Richard Wellington

Richard Wellington
Japanese nameMoroheiya Takamasa
AgePW:JFA: 22

Richard Wellington claims to be unemployed and just looking for the right University, although, in reality he is a member of a group of con-artists. He acts quite arrogantly and rudely to others with a great sense of self-importance. He also has incredibly poor eyesight.

By chance, Wellington happens to drop his phone in the park one day, and later calls it to try and find it. At the time, Maggey Byrde, who was walking in the park with Dustin Prince, found the phone and the two arranged to meet so she could give him back his phone. When Wellington went to get the phone he saw Maggey with Dustin, who was still wearing his police uniform, and started to panic. On his phone were the numbers of several members of the con-artist group he was a member of, and if the police got hold of the numbers he, and the rest of the group, were in big trouble. In his panic, Wellington shoved Dustin off the upper section of the park, causing him to fall and break his neck. After realising what he'd done he called the police and planned to pin the murder on Maggey.

Just shortly before the trial he was looking for his phone again, finally finding it in the possession of Phoenix Wright, Maggey's attorney. He picked up a nearby fire extinguisher and bashed him over the head with it, knocking him unconscious and causing him to have amnesia. Whilst Phoenix was out cold, Wellington took what he thought was his phone, but it was actually Phoenix's, as they both had the same kind of phone. A little while after he appeared in court, however, due to his mistake with picking up the wrong phone, as well as all his obvious lies, he was found guilty of murder.

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