Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy (logo).png
English logo of the game
Japanese Title(s)逆転裁判123成歩堂セレクション (Gyakuten Saiban 123: Naruhodou Selection)
Genre(s)Visual Novel, Adventure
SeriesAce Attorney
Platform(s)Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)April 17, 2014 (JP)
December 09, 2014 (NA)
December 11, 2014 (EU)
Age Rating(s)CERO: B
PEGI: 12

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, known in Japan as Gyakuten Saiban 123: Naruhodou Selection (Japanese: 逆転裁判123成歩堂セレクション, "Turnabout Trial 123: Wright Selection"), is a compilation of the first three games in the Ace Attorney series (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Justice For All and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations) for the Nintendo 3DS. Just like the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD for mobile devices, the game features updated graphics and it also has full-3D support.


[edit] Release Information

In Japan, the game was released digitally (on the Nintendo eShop) on April 16, 2014 and on retail copies the following day. A drama DC was bundled with the limited edition of the game.

In North America and Europe, only a digital release via the Nintendo eShop was made available, just like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. The game was released in North America on December 9, 2014 and in Europe After two days.

All the versions of the game come with an option to play the games in either Japanese or English.

[edit] Story

[edit] Main Characters

  • Phoenix Wright - a rookie defense attorney who serves as the protagonist of the game.
  • Maya Fey - a spirit medium-in-training. She is Maya's younger sister and assistant of Phoenix.
  • Mia Fey - Phoenix's friend and mentor, who also serves as his assistant during trials. She continues helping Phoenix even after death.
  • Miles Edgeworth - a genius Prosecutor who has a perfect win record. That is, until he met Phoenix. He serves as the main antagonist.
  • Larry Butz - Phoenix's childhood friend and his first client.
  • Dick Gumshoe - a scruffy homicide detective who handles initial investigation for most of Phoenix's cases.
  • The Judge - a nameless judge who is in charge of the trials in the game.
  • Winston Payne - the first prosecutor Phoenix comes up against with. He is known as the "Rookie Killer."
  • Pearl Fey - Maya's cousin and an excellent spirit medium. Having lost her family, she stays with Phoenix and Maya at the office.
  • Franziska von Karma - a prodigious prosecutor who came from Germany to exact revenge on Phoenix. She is also Manfred von Karma's daughter.
  • Dahlia Hawthorne - Phoenix's ex-girlfriend who was imprisoned after murdering her boyfriend before Phoenix.
  • Godot - a rookie, yet promising prosecutor. He mysteriously appears one day and has an unexplained hatred for Phoenix.

[edit] Episodes

[edit] Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

  • The First Turnabout

Main Article: The First Turnabout

This is Phoenix Wright's first trial as rookie defense attorney. With the guidance of Mia Fey, his mentor, Wright defends his old school friend Larry who has been accused of murdering his girlfriend.

  • Turnabout Sisters

Main Article: Turnabout Sisters

Shortly after Phoenix's first case, his mentor and chief, Mia, is murdered. After being accused of her murder, Maya, Mia's younger sister, seeks Phoenix's aid in defending her.

  • Turnabout Samurai

Main Article: Turnabout Samurai

The Steel Samurai is a popular children's television show. But when the star of the show Will Powers is accused of murdering his co-star Jack Hammer, Phoenix reluctantly helps the TV star prove his innocence.

  • Turnabout Goodbyes

Main Article: Turnabout Goodbyes

In this case, Phoenix defends Edgeworth when he finds himself accused of murdering another defense attorney. As they delve deeper into the case, they find it to be closely linked to an unsolved murder from 15 years ago.

  • Rise from the Ashes

Main Article: Rise from the Ashes

Phoenix finds himself defending Lana Skye, the current head of Prosecution, after her younger sister, Ema, comes to him for help after Lana confesses to murdering a detective which Ema is certain she is innocent of. The case later becomes more complex as the detective seems to have been murdered in two places at the same time, and everything points back to a solved case from 2 years ago.

[edit] Phoenix Wright: Justice For All

  • The Lost Turnabout

Main Article: The Lost Turnabout

In this case, Phoenix defends policewoman Maggey Byrde who has been accused of murdering her boyfriend, and fellow policeman, Dustin Prince.

  • Reunion, and Turnabout

Main Article: Reunion, and Turnabout

In this case, Phoenix again defends Maya Fey who is accused of murdering a doctor, Turner Grey, who asked Maya to channel the spirit of a deceased nurse who worked at his practice.

  • Turnabout Big Top

Main Article: Turnabout Big Top

In this case, Phoenix defends magician Maximillion Galactica who is accused of killing Russell Berry, ringmaster of the circus he was working at.

  • Farewell, My Turnabout

Main Article: Farewell, My Turnabout

In this case, Phoenix defends actor Matt Engarde, who plays the Nickel Samurai, who has been accused of killing Juan Corrida, the main lead in rival show, the Jammin' Ninja.

[edit] Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations

  • Turnabout Memories

Main Article: Turnabout Memories

This case is the first of two flashback cases, set 5 years before the main timeline. Mia Fey finally takes her second case after the events of Turnabout Beginnings, defending a young Phoenix Wright who has been accused of murdering fellow student, Doug Swallow. This case marks the first time Mia and Phoenix meet.

  • The Stolen Turnabout

Main Article: The Stolen Turnabout

This case has Phoenix defend Ron DeLite who has been accused of being the renowned thief, Mask*DeMasque, and stealing a sacred urn belonging to the Kurain Village. But just as the theft is solved, it turns into a murder case...

  • Recipe for Turnabout

Main Article: Recipe for Turnabout

Phoenix again defends Maggey Byrde who is accused of murdering Glen Elg, a customer at the restaurant she now works at as a waitress.

  • Turnabout Beginnings

Main Article: Turnabout Beginnings

This case is the second of the two flashback cases and shows Mia Fey's very first case 6 years previous. In this case she, with the aid of Diego Armando, defends an escaped convict, Terry Fawles, of murdering police sergeant Valerie Hawthorne. On the prosecution is Miles Edgeworth, this being his first case as well.

  • Bridge to the Turnabout

Main Article: Bridge to the Turnabout

Phoenix defends Iris, a shrine maiden in Hazakura Temple, after she was accused of the murder of Elise Deauxnim, a book author who was staying at the same temple. This is also the first time in which Edgeworth becomes a defense attorney. The case gets more complicated when Larry showed his drawing of Iris flying through the bridge and when the clues in the Inner Temple are discovered.

[edit] Box Scans

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