Maya Fey

Maya Fey
Japanese nameAyasato Mayoi
AgePW:AA: 17
PW:JFA: 18
PW:T&T: 19
OccupationSpirit Medium in training
FamilyMother: Misty Fey
Sister: Mia Fey
Aunt: Morgan Fey
Cousin: Iris
Cousin: Dahlia Hawthorne
Cousin: Pearl Fey

Maya is a spirit medium who is first introduced in the second case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Sisters.

[edit] Background

Maya originally comes from the Kurain Village, a village specifically for members of their clan of spirit mediums, although after going to visit her elder sister, Mia, in the city she becomes good friends with Phoenix Wright and spends alot of her time helping him there with his cases. As a spirit medium she can channel the spirits of the dead, often also calling upon Mia in times of need, although he skills aren't perfect yet. She loves the Steel Samurai show, and her favourite food is hamburgers.

[edit] Friends and Family

As mentioned, Maya comes from the Kurain Village, she is the second daughter of Misty Fey, the current head of the family. Although, after Misty's long disappearance and the death of Mia, Maya is next in line to become the head of the family. She is also quite close with her younger cousin, Pearl, often taking care of her when she comes to visit her in the city, or taking her to events they plan. Pearl's mother however completely despises Maya as she stands in the way of Pearl inheriting the prestige of head of the family.

After becoming implicated in the death of her sister, Maya asks Phoenix to defend her and after this trial they become good friends. Maya sticks around and affectively becomes his assistant, aiding him in many trials, although she does have to go back to her village from time to time, showing that despite the conveniences of modern technology and the time she puts into helping Phoenix, she seems stuck to her goal of becoming a spirit medium and head of the family.

Due to her friendly, positive and energetic nature, Maya is quick to make friends with those around her, in particular characters she comes into contact through Phoenix such as Edgeworth, Gumshoe, Franziska and even Godot whom she tried to protect in court when he was becoming implicated in the murder of Elise Deauxnim.

[edit] Cases

Maya appears in the following cases:

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