Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright (PWAA6).png
Phoenix Wright in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6
Japanese nameNaruhodo Ryuichi
AgePW:AA: 24
PW:JFA: 25
PW:T&T: 26 (21 in flashback case)
AJ:AA: 33 (26 in flashback case)
PW:AA-DD: 34
OccupationDefense Attorney, Pianist, Card Player
Family:Adopted Daughter: Trucy Wright
Ex-Girlfriend: Dahlia Hawthorne

Phoenix Wright is the main protagonist of the first three games and the character the player spends the vast majority of the time playing as. He was first introduced in the first case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; The First Turnabout.


[edit] Background

Phoenix was originally in art college studying an unspecified course before deciding to take up a career in Law. After the events in Turnabout Beginnings, Phoenix, after being proven innocent of accused murder, makes good on his decision to switch to law and studies under Mia Fey for three years before finally making his debut as a rookie defense attorney. He has always said his reasons for wanting to get into to law were to help defend those who couldn't defend themselves, as well as to help his friend, Edgeworth.

[edit] Friends & Family

Edgeworth and Larry are Phoenix's two oldest friends who he grew up with at school. The three of them became good friends after Edgeworth defended Phoenix in a mock trial in their school classroom after Wright was accused of stealing Edgeworth's pocket money.

Over the course of the first three games Phoenix makes many close friends who stick by him, such as Maya, the younger sister of his mentor, who effectively becomes his assistant, and Pearl, Maya's younger cousin. Naturally he also makes friends with those who comes into contact through work such as Detective Gumshoe, who helps him with case information when he can.

Phoenix has no known blood relatives. However, after the events seven years prior to Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, he adopts the now orphaned Trucy, raising her as his daughter. After Phoenix was disbarred he became friends with another defense attorney, Kristoph Gavin, the only one on the board who pleaded his case. However, this turned out to be a false friendship, as Kristoph was only keeping him around so as to keep an eye on everyone involved in the case where Phoenix lost his badge, and Phoenix because he suspected him of being involved with the false evidence that cost him his badge.

In Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, Phoenix is aided by a new assistant and defense attorney, Athena Cykes.

[edit] History

[edit] Studying at University

Phoenix Age 21
Phoenix originally studied art at Ivy University and, in his 3rd year, he began to date Dahlia Hawthorne whom he met at the courthouse library. Whilst studying art, Phoenix was also considering to be a lawyer at this point, and had begun studying it on the side. On the day he met Dahlia she gave him a heart pendant which he kept with him and wore everywhere he went.

They dated for eight months but Phoenix would later discover it was all a sham, she had only given him the heart pendant as it was a vital piece of evidence that could implicate her in a murder. Not only that but when he wouldn't give back the pendant she decided to just kill him, but was persuaded to wait by her twin sister, Iris, who posed as her sister to try and get the pendant back from Phoenix, so for a time, Phoenix was actually unknowingly dating Iris. When the task was taking too long, Dahlia took things back into her own hands, going along with her original plan of attempting to kill Phoenix.

At the time, Phoenix had caught a cold and was taking medicine for it, so Dahlia poisoned his medicine. However, before she could give him the poisoned medicine her former boyfriend, Doug Swallow, tried to warn Phoenix about Dahlia. She found out about it and killed Doug in case he ever tried it again, framing Phoenix for the murder whilst she was there. Mia successfully defended Phoenix in the murder trial and brought Dahlia to justice, and after this trial Phoenix made up his mind, deciding to quit art and become a lawyer in order to help a friend.

[edit] Defense Attorney

After completing his training under Mia Fey, Phoenix joins the Fey & Co. Law Offices as a defense attorney. However, shortly after his first case, Mia is murdered, after which Phoenix takes over the offices. For the next three years the offices were known as the Wright & Co. Law Offices where he worked out of, with Maya often helping as his assistant. Phoenix finally got his chance to "save" Edgeworth, finally meeting him in the courtroom. He managed to break Edgeworth's perfect record and successfully defend him in the murder of Hammond. After this, Edgeworth and Phoenix's friendship was renewed and the two of them come to each others aid many times after this.

Phoenix would also go on to have a good defense career as he would defend many innocent people and even made friends including Maxmillion Galactica, Lotta Hart and many others. In a case involving the actor who portrays Nickel Samurai, Matt Engarde, who he became fast friends with while defending him in a case involving him being accused of murdering his rival Juan Corrida, Phoenix was faced with a crisis as it soon became apparent that for the first time his client was actually guilty. Despite his job to defend his client, Phoenix sided with his conscience and worked with Edgeworth in order to convict Matt of murder.

[edit] Disbarment

Phoenix age 33
Some time after the events of Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, Phoenix finds himself disbarred and unable to practice law after being tricked into presenting false evidence in a trial. After this he changes the law office into the Wright Talent Agency with he, and his newly adopted daughter Trucy, work out of. Phoenix works at a Russian restaurant called the Borscht Bowl Club where he plays piano. However, he isn't very good at playing and doesn't take requests. He does find himself with one talent though, playing Poker, and this is where Phoenix makes the majority of his money.

Shortly after this Apollo joins him and Trucy and they rename the agency the Wright Anything Agency. It also becomes apparent that Phoenix has been working behind the scenes on a new court system called the Jurist System. As well as this, he has been working to clear his name and, with Apollo's aid, is able to do so. At the end of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, he mentions that be might retake the bar exam to get his defense badge back again now that he had been proven innocent of submitting falsified evidence.

[edit] Reinstated

A year after the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix has got his defense attorney badge back and is back in court. This time with a new assistant, Athena Cykes. He, along with Apollo and Trucy, continue to work out of the Wright Anything Agency.

[edit] Cases

Phoenix appears in some shape or form in the following cases:

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