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Episode 2: Turnabout Sisters
Episode artwork
Top (from left): April May, Redd White and Mia Fey
Bottom (from left): May Fey and Bellboy

Turnabout Sisters is the second episode in the game. It is about the murder of a defense attorney in her office, and this is another case where the killer's face is clearly seen.


[edit] Case Information

[edit] Profiles

Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright | Age: 23, Gender: Male

The defense attorney of this case.
Mia Fey
Mia Fey | Age: 27, Gender: Female
The victim. Chief attorney at Fey & Co. Law Offices,
and an excellent defense lawyer.
Maya Fey
Maya Fey | Age: 17, Gender: Female
The defendant. Mia's little sister,
and a spirit medium in training.
Dick Gumshoe
Dick Gumshoe | Age: 30, Gender: Male
Detective at the local precinct.
In charge of the initial investigation.
Miles Edgeworth
Miles Edgeworth | Age: 24, Gender: Male
A gifted prosecutor, and a ruthless man
who'd do anything to get a "guilty" verdict.

[edit] Evidence

Attorney's Badge
Attorney's Badge | Type: Other, One of Phoenix's possessions.

No one would believe Phoenix was a defense attorney if he didn't carry this.
The Thinker | Type: Weapons, Retrieved at the Fey Law Office.
The murder weapon. Looks like a statue, but it's actually a clock.
Made by Larry Butz.
Glass Shards
Glass Shards | Type: Evidence, Retrieved at the Fey Law Office.
The broken remains of a glass light stand.
Broken beyond all recognition.
Receipt | Type: Evidence, Retrieved at the Fey Law Office.

A department store receipt with letters written in blood on the back.
Maya's Memo
Maya's Memo | Type: Documents, Retrieved from Maya Fey.

"A conversation I had with my sister is recorded on my cell phone."
Mia's Autopsy Report
Mia's Autopsy Report | Type: Reports, Received from Detective Dick Gumshoe.
Time of death: 9/5 at 9:00 PM.
Cause: single blunt force trauma. Death was instantaneous.

[edit] Prologue

The episode opens with a phone conversation between Mia and Maya, Mia's younger sister, as Mia asks a favor of her sister. Maya immediately guesses that she'll be receiving an evidence, and Mia wants her to hold onto it for safekeeping for an upcoming trial. Maya inquires to what the evidence this time will be, and she is informed that it is a clock that's made to look like the statue of "The Thinker." Mia notes that the clock isn't working since she had to take the clockwork out and put some papers inside instead. Mia asks Maya to come to her office by 9:00 PM to pick it up. [Conversation recorded: September 5, 9:27 AM]

September 5, 8:57 PM

Three minutes before Maya's appointed arrival, someone is talking to Mia something about taking their papers, but Mia feigns ignorance. But it seems the person knows Mia is lying, and points to the location of the papers, the statue of "The Thinker." Stunned, Mia asks how the other person knows about the whereabouts of the documents, and they remind Mia of their craft: gathering information. The person asks one more thing from Ms. Fey: her eternal silence, and hits her with the statue. You slowly see the guy who took her down and with her dying breath, Mia utters "Red... White... Blue..."

[edit] Day 1 (Investigation)

September 5, 9:08 PM
Fey & Co. Law Offices

Phoenix arrives late at their office, and smells something that seems blood. You will have the option to either 'Examine' or 'Move'. Don't bother choosing Examine for now since it won't do anything anyway, and 'Move to Office', instead.

Phoenix confirms that it is blood he smells, and detects someone. He sees the still body of his chief and another girl beside her, crying. He then tries to talk to the mysterious girl until she passes out, then leaves her on the sofa to go back to Mia. He checks Mia by her shoulder and notices her body is still warm, until all too quickly she turned cold. Your first investigation will now commence.

[edit] Office

The crime scene. To start investigating, choose 'Examine' and inspect Mia's corpse. Phoenix discerns Mia was struck on the head with a blunt object, and died instantly. He discovers the statue of "The Thinker" and concludes it is the murder weapon. The Thinker will be added to the Court Record.

He also notices the glass shards near her dead body and figures it could be from the broken glass light stand in the back of the room. Glass Shards will be added to the Coourt Record.

Something falls from Mia's hand and Phoenix immediately notes it. 'Examine' the scrap of paper and look at what's written on it with blood. "Maya." It is a receipt from a department stores, dated yesterday. Receipt will be added to the Court Record.

