ema try their luck with the head detective that Gant was talking to and discover that everything belonging to Goodman has been taken away as possible evidence; the only exception being a half filled in lost item report dated on the date of his death. They decide to ask Gant if they can investigate the evidence room and, to their surprise, he accepts with no trouble at all, even giving them a guest ID card so that they can go in.

They reach the security guard office which leads on to the evidence room, running into Jake who is working there right now. They hand Jake the lunch that Angel gave them earlier and, as she said he would be, Jake is much more willing to talk to them and admits that he wasn't in the security office at the time of the murder like he should have been. After being demoted he says he lost his passion for the job and, at the time, was skipping work. He says it's alright anyway as the security system pretty much looks after itself and, if there is no activity in the room then the tapes erase themselves. Plus, the evidence room is set up so that no one can enter without using an ID card so the place is pretty secure.

He doesn't really want to talk about the SL-9 case though, saying that it's officially closed and dead anyway as of 2 days ago when the evidence transferrals took place. He explains that after 2 years of a case being solved the evidence is locked away in a huge vault underneath the police station. Jake does agree to give them a record of all the ID cards used the day of the murder to enter the evidence room, seeing that Goodman's ID is the 4th on the list of 5.

Finally they are able to go and investigate the Evidence Room and are surprised to find Gumshoe is already in there as he has been put in charge of the investigation for today, so he says. He explains that each locker in the evidence room is fixed with a fingerprint reader so that only one detective can open it, so each detective has their own locker.

Gumshoe does know a little about the SL-9 case though, explaining that this was Edgeworth's first big case as a prosecutor and made his name and reputation alot more well known, but he thinks that perhaps the case isn't really over yet, given that it keeps cropping up lately. The SL-9 case involved a serial killer and the start of all the rumours about Edgeworth's use of forged evidence. It was also the last case that Goodman lead. Phoenix has Gumshoe take a look at the ID card record and he instantly recognises that the 2nd number on the list belongs to Edgeworth.

They have a look around and find that one of the evidence lockers was opened and pieces of a broken jar are scattered on the floor. They assemble the pieces back into the jar it was supposed to be, but find that some pieces are still missing. The jar is also an old piece of evidence relating to the SL-9 case. They also spot a bloody handprint on one of the lockers, which turns out to be Gumshoe's locker, so decide to spray the luminol for any other traces of blood. Besides the print on the locker and another on a different locker they also find a large stain of blood right infront of the open locker.

After they finish investigating, Gumshoe mentions that Edgeworth would be finished with his inquiry hearing by now, so they go over to his office to see how he got on. Edgeworth says that he got off with a warning and that they were treating it as a communications error, not a deliberate concealment of evidence. He'll still be prosecuting on the case, but now the investigation has been officially handed over to Gant. Phoenix decides to ask Edgeworth about his going into the evidence room on the day of murder, and Edgeworth confirms he did at Gant's request as he wanted a piece of evidence from a case that closed about half a year ago to be brought out of the locker and stored in Edgeworth's office.

Phoenix asks about the SL-9 incident and, thinking he would eventually have to tell him anyway, explains about the SL-9 case. Gant was deputy chief at the time and was also on the case and this was also Edgeworth's first time working with him. The case was closed and the serial killer was executed, he also makes it clear that he did not forge any evidence. Also, as Edgeworth can't do any more investigation as that part is in Gant's hands, he gives Phoenix and Ema a fingerprinting kit and file containing all the prints of everyone involved in the case.

Armed with the fingerprinting kit, Phoenix and Ema go back to the evidence room to check the bloody handprint they found earlier on Gumshoe's locker. But after dusting the prints, they discover there is no fingerprint at all, meaning whoever left the bloodstain was wearing gloves. Whilst Phoenix is sulking, Ema notices some other prints just below and these do leave a print which, after comparing to the prints in the file Edgeworth gave them, belong to Gumshoe. This isn't exactly surprising as it's Gumshoe's locker after all. Lastly, they try the handprint they found on a locker nearer the entrance that had been wiped and find that the print actually belongs to Jake.

[edit] Day 3 - Trial

The next morning Phoenix and Ema head to court, meeting Lana there who has heard about the recent events surrounding Goodman's "other" murder and how Mike has also been arrested. The police and prosecution are just as confused as the defense is, so Lana explains that she struck a plea bargain with the police, saying that if she told them the truth about the simultaneous murder then she would be spared execution. Phoenix in turn explains his plan for court today, in that he will accuse Jake, given that his fingerprints were found at the scene. Court begins and Edgeworth decides to deal with the murder that occurred in the evidence room, calling Mike to the stand.

