Matt Engarde

Matt Engarde
Japanese nameOutorou Shingo
AgePW:JFA: 21

Matt Engarde is an actor who acts as the lead role in the "Nickel Samurai" in PW:JFA; Farewell, My Turnabout. Apparently, "the Nickel Samurai" is a popular show that many kids (including Maya Fey) like to watch. Matt has a split personality, because he acts innocent and clueless and he frequently says that he has to check things with his manager, Adrian Andrews, first. After his closest rival, Juan Corrida, is murdered, Matt finds himself as the prime suspect in the case and hires Phoenix Wright to defend him. But once Phoenix figures out that he is guilty, Matt started to show his "other side". He flips up his bangs and a scar shows, and he holds a wine glass in his hands, the complete opposite of the kind of personality he projects towards others.

The course of events leading up to Matt deciding to have Juan killed by Shelly de Killer, a hired assassin, started 2 years previously. At the time he was dating Juan's manager, Celeste Inpax, but Matt had no real interest in her besides the actual conquest and later ditched her. Some time after, Juan started to date her and the two were even engaged. Matt had been waiting for the right moment to destroy his rival, so took that moment when they announced their engagement to tell Juan that he had previously dated her. This caused Juan to call off the engagement, and Celeste was driven to suicide.

Matt kept a further eye on Juan, bugging his house with video cameras and soon caught on that Juan had Celeste's suicide note that detailed what Matt had done to her. Juan planned to even reveal the contents at a high-profile event that Matt was attending. Knowing he couldn't let the truth come out and risk damaging his image, he hired de Killer to kill Juan, and retrieve the note, he even filmed de Killer killing Juan in order to have blackmail material for later. The hit was carried out as planned, but Matt found himself accused of murder. Over the course of the trial the truth became obvious, but de Killer happened to mention how, their contract being over and the trust between him and Matt broken by the fact that Matt had recorded him, he would make him his next target. Knowing that he would be in danger as soon as he left the courthouse, Matt lost it and begged for the guilty verdict.

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