Pal Meraktis

Pal Meraktis
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Japanese nameUkari Teruo
AgeAJ:AA: 46 (Deceased)

Pal Meraktis was a surgeon and the director of the Merkatis Clinic, and the victim of Turnabout Corner.

His clinic ran successfully, mostly due to alot of his clients being members of a local mob family, the Kitaki's, who would bring in their mob members when their injuries were too questionable to go to a regular clinic. Six months prior to his murder the only son and heir to the Kitaki fortune, Wocky Kitaki, was brought in after being shot in an altercation with a rival family. But when Meraktis opened him up to operate, he found the bullet lodged up close to his heart and aorta, proving far too difficult for him to remove. He closed Wocky back up and lied to the family, telling them that the bullet had been removed and he, along with Alita Tiala, a nurse working at the clinic, covered up the mistake despite the fact that this would mean Wocky would be lucky to live another six months. Meraktis intended that whenever Wocky was inevitably brought back to him due to the bullet he could properly cover-up the botched operation.

Six months passed and the family became aware of the bullet lodged by Wocky's heart after a check-up by another doctor and Alita, who by this point had quit the clinic and was engaged to Wocky but only so she could inherit the family's money, came to visit him. She warned Meraktis about Wocky who was swearing revenge and demanded that he hand over the real reports on Wocky's operation so they could be destroyed. However, Meraktis didn't believe her and thought that she had been sent by the family so refused, until Alita pulled a gun on him. He opened the safe which the documents were sealed in, but didn't hand them over, instead he grabbed a lamp from his desk and tried to strangle Alita with the cord. Alita passed out but Meraktis thought that he had actually killed her, in a panic he took Alita and the gun and went to put them in his car to dispose of them. Incidentally, earlier that same evening Meraktis had been speeding down a street and had hit Phoenix Wright with his car, but when he went to start his car now it refused to. Unknown to Meraktis, a little earlier in the evening Wesley Stickler had been using his garage to hide in and hid a pair of panties in the exhaust which was the cause of the car failing to start. Meraktis stepped outside and saw the noodle cart belonging to his neighbour, Guy Eldoon, he removed the bowls from inside the cart and put Alita inside, then proceeded to drag the cart to the park where he intended to dump the body in the river.

Once Meraktis arrived at the Park he ran into Wocky who was obviously angry with him and wanted revenge. Meraktis pleaded with him and tried to warn him about Alita's true nature and how he was just using Wocky for his money. But before Meraktis was able to tell Wocky, unknown to him, Alita had woken up and heard what he was going to do, shooting him from inside the stand.

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