[edit] Meekins' Testimony

Mike explains that on the day, despite it not being his usual role, he was assigned to guard the evidence room when he spotted a suspicious man on the security monitors. He went inside the evidence room where he was attacked and then passed out. He also confirms his ID number on the list that Phoenix has, showing that his ID card was used twice, before and after Goodman entered the room, but it's nothing serious, the first time Mike went was to put the Blue Badger away, and the second is when he had his altercation with Goodman. That day Mike had been asked to move the Blue Badger into the evidence room, that was the first time he went in, the second being, obviously, when he met Goodman.

The Judge asks for him to clarify whether it was definitely Goodman that Mike met in the evidence room, and he states that Gant actually sent him over a video of the security footage from that day, despite Edgeworth requesting the same thing and being told it had been erased. They view the tape, but, due to the blue badger obstructing alot of the view, the identity of the man Mike encountered in the evidence room is still not clear. However, Mike is certain that it must be Goodman due to the fact that whoever it was was able to open Goodman's locker which can only be opened with a fingerprint scan.

Edgeworth encourages Phoenix to look again at the tape and see if there is anything that is off, otherwise, they will go by the testimony. So Phoenix reviews the tape and does notice something strange, before Goodman, or who they assume is Goodman, reaches the locker, the light shows that it is actually already unlocked. Edgeworth isn't sure how this can be possible as the lockers automatically lock after being closed and always report if there is any kind of fault in the system. After reviewing the footage a second time, they notice that as the locker door is opened, something white falls out to the floor, meaning that something was jamming the door sensor from recognising that it was closed, leaving it open. Phoenix also identifies the white item as the rubber glove he found at the crime scene.

Edgeworth seems convinced that the victim in the evidence room is still Bruce Goodman, so has Mike testify about the ID card, reminding the court that only with an ID card can someone enter the evidence room and that a record of all numbers used is kept in a log. But Phoenix points out that he found the ID card at the other crime scene at the Prosecution Office and that Goodman had also started to write out a lost item form that day, putting two and two together, Phoenix thinks that Goodman had lost his card and that the man Mike met that day was whoever had stolen the ID card. Edgeworth also agrees with this line of thought, thinking that the Goodman in the video is a fake and, in turn, the murder on the video is fake aswell. Through this line of thought, Edgeworth also points out that Phoenix has proven the only real murder that day must be the one in the parking lot, so despite how many unanswered questions they are about the evidence room situation, they should only be dealing with the murder at the parking lot. Phoenix objects as the situation in the evidence room is clearly related and requires further scrutiny, but Edgeworth says there are no other witnesses prepared for this aspect of the case as he deemed it unnecessary. In turn, Phoenix makes a request that Jake is brought to testify as he works in the guards office just outside the evidence room. They takes a 30 minute recess to prepare before reconvening court.

Phoenix and Ema go with Lana to the defendants lobby during recess where Gumshoe meets them moments later who has brought all the SL-9 incident files that Lana requested in Phoenix's name. Gumshoe had a feeling by the way the request was worded that it wasn't really Phoenix who requested them, but brought them anyway. Lana hands the files to Phoenix, thinking that he might need them later. After giving them a look over, Phoenix recognises that both Lana and Ema's names are written down as witnesses which confuses Ema at first until Lana explains that SL-9 is just the incident number to what is more commonly known as the Joe Darke Killings that occurred two years ago. Also mentioned as being involved in the case is Gant, Jake, Angel and Edgeworth, it can't just be a mere coincidence. At the mention of Joe Darke's name, Ema runs away from the lobby and isn't back in time for when court resumes, leaving Phoenix to take the defense bench by himself.

[edit] Marshall's Testimony

Jake is immediately called to the stand to testify to explain the events as he saw it on the day of the murder. Jake tells how on the day he was on duty as usual, and is supposed to make three rounds a day to check everything, but he decided against it given that there are two sets of automatic security systems in place. So, at the time of the murder, he wasn't actually at the police department at all and was out at a bar. Phoenix goes straight to his real reason for wanting to have Marshall brought to the stand and presents the bloody prints that they found at the scene. But Jake says it's a mere coincidence, his fingerprints would be in the room due to him making rounds, which he says he does about once a month, so the killer must just have wiped blood where his prints already existed. Jake also says that the locker his prints were found on is his so it's no wonder his prints are on there.

Jake says that essentially the prints are useless and that the only real evidence Phoenix has is the videotape, which he isn't seen in. They view the videotape another time and Phoenix spots that right at the end of the tape, after "Goodman" has attacked Mike and seemingly disappeared, that a white piece of cloth can be seen poking out of the door of Jake's locker that wasn't visible before. But Jake says he's a victim of coincidence, that whoever was in the evidence room just happened to pick his locker to hide the coat in, being completely unaware of the lockers special fingerprint system.

