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This is the walkthrough for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. This was made based on the Nintendo DS version of the game, but is still applicable to most, if not all, of the other ports of the game. Note that this guide will contain SPOILERS.


[edit] Basics

[edit] Controls

  • Directional buttons - move up, down, right or left
  • A button - Confirm, show whole dialog
  • B button - Cancel, go back/advance a dialog in cross-examinations; hold to skip dialogs in cleared episodes
  • X Button (Nintendo 3DS only) - Present evidence from within the Court Record
  • Y Button (Nintendo 3DS only) - Hold to use the system's microphone and say "Hold it!" for pressing or "Objection!" or "Take That" for presenting evidence
  • START / SELECT - Save and suspend the game
  • L Button - Press witness during trials, move wide screens between left and right in investigations
  • R Button - Open Court Record and switch between Profiles and Evidence

Note: The game can also be played using the Nintendo DS/3DS's touch screen. Simply point and click what is available on the screen

[edit] Characters

  • Phoenix Wright - a rookie defense attorney who serves as the protagonist of the game.
  • Maya Fey - a spirit medium-in-training. She is Maya's younger sister and assistant of Phoenix.
  • Mia Fey - Chief Attorney at Fey & Co. Phoenix's boss, and a very good defense attorney.
  • Miles Edgeworth - A gifted prosecutor, and a ruthless man who'd do anything to get a "guilty" verdict.
  • Dick Gumshoe - Detective at the loca precinct. In charge of the inital invesigation.
  • Larry Butz - The defendant of the first case. A likeable guy who was Phoenix's friend in grade school.
  • The Judge - a nameless judge who is in charge of the trials in the game.
  • Cindy Stone - The victim of the first case. A model, she lived in an apartment by herself.
  • Winston Payne - The prosecutor of the first case. Lacks presence. Generally bad at getting his points across.
  • Frank Sahwit - Discovered Ms. Stone's body. Newspaper salesman who turned out to be a common burglar.
  • April May - an employee of Blue Corp. who witnessed the death of Mia Fey. It is revealed she was an accomplice of the real killer.
  • Marvin Grossberg - a veteran defense attorney who was a mentor to Mia Fey. He was being blackmailed by Redd White until the guy was convicted of murder.
  • Bellboy -
  • Will Powers -
  • Jack Hammer -
  • Wendy Oldbag -
  • Penny Nichols -
  • Sal Manella -
  • Cody Hackins -
  • Dee Vasquez -
  • Manfred von Karma - a legendary Prosecutor who has never lost a case in forty years. He is also Miles Edgeworth's mentor.
  • Robert Hammond -
  • Lotta Hart -
  • Gregory Edgeworth -
  • Yanni Yogi -
  • Polly -
  • Ema Skye - High School Junior and self-styled scientific investigator. Client in the last case, sister of Lana Skye.
  • Lana Skye - The defendant of the last case and Chief Prosecutor for the district. Wounded on her right hand during the incident.
  • Angel Starr - Mysterious lunchlady. Witness to a murder, known as the "Cough-Up Queen."
  • Jake Marshall - A patrolman investigating the incident at the Prosecutor's Office. Think he's a cowboy.
  • Damon Gant - District Chief of Police. Though he might not seem it, he's the top dog in the P.D.
  • Bruce Goodman - The victim of the last case, and a good man. Detective in Criminal Affairs who handled the SL-9 case.
  • Mike Meekins - Patrolman with General Affairs. Suspected of killing Goodman in the evidence room.
  • Joe Darke - Serial killer responsible for the SL-9 Incident two years ago. Was given a death penalty.
  • Neil Marshall - Prosecutor murdered two years ago in the SL-9 incident. Jake Marshall's brother.

Note: Italic indicates the character is deceased

[edit] Terms

  • Court Record - a storage of all evidence and profiles gathered from your investigation or presented in a trial.
    • Evidence - any available piece of fact or information. Evidence could be books, documents, maps, photographs, reports, weapons, general evidence (usually objects,) information or any other kind.
    • Profiles - short articles about people involved in a case. Profiles could contain information about the defendant, defense attorneys, detectives, prosecutors, victims or witnesses.
The "Hold it!" exclamation speech bubble
  • Investigation
    • Examine - inspect a specific point in your current location to look for clues.
    • Move - go to a different unlocked location that is connected to your current position.
    • Talk - speak with a someone available at your current location by choosing from up to four topics.
    • Present - give or show someone a piece of evidence at your current location to ask them about it.
  • Trial
    • Cross-Examination - the defense's act of questioning a witness during a trial in an effort to expose the lies and/or contradictions in their testimony. It is done after a witness' account of the incident.
      • Press - ask a witness more details about a part of their original testimony to squeeze out more information or testimony during cross-examination. The "Hold it!" speech bubble will appear after pressing.
      • Present - bring an evidence to the attention of the court for the purpose of exposing a witness' lies and/or contradictions in their testimony. The "Objection!" or "Take that!" speech bubble will appear after presenting evidence.

[edit] Episodes

[edit] The First Turnabout

[edit] Turnabout Sisters

[edit] Turnabout Samurai

[edit] Turnabout Goodbyes

[edit] Rise from the Ashes

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