Pearl Fey

Pearl Fey
Japanese nameAyasato Harumi
AgePW:JFA: 8
PW:T&T: 9
OccupationSpirit Medium in training
FamilyMother: Morgan Fey
Half-sister: Iris
Half-sister: Dahlia Hawthorne
Aunt: Misty Fey
Cousin: Mia Fey
Cousin: Maya Fey

Pearl is a young girl who is first introduced in the second case of Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Reunion, and Turnabout.

[edit] Background

Pearl is a young spirit medium in training who lives at the Kurain Village with her mother, Morgan. She had never left the village until she followed Maya and Wright after the events of the Reunion, and Turnabout case, as such, she doesn't know alot about the modern conveniences of the world outside the old fashioned, traditional village. Like many other members of the family, Pearl is able to channel spirits of the dead, and on occasion channels the spirit of her cousin, Mia.

[edit] Family & Friends

As mentioned, Pearl lives with her mother at the Kurain Village. She is a member of the branch family and as such she can never inherit the right to become the master of the Kurain School with Maya around, not that this seems to worry her at all. Pearl has a great amount of respect for Maya and the two are very close. She is also quite fond of her mother, completely oblivious to the fact that she has tried to frame Maya for murder and even try to kill her for the sake of having Pearl succeed to the position of head of the family. Nothing much is mentioned of Pearl's father, only that he left the Kurain Village when she was very young, a common occurrence due to the fact that men in Kurain Village have little to no social standing.

Pearl is also good friends with Wright, although she has the mistaken belief that he and Maya are an item. She gets angry with Wright if he isn't very attentive of Maya or spending too much time around other women. Because of Pearl's cheerful nature, she becomes friends with those around Maya such as Edgeworth, Franziska and even Godot, whom she tried to protect when he was becoming implicated in the murder of Elise Deauxnim.

Pearl is due to re-appear in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, now as a teenager.

[edit] Cases

Pearl as a teenager
Pearl appears in the following cases:
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