With Jake's lie exposed Phoenix accuses Jake of posing as Goodman in the evidence room and being the other man on tape who attacked Mike when he asked to see his ID card as, if Jake had shown Goodman's ID, Mike would have been able to tell that he wasn't Goodman due to the photo on the card. But Jake writes it off as circumstantial as they have no hard evidence it really was him in the evidence room that day. Edgeworth sees that Phoenix has run into a wall so offers a little advice, telling him to go back to basics, so Phoenix tries to look at things a different way around, what evidence came about because Jake was in disguise? Edgeworth also points out that there had to be a good reason for Jake to open his locker that day, given the chances that it would be discovered that he had, meaning he must not have initially planned to do so. They examine the video tape another time and notice that, in the fight with Jake dressed as Goodman and Mike that the white coat was soiled with blood; this is the reason for Jake having to unexpectedly having to use his locker to stash the coat in.

Now that the truth is out, Jake berates Edgeworth for not being as persistent as he is today then he was 2 years ago, then they wouldn't be in the mess they are today. Nonetheless, he agrees to finally tell the truth about what happened. He says that he had to act that day as he couldn't let the case just be locked away, so he stole Goodman's ID and disguised himself as him. Then he went into the evidence room, being careful of the camera as he knew the blindspots well enough and went to his locker to take the evidence. He hadn't expected to be caught by Mike so he knocked him out and left, dropping Goodman's ID in the Prosecution parking lot to make it seem like he had just lost it there. Despite this though, they still can't understand why such large quantities of blood was found to have been cleared up at the scene, it didn't make sense given how small Mike's wound in the fight with Jake was. Jake was also unable to take the evidence as when he got there, it was already all missing and Edgeworth confirms that it is indeed still missing.

Phoenix asks Jake why he went to such lengths, stealing evidence, impersonating a detective and attacking another officer, all when he is an officer too. Jake isn't open to explaining why he is so involved, beyond that the case is "his", so Phoenix thinks it must be the presence of another Marshall on the list of victims on the SL-9 case files, Neil Marshall. Edgeworth thinks he has heard the name before and Jake reminds him that two years ago Neil received the same King of Prosecutors trophy that Edgeworth received a few days ago. With Edgeworth's memory now jogged, he remembers that Neil was the prosecutor in charge of the SL-9 incident before he took over after, obviously, Neil was murdered. Jake tells that Neil was his brother and that they was investigating the murders alongside Gant, Goodman and Angel and, when Joe Darke fought with and murdered Neil, it was the first time he left any evidence and using that evidence he was finally able to be sentenced. But Jake is certain that Neil wasn't murdered by Darke as he knew what a good fighter he was, and he is sure that the real details of his death have been covered up.

With the incident at the evidence room wrapped up, Edgeworth points out that the murder at the Prosecution parking lot must be the real one, and Lana is the only suspect, plus there were no reasons to doubt Angel's testimony either. But before the Judge can declare Lana as guilty, Ema returns and interrupts, asking for just another minute to explain. Edgeworth doesn't want any room for doubt in this case, so Ema is given her minute where she tells that she was shocked to learn that the case so closely tied to this one was the Joe Darke Killings. She realised after that what Jake was up to and went back to the evidence room to investigate the bloody handprints further, but she was unable to find anything. She apologises for having nothing more to add, but begs Phoenix to do something and not give up. After some thought, Phoenix realises one thing, that the Blue Badger is missing from the floor plans and, when put in place, he is completely obscuring the locker where the handprint was found, meaning it could not have been there whilst Mike and Jake were in there and had to have occurred before this. Phoenix then suggests that it must have been Goodman, when he was really murdered given the amount of blood found infront of his locker and the fact that it was already opened.

They look over the ID Card Record and see that the only people to enter the evidence room after Mike put the Blue Badger back was Edgeworth and an unknown ID number 7777777. Before the Judge gets too carried away, Edgeworth points out that there were only 10 minutes between when he entered and Mike did, not nearly enough time for him to kill someone, hide the body and clean away all the blood. Phoenix also suggests that, give the absence of Goodman's number appearing beforehand, that he must have gone inside with 7777777. Given that they do not know who owns that ID, the Judge asks Edgeworth to investigate it immediately, but Edgeworth says he is unable to due to the rank of whoever has that ID. The owner is a captain or higher and thus Edgeworth does not have the authority to look it up unless an official charge is made against the person in question.

Jake interrupts as he wants to ask Lana something, asking whether Lana really used only legitimate evidence in the SL-9 case. She expresses her frustration at the constraints of the law and admits that she only did what was necessary, even forging evidence. Due to the uproar that this revelations causes, the trials continuation has to be cancelled until tomorrow.

