Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Official Casebooks

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Official Casebooks
Japanese nameGyakuten Saiban - Official Anthology Comic
Volumes4 in Japan
2 in US
Original RunJPN 3rd March 2006 - 28th September 2006
PublisherJPN Capcom Comics
US Del Rey

This set of manga are collections of officially published fan-comics, or doujinshi, with stories produced by a range of different artists. This manga is the first Phoenix Wright manga to be made officially available in English. As with the range of artists, the stories range from comedy to serious short stories or 4-koma (stories consisting of 4 panels, usually gags).

In Japan the set was published over 4 volumes, 2 Phoenix Wright centric, and 2 Miles Edgeworth centric. However the English language release combines the two volumes for each character into one book. As a whole, the books contain characters and references to the first 3 games.

In 2010 the books were re-printed in Japan as two anthologies, the first containing the 2 original Phoenix books, and the second containing the 2 Edgeworth books.

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