Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney Official Manga

Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney Official Manga
Original RunJPN 6th April 2007 - 5th December 2008
FR 1st July 2010 - 12th May 2011
US June 2011 - 17th July 2012
PublisherJPN Young Magazine
FR Kurokawa
US Kodansha Comics
StoryKenji Kuroda
ArtistKazuo Maekawa

This manga focussed on Phoenix Wright and unlike the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Official Casebooks previously published in English, this series is episodic and features extra cases set in an indeterminate point in the games timeline. Although, presumably sometime after Phoenix Wright: Justice For All as Franziska features in some of the later volumes. As one would expect, as well as new characters, the series also features existing characters such as Maya, Edgeworth, Winston Payne and Larry.

[edit] Localisations

  • As of July 2010 the manga has been translated into French and released by Kurokawa.
  • It was announced in December 2010 that Kodansha Comics would be releasing the manga in English, starting from volume 1 in June 2011.

[edit] Volumes

[edit] Chapters

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