[edit] Day 3 - Investigation

Phoenix and Ema go back the the Wright & Co. offices where Ema apologises for happened in court as she had no idea about what her sister had done. She also feels guilt over what happened because on the night that Neil was murdered, Darke had tried to kill her and Neil died trying to protect her. She had been waiting in Lana's office when Darke had attacked her, seemingly on the run from someone else at the time, and tried to take her hostage. That was when Neil came in and tackled Darke, the lights went out at that moment due to a heavy thunder storm that was going on at the time, so Ema only saw a brief instant of when Darke had stabbed Neil during a lightning flash. She says how, because she wasn't able to testify about the actual stabbing due to her fear of the situation, that Lana had made up false evidence and Edgeworth had unknowingly used it in order to convict Darke of the murders. As a result, this was the case that started off all the rumours about Edgeworth using false evidence, so Ema feels especially guilty. All of this was part of the reason she decided she wanted to become a scientific investigator.

Phoenix has to wonder why Darke would run away from a Prosecutor into Lana's office of all places, so Ema explains that on that day Darke had been brought in for questioning and escaped. Phoenix still doesn't understand, so Ema clarifies that two years ago Lana was actually working as a detective, and was transferred to the prosecution office to her current role after the case.

With this little revelation to dwell on, Phoenix decides to pay Lana a visit at the detention centre to see what else he can learn. It's true that two years ago Lana was a detective and also worked closely alongside Gant, the pair of them being a renowned team who cracked many many cases, they even shared the same office. Lana had always planned to become a prosecutor though, but wanted to gain experience as a detective first. After the SL-9 incident, Gant was promoted to chief of police and arranged for Lana's transferral to the prosecution office.

Phoenix asks a little more about the SL-9 incident, and Lana admits that she was actually the first person to reach the crime scene that day. Gant and Neil had been questioning Darke that day when he escaped and fled to hers and Gant's office, when Lana arrived she found Neil dead and both Darke and Ema unconscious. Despite the case being officially closed, Phoenix doesn't think it can be a mere coincidence that everyone involved in that case is involved with this one, especially as Jake also feels he needed to go to such methods to continue investigating.

They decide to investigate further and head down to the police department where they meet Jake outside. He seems sure he will be fired today, but nonetheless he agrees to help Phoenix and Ema with their investigation. Jake tells how there were inconsistencies in the trial for SL-9 incident such as the murder weapon, the blade of the knife didn't match the knife wound of the last victim. Jake also blames Gant and Lana for what happened afterwards, how Angel was fired, he was demoted and given a tiny post in the security office, but muses that Goodman was spared or people would get suspicious. But he does also acknowledge that he, and everyone else who knew Lana as a detective, thought that she had changed when she moved to the prosecution office. Jake is about to leave, but gives them one more hint before he goes, that he's certain that it was Gant who gave Edgeworth the falsified evidence, so they decide to see if they can snoop around Gant's office.

They find their way to Gant's office, but also find that Gant is already there who explains that he has been very busy today dealing with Jake's misconduct and Lana's words about falsified evidence. But Gant is on his way out and intends to lock up, so Phoenix and Ema are ushered out with him, insistent that there is no reason for the two of them to investigate the old crime scene as the case is finished with, leaving Phoenix all the more suspicious.

On their way out they run into Gumshoe who has been in meetings most of the day and feels worried about Edgeworth who has come under fire from both the Prosecution office and the police department. Even though he didn't know the evidence he used during the SL-9 case was falsified, in the end, it is down to the prosecutor to be responsible for all evidence they present in court, so Edgeworth is under alot of strain right now. He does remember something about SL-9 though that Phoenix didn't already know, that the evidence that convicted Darke was that the blade tip of the murder weapon was found in Neil's body.

They decide to ask him about the possibility of getting into Gant's office, but Gumshoe says only ID cards will open it once it's locked, and Goodman's was deactivated when he died. Additionally, Gumshoe can't use his own card to let a civilian into the office or he would be fired, as they've run into another wall they decide to pay Edgeworth a visit.

When they reach Edgeworth's office he is busy working on something, but seemingly short with Phoenix due to the pressure he's under right now, he was even writing a letter of resignation when they arrived. He wants to take responsibility for the things he has done in the past, so he seems serious about it, although Ema gets distracted by the King of Prosecutor's Trophy and how it looks different to the one in the photo with Neil. In the photo the award is made up of both a shield and a halberd, but now the trophy is just a shield, Edgeworth isn't sure why but says that Gant removed the halberd part two years ago.