Phoenix decides it's time to call the police and find out what the girl was doing in the office. 'Examine' the telephone on the other side of the screen, and Phoenix will try to call the police. He'll notice a few of the screws on the receiver is missing and believes that someone was halfway through taking it apart. He is startled when someone screams "Police!? Please, come quick!" and sees a woman staring at him and holding a phone in her hand from outside the office window. It's time to leave this place now, so select 'Move' and go back to the Fey & Co. Law Offices.

[edit] Fey & Co. Law Offices

Phoenix is taken aback, for he can't find the girl in mysterious clothes he put in the sofa. She suddenly appears in front of him, and scares him. He asks who the girl is, and she introduces herself as Maya Fey (which is the same name on the piece of paper earlier!) Phoenix thinks it's a good idea to show the receipt to Maya, so 'Talk' to her.

  • What happened: Phoenix asks what happened inside the Office. Maya says she came in, and the room was dark, but she still saw the dead body of her sister.
  • You and the Chief: Phoenix inquires about Maya's relation to Mia, and confirms she is the chief's younger sister. He wonders why she was visiting so late at night, and Maya tells him her sister wanted her to keep some evidence for her: the clock.

At this point, 'Present' the Receipt to Maya and inform her Mia wrote it with her own blood before she died. Maya is shocked to see her name on the paper, and asks why her sister would write her name, with tears in her eyes. Phoenix tries to calm her down, but suddenly you can hear sirens and the police arrive, spearheaded by Detective Dick Gumshoe.

Gumshoe introduces himself and informs Phoenix that they received a report from the building across the office. Someone apparently witnessed the murder, which is surely the lady in pink. Gumshoe instructs Phoenix and Maya not to move, when suddenly the detective screams. He asks Maya if the word written on the receipt has any relevance to her, and she tells him it's her name. He says that the victim drew the note with her own blood (i.e. she wrote down the killer's name,) and instantly arrests Maya and brings her to the precinct. Phoenix was also taken in for questioning and got out the next morning. He waited for visiting hours to begin at the detention center so he could talk to Maya as soon as possible.

[edit] Day 1 (Investigation Pt. 2)

[edit] Detention Center

September 6, 9:07 AM
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Phoenix arrives at the detention center and Maya asks if he will be her lawyer. You will be given three choices to select from, but it doesn't matter what you choose since the dialogue will link up at a similar point, but choose It's up to you anyway. Phoenix tells her that picking a lawyer is something that Maya should decide for herself. She felt more down. She doesn't think anyone would believe her, and tells him that he looked as if she had done it, back in the office. Moving along, Maya tells Phoenix that she had heard of him from her sister before. It was on the phone call before the murder that Mia narrates the story of Phoenix's first trial to her sister. She told her it was quite a spectacular trial and she was anxious the whole time. But she thought Phoenix is a great attorney and that the only thing he's lacking is experience. After being told what Mia thought of him, Phoenix decides that he can't just sit and watch as Mia's death might not be given justice and talks to Mia to gather information.

  • Maya: He asks her what the thing with her outfit is. She tells him it's what acolytes wear, her uniform. Surprised, he asks Maya what she does, and she says she is a spirit medium... in training.
  • The day of the crime: Phoenix asks details about the day of the murder. Maya says she got a call from her sister that morning and Mia wanted her to hold onto an evidence for an upcoming trial. The evidence being "The Thinker"-shaped clock. He inquires as to how the clock could have been evidence in a case, but Maya can't seem to remember, so she informs him that their conversation was recorded on her cell phone.
  • Your cell phone: Phoenix asks Maya to let him hear their conversation, but it seems the detective took her cell phone. Maya writes a note so Phoenix doesn't forget to get it from Detective Gumshoe. Maya's Memo will be added to the Court Record.
  • Spirit mediums: Phoenix engages in a conversation about acolytes. Maya relates that the Fey Family, especially the women, have always been very sensitive to the spirit world, and that includes Mia, to Phoenix's disbelief. Mia left the mountain to follow her career, even though her powers were first-class. Now, Phoenix tries to implore Maya to contact the spirit of her sister so they can ask her who the killer is, but Maya says she can't do it yet, as she is still in training.

Maya asks Phoenix a favor then, and gives him the address of a famous lawyer. She says her sister gave it to her a long time ago, and that if she was ever in trouble, she should call him. She requests if Phoenix could ask him to represent her, but you can choose either way. Maya says she has no one else to turn to and is very happy that Phoenix can help. He asks where her parents are, but Maya just keeps silent about it, which Phoenix understands. She informs him that her trial starts tomorrow at 10:00 and Phoenix is dumbfounded. He asks what will happen to her if the famous lawyer refuses to represent her, but Maya tells him that the state will pick an attorney for her if she can't find one until 4:00 of that afternoon.

