Olga Orly

Olga Orly
Japanese nameSakai Masaka
AgeAJ:AA: 21

Olga Orly is a witness during Turnabout Trump. Her first appearance shows her as a shy, timid Russian girl but this is just a cover-up for her true identity as a professional dealer.

Just prior to the case, Olga came into contact with Shadi Smith who offered her a job dealing cards and rigging a game of poker against Phoenix Wright. She agreed and was planted as a waitress in the restaurant where Phoenix works at and plays his poker games. The plan was that on the night of the game, Olga would plant a card on Phoenix, then during the game she would deal five Aces. Smith was then to search Phoenix, find the planted card and Phoenix would be exposed as a fraud. However, when it came to the time to search Phoenix the card was gone. Smith threw a fit and took his anger out on Olga for failing to perform her part of the job and hit her with a bottle that was close by, knocking her unconscious.

When she woke up, Smith was dead and she was pulled in by the police as a witness. Olga tried to pin everything on Phoenix, because if she was discovered it would expose her true identity and implicate her in Smith's murder due to their failed agreement. However, Apollo Justice, Phoenix's defense attorney, was able to expose her lies and she came clean about what happened.

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