They decide to not bother Edgeworth any further and, on their way out, run into Angel in the underground parking lot. She seems impressed that Phoenix is also investigating the SL-9 incident so is more open to telling about her side of things from that case. She recalls how they chased after Darke for 6 months and that it was quite an intense time for them all, especially Jake after Neil was murdered. Angel wagers that this is what made Lana all the more desperate to find something to use in court against Darke and finally have him brought to justice, mentioning how evidence that their team had never found kept cropping up, whilst other pieces they did find would be hidden. Although, despite how much Angel seems to hate Lana for everything that happened, she feels that Lana was also being used by Gant, now that he was chief of the police and with Lana transferred to the prosecution office as chief prosecutor, he would have control of that department as well. She isn't sure what exactly is going on, but is sure that Gant has or knows something that gives him leverage over Lana as she has never been the same since the SL-9 case ended.

The finish talking with Angel and head back to the criminal affairs department where Gumshoe is still adamant that he won't help them get into Gant's office by using his card. However, after showing Gumshoe the resignation letter that Edgeworth wrote, he wants to do whatever he can to help Edgeworth so lends Phoenix and Ema his ID card.

Phoenix, Ema and Gumshoe go over to Gant's office, Gumshoe figures he may as well join them as, if they get found out, he'll be in big trouble anyway. Firstly they examine an electronic safe that Gant has by his desk, a pin code is needed to open it and, on a hunch, Phoenix tries the only unidentified ID number on the ID list; 7777777. The safe opens up and inside they find a piece of broken pottery and a cut of leather material with a handprint on it. The piece of pottery perfectly fits into the jar that they already assembled days ago from the SL-9 incident, meaning that Gant knowingly and willingly concealed evidence.

They decide to use the Luminol Spray around the office and come across a large bloodstain on the floor behind Lana's old desk, the spot in the room where Neil was murdered 2 years previously. They also decide to dust the piece of leather cloth they found in the safe which strangley enough comes up with a match to Ema's prints, although Phoenix and Gumshoe keep that fact quiet for now. Whilst Phoenix and Gumshoe are discussing it, Gant unexpectedly returns to his office and tells them both to leave as he wants to talk with Ema, not before firing Gumshoe.

Ema is brought in for questioning, so Phoenix makes another visit to Lana at the detention centre, explaining to her about what happened. He also confronts Lana with his theory that Lana is being blackmailed in some way by Gant and, coupled with the pieces of evidence that they found Gant had hidden, Lana finally admits to what is going on. Gant ordered Lana to dispose of Goodman's body which was already hidden in the boot of Edgeworth's car, it was not her that killed Goodman after all. Whilst she was moving the body, she found the knife from the SL-9 incident sticking in Goodman's body so she removed and hid it, replacing it with the other knife she found in Edgeworth's car. Lana wanted to hide the other knife so that SL-9 would never be re-opened again and, after receiving the orders from Gant she called Jake. As the chief detective in the case had just been murdered she wanted Jake's help to keep it quiet, but he went off on his own to make sure the SL-9 case didn't get closed forever. Despite telling Phoenix the truth about what happened, she still doesn't want him to get her the innocent verdict he is trying for and asks him to just leave things alone.

[edit] Day 4 - Trial

Phoenix arrives at court the next morning, only he cannot find Lana or Ema anywhere. Edgeworth is there however, and he too has already figured out who the last name on the ID card list is aswell. They talk briefly about the trial and soon court begins.

Much to their surprise, Gant has come with a proposal for the court, requesting, on Lana's behalf, that she be allowed to be heard, rather then arguing everything out all day. Lana speaks and confesses her guilt on all charges and when Phoenix objects to this, Lana forfeits her right to an attorney. As Lana is legally entitled to self representation the Judge is ready to hand down the guilty verdict when Edgeworth objects this time, stating that the prosecution feels that Lana has not been proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Gant interjects that perhaps Edgeworth should just keep his mouth shut, making Edgeworth all the more suspicious that some kind of deal was struck out of court, so decides to change his first witness to Ema which the Judge agrees to.

[edit] Ema Skye's Testimony

Rather than ask about the current crime, Edgeworth asks Ema to testify about the SL-9 incident. She recalls what they already know, that she was waiting in Lana and Gant's office that day when Darke burst in and took her hostage. Neil, who was chasing after Darke, caught up and rescued her, but he was killed by Darke moments later. She also reminds everyone that the power went out and she only saw Darke and Neil fighting in a flash of lightning. As she found it difficult to actually describe the moment of Neil's murder that she saw in the lightning flash, she made a drawing of it, but Edgeworth is confused as he never received a drawing when he took over the case from Neil.

