Morgan Fey

Morgan Fey
Japanese nameAyasato Kimiko
FamilyDaughter: Dahlia Hawthorne
Daughter: Iris
Daughter: Pearl Fey
Sister: Misty Fey
Niece: Mia Fey
Niece: Maya Fey

Morgan Fey is the head of the Fey branch family and older sister of Misty Fey. Despite being the oldest sister, who traditionally have the strongest spiritual power and right to inherit the position of master of the family, due to Morgan's weak spiritual power she was assigned to head of the branch family whilst Misty assumed the role of master. Morgan harbours a deep resentment towards her sister and nieces because of this as this will mean that her daughter, Pearl, whom she believes to have great potential can never assume the role of master because she is of the branch family and not the main family.

Seemingly Morgan's world revolves around her youngest daughter, Pearl, and in securing her position as the Master of the family, instead of Maya who would inherit the role. In Morgan's first appearance in Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Reunion, and Turnabout, Morgan corroborates with Mimi Miney in a plan to kill Turner Grey and frame Maya for the murder. This would mean, with Maya out of the way, in 4 years time when Misty would be declared "dead" (as she would have been missing for 20 years), that there would be no more descendants from Misty's line left to inherit the role of Master and it would fall to Pearl instead.

However the plan is exposed and both Mimi and Morgan are sent to prison where Morgan is still seen to be a year later during Bridge to the Turnabout. Morgan has two older daughters, twin sisters Iris and Dahlia, but both of them left the village with their father after he became frustrated with the lack of power men hold in the village. It is implied then that Pearl has a different father to her older sisters.

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