Metis Cykes

Metis Cykes
Japanese nameMari Kizuki
Died7th October 2020
AgePW:AA-DD: 33 (deceased)
KillerThe Phantom
AgeAthena Cykes (Daughter)
Simon Blackquill (Student)
Aura Blackquill (Co-Worker)

Metis Cykes is a victim who appears in the "Turnabout For Tomorrow" case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. She was the mother of Athena Cykes and the victim of the UR-1 Incident.

[edit] Turnabout For Tomorrow

Cykes' Mugshot in Turnabout For Tomorrow

In this case, it was revealed that The Phantom was Metis Cykes' killer rather than Athena Cykes. The Phantom planed to take valuable moon rock that was stored in Metis Cykes and Aura Blackquill's office. The Phantom got into the office by using Metis' uniform coat and left the blame for her murder to be on Athena Cykes, her daughter. However, this plan failed since Simon Blackquill, Metis' Psychology student and Prosecutor, took the blame in order to protect Athena.

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