Mia Fey

Mia Fey
Japanese nameAyasato Chihiro
AgePW:AA: 27 (deceased)
PW:T&T: 24 in flashback case
OccupationDefense Attorney
FamilyMother: Misty Fey
Sister: Maya Fey
Aunt: Morgan Fey
Cousin: Iris
Cousin: Dahlia Hawthorne
Cousin: Pearl Fey
Boyfriend: Diego Armando (Godot)

Mia is a defense attorney who acts as Wright's mentor and appears from the first case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; The First Turnabout.


[edit] Background

As well as being a defense attorney, Mia comes from a long line of spirit mediums, as such she has many special abilities. However, shortly after Wright's first case, Mia is murdered. Despite this, she still appears in the series frequently as her spirit is often channelled by her younger sister, Maya, or her cousin, Pearl.

[edit] Friends & Family

As mentioned, Mia comes from a long line of spirit mediums who practice the Kurain School style of channelling. Her mother, Misty Fey, is the current head of the family and, after her disappearance, Mia is next in line to head the family, being her eldest daughter. However, to avoid any fighting between whether herself or her younger sister Maya would succeed as head, she moved away from the school and took up law, giving up her right to succeed her mother.

Aside from her family, and Wright, another person who is shown to be close to Mia is Diego Armando, another defense attorney at the same office as her whom she dated. The pair worked together on one particular case in Turnabout Beginnings but the verdict was never handed down. After this case the two of them grew close, however Diego would later be poisoned by the murderer in that case and fall into a coma of which he wouldn't awaken from until two years after Mia had died.

It is also mentioned that Mia was good friends with Lana Skye.

[edit] Work

After completing her training, Mia worked at the Grossberg & Co. Law Firms alongside Diego and presumably Hammond. Her first case was defending escaped convict Terry Fawles in the murder of police sergeant Valerie Hawthorne, covered in Turnabout Beginnings. However, the trial ended tragically with Terry committing suicide after being manipulated by the real murderer. The events of the trial left Mia traumatised and it wasn't until a year later that she took on another case.

What caught her attention in the case was one of the witnesses, Dahlia Hawthorne, whom she had believed was the murderer in Valerie Hawthorne's case the previous year, and the prime suspect in Diego's poisoning. The defendant in this trial was Phoenix Wright, marking the first time she met him. The trial went well, Mia was successfully able to prove Phoenix's innocence and Dahlia finally was charged for her crimes.

Sometime after defending Phoenix, she left Grossberg's firm to create her own, Fey & Co. Law Offices. She took Phoenix under her wing and helped him in his first trial. After her death, Phoenix took over the offices as the Wright & Co. Law offices and even after her death Mia continued to help Wright in his cases by having her spirit channelled in times of crisis.

[edit] Cases

Mia aged 24
Mia appears in the following cases:

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