Phoenix shows the court the evidence list they found in Gant's office, or rather the back of it where Ema's missing drawing is. The Judge also notices that the evidence list that Phoenix has, and the one Edgeworth has are different, but do join together, showing that two years ago Edgeworth was only given half of the list. Also there is part of a drawing on the back of Edgeworth's half of the evidence list that fits with the other half that Phoenix had. But one thing is strange about Ema's drawing in that it shows Neil being stabbed from the front, whereas the autopsy report for Neil states that he was stabbed in the back and the tip of knife was found lodged there.

Edgeworth and Phoenix argue over how this is possible, Edgeworth thinks that Ema could be mistaken, whilst Phoenix thinks that perhaps this was the piece of falsified evidence. Phoenix is convinced that, somewhere in what they know about the events of the day Neil was killed, there is a lie and Edgeworth muses that if that is really so, then the murder weapon could not be the knife as they first thought and instead it would have had to have been a different broken knife. They don't think Ema's view of things could be false, so the knife must be the lie, especially as Phoenix recalls another broken knife was present; the halberd section of the King of Prosecutor's trophy. That day Neil was awarded the trophy and, whilst chasing Darke, the knife section would be the only weapon he had to defend himself and Ema with, but this theory changes everything because this would then mean that in the drawing the roles of Neil and Darke would be reversed; it would be Neil attacking, not Darke.

Whilst they are debating this, Ema asks to see the drawing she made again and remembers something she had forgotten entirely about. At the moment she saw the knife raised Ema rushed and tackled the man with the knife, that was when she saw the blue badger section of her drawing, but Edgeworth is sure this can't be possible as the blue badger was only designed this year. At this point Lana interrupts and asks that they stop pursuing this as she has already confessed, but the Judge orders that she be detained by the baliff so they can continue, leaving Phoenix thinking they are getting closer to the truth.

Ema clarifies that she didn't actually see the blue badger, but rather it's shadow so Phoenix thinks that what Ema actually saw was the shadow of the jar that they put together yesterday as the silhouette is quite similar at a certain angle. This changes the location of the murder, given that the jar was pictured on the day behind Gant's desk, but the scene of the murder was always believed to be behind Lana's desk and that the body was moved. Phoenix now shows the photograph of Neil with the trophy again and shows the court that, if someone was pushed towards the jar enough to make it fall off the shelf that person would also have been pushed into a suit of armour that was on display and carried a very sharp sword. Given that the man who was pushed was carrying a knife, that man would have had to have been Neil, with this line of thinking, and as much as it pains Phoenix to admit it, he thinks that what actually happened was Ema, unknowingly, pushed Neil onto the knife edge of the armour. This explains why Lana was so intent on this not being investigated further, to protect Ema from the truth.

Ema faints at the revelation and Lana interjects to berate Phoenix and Edgeworth for pushing things this far. Edgeworth assumes that Lana was the one who moved Neil's body to her side of the office, although she completely denies it. She also points out that they have no evidence or testimony to support this, so Edgeworth thinks they should take a closer look at the evidence they already have, after all, Neil wouldn't have died instantly, he may have left something for them. Phoenix presents the jar as that has a blood trail on it, although some of it seems to have been wiped in the past, so Phoenix thinks that Neil used his last moments to leave behind a message. After connecting the blood stains left behind, they see the name indeed left behind by Neil was "Ema".

Gant steps in at this moment to remind Edgeworth that he earlier told him to keep quiet and that, given that the evidence from Darke's last murder was what finally convicted, means that an innocent man was sentenced to death, although Phoenix points out that Darke was hardly an innocent man. The court is in uproar over the turn of events, forcing the Judge to declare a recess.

Phoenix is met by Edgeworth and shortly after by Gumshoe aswell in the defendant lobby, and he has something to give Phoenix from Lana; a book on evidence law that she thinks Phoenix will need if he is really intent on taking on Gant. The brief recess is soon over and court has calmed enough to reconvene, but there is heavy suspicion on Edgeworth over what has happened and the court is concerned that he may have tampered with the next witness. This being the case, Edgeworth forfeits his right to call witnesses over to the defense, so Phoenix calls on Gant to testify.

[edit] Gant's Testimony

Phoenix first asks Gant to clear up what really happened during the SL-9 incident, but he tells it like they've already heard. Darke escaped from being questioned by himself and Neil, and by the time Gant had caught up Neil was dead, Darke unconscious and Lana was with Ema and claims he had nothing to do with the forged evidence. Knowing who they are up against, Phoenix wastes no time in showing both the half of the evidence list and the pottery piece that he found hidden away in Gant's safe, showing that Gant did indeed play some part in the cover-up. But Gant merely plays it that Phoenix created those pieces of evidence as forgeries, however, as Gumshoe was also present which adds a little credibility to phoenix's claim, the Judge asks Gant to testify further.

