Mike Meekins

Mike Meekins
AgePW:AA: 22
AAI:ME: 24
AJ:AA: 24 in flashback case
Japanese NameHarabai Susumu
OccupationPolice Officer, Security Guard, Court Baliff

Mike Meekins is a police officer and witness who first appears during Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Rise from the Ashes. He is excitable and enthusiastic, yet clumsy and loud, as a result he finds himself being steadily demoted as the series goes on.

On the day of Bruce Goodman's murder, Mike was patrolling when he saw a suspicious person on the security camera in the police departments evidence room. He went inside the evidence room and ran into Jake Marshall, although he didn't know who he was so he asked to see his police ID card. Jake was impersonating Bruce Goodman at the time so rather than being caught he attacked Mike and he was knocked unconscious. When Mike came to he was arrested under suspicion of Bruce Goodman's murder, although he was very quickly found to have no connection to the murder. After this particular case he was demoted to security guard and given Jake's old post outside the evidence room.

He was eventually fired from the police force after a long line of mistakes and became a court baliff, appearing in the flashback section of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Succession.

He also appears in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth where he appeared undercover as a Blue Badger to find out about Lance Amano's kidnapping. However, due to his careless persona, he lost his gun, which ended up with agent Shi-Long Lang accusing him of murder. However, he was cleared of the charges.

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