Before you move to visit the famous lawyer, ask Maya again about the day of the murder.

  • The day of the murder: Even though he knows Maya is tired all of the questions about the murder, Phoenix still asks her about the incident once more. As she has previously stated, she got a call from Mia. Phoenix asks when she arrived the office. She tells him it was around 9 in the evening; the lights were off and the smell of blood is distinct. After entering her office, Maya saw the still body of her sister.

Now, you may 'Move' and go to Fey & Co. Law Offices.

[edit] Fey & Co. Law Offices

September 6
Fey & Co. Law Offices

Phoenix enters the police-filled room, being searched for clues, when suddenly someone shouts at him. Turns out it's Gumshoe and he's telling Phoenix not to trespass the crime scene. It seems he has forgotten about the other person at the time of the murder and even mistakes him for Larry. Phoenix introduces himself again, and guesses who the detective in front of him is too. Obviously, pick Detective Gumshoe, but choose something else if you want some laugh. Gumshoes introduces himself again and demands Phoenix never call him by his first name, even though it looks like everyone else in his department does. 'Talk' to him now.

  • Mia: Phoenix asks Gumshoe if they did an autopsy report in Mia already. Gumshoe gives him a copy of it. Mia's Autopsy Report will be added to the Court Record.
  • Maya: Gumshoe states that Maya's trial is one trial that Phoenix will not win, and he asks why that is. Gumshoe says the city put Edgeworth on the prosecution.
  • Edgeworth: Gumshoe looks happy at the mere mention of Edgeworth and confirms if you know him or not. Choose either way. Phoenix says he is a feared prosecutor, who doesn't feel pain nor remorse, and he won't stop until he gets a "guilty" verdict. Gumshoe gets mad at Phoenix's inhumane description of the prosecutor. (It seems Edgeworth hasn't lost a case since his career started at the young age of 20, but there are rumors of illegal deals and forged evidence. He also has a passionate hate for crime.)

'Present' Maya's Memo now and Phoenix will ask Gumshoe for her cell phone. At first, the detective refuses to give it up, thinking Phoenix is trying to trick him. Pick any of the choices, and Phoenix will persuade Gumshoe to give it to him and succeeds. It seems there weren't any suspicious call records in the device, according to the detective, but we all know Maya's conversation with her sister is there! Maya's Cell Phone will be added to the Court Record.

Phoenix was about to head out when Gumshoe suddenly mentions something about the witness who was at a window during the crime and warns you not to talk to her. He even tells you her name, April May, and that she is still staying at the Gatewater Hotel. This time, 'Move' to the Gatewater Hotel.

[edit] Gatewater Hotel

September 6
Gatewater Hotel - Room 303

April May appears in front of Phoenix right away and seems to know about him from Gumshoe. She was instructed by the good detective not to say anything to him, and leaves the room to get herself ready. Phoenix will now have a chance to 'Examine' the room. Select the two glasses near the window and Phoenix guesses that someone must be staying with her. Next, investigate the screwdiver sticking out from the drawer. Phoenix will try to have a look inside, but is stopped by the suddenly-flustered Ms. May and warns him not to touch anything. You may talk to this eyewitness, however she won't be much of a help right now. 'Move' to Grossberg Law Offices instead.

[edit] Grossberg Law Offices

Phoenix arrives at the office but it seems Mr. Grossberg is out at the moment, until he hears an exaggerated clearing of the throat. Grossberg enters the picture and seems to have known someone was looking for him. He notices the badge on Phoenix's collar and guesses he's a lawyer. He says he's not particularly busy now, but at the mention of Maya's name, he instantly appears unsettled and says he's can't take her case right away, even though Phoenix didn't mention anything about the trial commencing tomorrow. Grossberg drops the subject of defending Maya, which confuses Phoenix. 'Talk' to him.

  • Your refusal: Phoenix asks hims why he won't take the case, even though it's Mia's sister who's needing his help, but Grossberg won't offer an explanation. When Phoenix says he will search for another lawyer, Grossberg states that no lawyer will take Maya's case.
  • Mia: Phoenix asks Mia's relationship with Grossberg. It seems she worked under his office long ago and was quite the extraordinary apprentice. He says she left one day for her "mission."
  • That painting: Phoenix takes note of the extravagant painting hanging on the wall. Grossberg says it's his pride and joy, brags about its hefty worth and tells Phoenix he has no intention of parting with it. At this point, 'Move' back to the Detention Center to inform Maya about the lawyer's refusal.