Gant claims that he had nothing to do with it, and wouldn't have gained anything from doing so, but Phoenix reminds him that he was promoted to chief of the police force after the case ended. Whilst this seems plausible, both Gant and Edgeworth confirm that it was true that at the time Gant was already being proposed to become the next chief anyway, the SL-9 case resolution merely sped things up. So Edgeworth points out that, if there was no gain for Gant to create a forgery, he must have been doing it for someone else but Gant states that he would never do something like that unless there was something in it for him, he only cares about himself.

But Phoenix is certain that Gant became Lana's accomplice in covering up the murder in order to have leverage over her and the prosecution office once Lana was transferred and promoted to chief prosecutor. Gant is confident still though as there is no evidence at all to support these claims, but Edgeworth believes it to be true, given the way Lana has been acting throughout this entire case, meaning that Gant must also have some kind of involvement in the murder of Goodman. Phoenix shows the ID Card report where they are still missing the owner of the first ID number on the list, claiming it to be Gant's as the number also opened up the safe in his office. This being the case, they also know that Goodman had lost his ID card that day, so they only way he could have gone into the evidence room would have been if he was accompanied by someone else, like Gant.

Phoenix and Edgeworth start to build up a picture of what happened, Goodman needed to gain access to the evidence room, but couldn't due to his ID card being missing. He went to Gant who accompanied him to the evidence room where, on the spur of the moment, Gant killed him. Gant then called Lana to have him dispose of the body, Gant hid the body in Edgeworth's car and then gave Edgeworth a random piece of evidence to store at his office in the prosecution office, unknowingly taking the body with him. This way, Lana would be able to dispose of the body from the prosecution office.

At this point Gant decides to invoke his right to refuse to testify as neither Phoenix or Edgeworth have any evidence to back up their claims and leaves the courtroom. Just the Judge is about to penalise Phoenix for formally accusing the chief without solid evidence, Edgeworth interrupts and says there is another witness who can testify about the truth, hinting to Phoenix that he should call on Lana to take the stand. Gant suddenly reappears at the mention of Lana testifying, reminding her that should she go along with the defenses line of thinking, it also means that Ema would be found guilty of Neil's murder.

They take a brief recess where Phoenix, Edgeworth and Gumshoe meet up at the defendant lobby where Phoenix is frustrated over Gant refusing to testify, but Edgeworth reminds him that this refusal means he also he cannot defend himself either. Ema also joins them, having recovered from her earlier fainting and come to terms with the truth.

[edit] Lana Skye's Testimony

Once court reconvenes they call Lana to the stand and ask her to testify about her relationship with Gant. She states that she merely worked alongside him for years and the rearranging of the crime scene and falsified evidence was undertaken by herself alone as she wanted Darke to be convicted, Ema was nothing to do with it. She also claims that when she came to the crime scene she found the halberd of the prosecutor award stuck in Neil's back, not the knife from the suit of armour like they had thought earlier. They ask why then, if Neil wasn't stabbed by the sword on the armour, why she had moved the body from Gant's side of the office to her own, which claims was due to the broken vase would conflict with how she had arranged things. But Phoenix realises something, if Neil had really written a message in his blood on the jar, which was supposed to have been smashed as he was stabbed, how could he have written it across the jar? It would have been broken at the time, so therefore impossible to write a name perfectly across the pieces.

Lana claims that she saw the pieces of the broken vase and that something was written on them, she couldn't be sure what though as it was dark due to the blackout, but for safeties sake she wiped the blood off. She was certain she had gotten all the pieces and is surprised to hear that one piece that she had missed was kept in Gant's safe all this time, Phoenix believes this must mean that Lana was not the first person to discover the scene at all and that it was Gant who arrived there before her. The pieces were large so Phoenix is sure Lana couldn't have just overlooked it, and Edgeworth reminds everyone that it wouldn't have been possible for Neil to have written the message in blood anyway.

Edgeworth explains what must have happened instead that day, Gant arrived at the scene before Lana, broke the jar and then hid one of the pieces. He then aided Lana in continuing to fabricate the scene so that Ema would be spared and he could continue to manipulate Lana with blackmail. As Phoenix begins to think this through, he asks Lana to testify again, getting the feeling that Ema may not be responsible for Neil's death after all and it could just be a further fabrication.

