Redd White

Redd White
Japanese nameKonaka Masaru
AgePW:AA: 39

Redd White is the CEO of Bluecorp, an "information gathering conglomerate", in truth, the business runs on blackmail and White has amassed a small fortune in gathering information on famous actors, politicians and even members of the police and courts and blackmailing them for his silence, driving some even to suicide.

15 years prior to his appearance in Turnabout Sisters, White bribes Grossberg into telling him some details about a case referred to as DL-6, telling him that a spirit medium named Misty Fey was consulted in the case, but ultimately it was a failure. White then leaked the news to the press, as such Misty was forced into hiding after being called a sham and was never seen again, even 15 years later. White also continued to blackmail Grossberg about the incident, knowing how damaging it would be for his reputation if it was found that he was the one who leaked the information.

Over the years following this after Mia Fey became an attorney, she learnt about what White had done to her mother, and his dealings over the years, so Mia became determined to get White brought to justice. White had become suspicious of Mia so asked his employee, April May, to tap her phone. Soon, White decided that he needed to get rid of Mia, so plotted with April to murder her. On the evening of the planned murder, April is stationed in a hotel room in the building opposite Mia's office to act as an alibi and witness to the crime, whilst White goes to the office, grabs The Thinker and bashes Mia over the head with it. After killing her, White takes some files from her office and quickly leaves. April then comes forward as a witness and attempts to frame Maya for the crime.

However things don't go as planned as April is arrested so White sees it is necessary to appear in court as a "witness". Due to White's influence and control he has over several members of the courts he isn't worried about going to court and tries to twist things around, having Phoenix arrested on suspicion of Mia's murder. Despite White's, and Edgeworth's, best efforts, White is proven guilty by Phoenix Wright and finally is charged for his crimes. Redd is known for his massive vocabulary, full of sometimes non-existing words.

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