[edit] Detention Center (2)

September 6, 3:43 PM
Detention Center
Visitor's Room

Maya greest Phoenix back and ask if he's found the lawyer. Phoenix can't tell the truth to her, so he lied, but Maya feels he's not telling the truth. She asked if Grossberg refused to help and Phoenix says he has. Maya is saddened by the fact that she's been adandoned. Once you are allowed to do an action, 'Present' Maya her cell phone and she'll ask if she can hear her sister's voice. Tears fall down her eyes as she carefully listened to the recording. Now, 'Talk' to Maya.

  • Your family: Phoenix asks Maya about her family and she says she only had her sister. Her father died when she was very young and the whereabouts of her mother is unknown to her.
  • Your mother: Maya states that the women in their family have been mediums for generations because of the E.S.P. that run in their blood. Fifteen years ago, the Fey family was involved in a case and a man ruined her mother's life. She disappeared afterwards. Some years later, Mia said that she'd become a lawyer and left the mountains. She had been living by herself since then and she explains that she had to become independent to maintain her powers.
  • Your mother's enemy: Phoenix inquires to the identity of the man who ruined her mother's life. She describes that 15 years ago, there was an unusual murder case. The police were running out of leads and they were desperate, so they convinced Maya's mother to contact the victim. They thought the case was solved, but the man accused of murder was found innocent. The police consulating with a medium was a secret, but someone found out about it and leaked it to the press. He said the medium was a fraud and she became the laughing stock of the whole nation. She suddenly says "White," and it turns out that's the name of the man.

It seems the state-appointed lawyer will be arriving shortly, and Phoenix ponders whether to just leave Maya and go home, or defend her himself. Choose Defend Maya and Phoenix declares that he will represent Maya in court whether she wants to or not. Surprised, Maya asks why he'd do that. Choose I can't abandon you, and Phoenix recalls his past experience and recollects the reason why he became a lawyer. When he states he won't abandon Maya, she is moved to tears. Before leaving, he asks one last question to Maya: if she was innocent or not, and she firmly voices, "Yes!" She puts her trust on Phoenix and asks for his trust too, and he confirms. Now, Phoenix remembers the peculiar reaction of that lady in pink when he tried to open her drawer, and decides he must make a visit to her room once again. 'Move' to Gatewater Hotel.

[edit] Gatewater Hotel (2)

Someone greets Phoenix and he seems to be the bellboy of the hotel. He had just delivered room service and Phoenix asks him where Ms. May could be. He says she's currently using the facilities and will be taking his leave so Phoenix could "enjoy" his stay. It's now Phoenix's chance to snoop around the room, but suddenly the bellboy comes back, which scares Phoenix half to death. He asks him if he could inform Ms. May that Mr. White, of Bluecorp called, to which he says yes. Phoenix seems to recall the name "White" and remembers it was Maya who told him about a "White" guy who ruined their mother's life. Is it just coincidence? Anway, Phoenix needs to look into the drawer again to find out Ms. May is hiding so 'Examine' the drawyer. He notes the screwdriver sticking out from inside and what he sees in the drawer is a wiretap. Now, why would someone like Ms. May have something like this? Definitely suspicious. Wiretap will be added to the Court Record. Phoenix figures he needs this evidence for tomorrow's trial.

If you've done everything up to this point, the day should end automatically and you'll be given a chance to save your progress.

[edit] Day 2 (Trial)

September 7, 10:00 AM
District Court
Courtroom No. 1

The trial immediately starts and we see the usual outset of the court. Phoenix determines he should not show any signs of weakness or else Edgeworth will be on him instantly. The Judge asks Edgeworth for his opening statement. Edgeworth states that Maya was at the scene of the crime, and the prosecution has evidence she committed the crime and a witness who saw her do the deed. The judge allows Edgeworth to call his first witness at this point and he calls the chief officer at the scene, Detective Gumshoe.

Edgeworth asks for the witness's name and profession be declared in court and Gumshoe seems uptight as the prosecutor ordered him. Now, Edgeworth asks him to describe the details of the murder and the detective asks everyone to look at a floor map of the office.


The body was found by the window and the cause of deah was loss of blood due to being struck with a blunt object. The murder weapon was a statue of "The Thinker" found next to Mia. He says the statue was heavy enough to be a deadly weapon, even in the hands of a girl. The judge accepts the Statue into evidence, which makes Phoenix wonder that they're still calling it a statue. Floor Plans will be added to the Court Record.

Now, Edgeworth confirms if the detective immediately arrested the defendant at the scene and asks why he did that. Gumshoes says he had hard evidence to do so, and the judge asks for his testimony with regard to this "hard evidence."

[edit] The Truth

[edit] Epilogue

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