Lana testifies again, this time with the real truth, when she arrived at the scene she found Neil impaled on the sword from the suit of armour and both Darke and Ema were unconscious on the floor. When she saw the scene she thought Ema had been responsible, so she and Gant moved the body so that it wouldn't implicate her. Lana also says that she has evidence that she gave Phoenix this morning so he checks the evidence law book that he was given, finding in the back a photograph of Neil's body impaled on the suit of armour. Phoenix and Ema also recognise that a piece of his jacket has been cut out and recall the piece they found in Gant's safe the other day.

However, before they can continue, Gant interrupts proceedings but is reminded he already forfeited his right to testify. This does not mean though that he cannot submit evidence still, not that he has any, but he drops Phoenix in it by stating that he is withholding a certain piece of conclusive evidence. But Phoenix says he doesn't have any, saying he has no idea what Gant is talking about. Gant points to the photograph of Neil again, pointing out the missing piece of his jacket that he had concealed all these years, knowing full well that Ema's prints were on the leather.

Gant decides, as Phoenix isn't going to show the evidence, that he'll explain what happened. He was the first at the crime scene as they had thought and he realised that he could gain from the situation by blackmailing Lana after helping her, he also hid the two pieces of evidence that Phoenix found in the safe before Lana arrived as insurance. Phoenix clarifies once more that it was Gant who removed the piece of Neil's jacket before showing it, admitting also that the fingerprints found on the leather belonged to Ema Skye. Despite what all this implies, Phoenix has a plan. Gant meanwhile is gloating that Phoenix will have his badge taken away for purposely concealing evidence but all the while Phoenix remains calm, he has noticed a contradiction between the piece of cloth and the photograph of the crime scene. As Neil had his lung punctured he ended up coughing up blood which stained his jacket, however the strip of cloth shows no blood at all, despite that the blood stains past the hole in his jacket and over his shirt.

Phoenix concludes that this must mean that, whilst Ema did shove Neil, that he was not impaled on the sword by that shove, Edgeworth assumes Neil must have hit his head as he fell and knocked himself unconscious instead. Phoenix and Edgeworth piece together the rest of the events, Gant was the first to arrive and saw what had happened, he picked up the unconscious body of Neil and impaled him on the sword, not before removing the piece of leather with the handprint on it and writing Ema's name in blood on the jar and smashed it to incriminate her. He then hid the two pieces of evidence as insurance to keep Lana under his control.

Gant denies everything and furthermore says that the strip of leather is illegal evidence as Phoenix had concealed it. But Phoenix denies that it was illegal evidence, he didn't have approval of the police department, and, at the time, he had no proof that the piece of cloth was relevant to SL-9 or the current case. Edgeworth confirms it, at the beginning of the trial today they hadn't seen the photo that Lana submitted, so the cloth was indeed not relevant, the only person who made it relevant was Gant when he brought up the matter of the cloth and "approved" it.

With all the allegations piled up on top of him, Gant breaks down and admits it. He regrets not getting rid of Jake who constantly hounded him the past two years, recruited Angel and then Goodman to help him re-investigate SL-9. Initially Goodman refused Jake his help, so Jake stole the ID card as they already know to gain the evidence himself. That day, Goodman came to Gant about losing his ID card and asked if he could accompany him to the evidence room, there Goodman asked Gant if he could re-open the SL-9 case again as there were too many loose ends left and wanted to give the evidence to Jake. Gant panicked and stabbed Goodman with the knife from the SL-9 case, he then contacted Lana and put the body in Edgeworth's car, he admits though that he was sloppy and made many mistakes in that attempt at a cover-up.

Despite everything though he praises the efforts of the detectives invovled, Phoenix and Edgeworth for their efforts as it's proof that they are good at their jobs, and apologises also to the Judge as they'll have to cancel their lunch together now that he is guilty of murder. Gant is taken away and Lana thanks both Phoenix and Edgeworth for their efforts and for helping Ema and also for Edgeworth not completely breaking under all the pressure of the past few days. Lana is declared not guilty of murder, but warned that a trial will be scheduled later for her crimes as accomplice which Lana happily accepts, now free from the pressures of Gant's blackmailing.

Court is adjourned and everyone meets at the defendant lobby where Lana apologises to Ema for everything that has happened the past two years since the SL-9 incident. She also asks Edgeworth to not blame himself over what happened, but he still feels responsible and that his way of dealing with cases makes him feel he cannot trust himself anymore. He worries that over time he might become just like Gant had become, so he is still intent on quitting. Lana tries to reassure him that both Gant and Manfred von Karma, whilst talented, all made the same mistake in that they tried to take on criminals alone, but today Edgeworth worked together with Phoenix to discover the truth, so he shouldn't feel he would become like them. Nonetheless, Edgeworth makes his excuses and leaves, not before Phoenix reminds him that he'll be waiting for him in court, whatever he decides to do.

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