Manfred von Karma

Manfred von Karma
Japanese nameKaruma Gou
AgePW:AA: 65
AAI:ME: 60 in flashback case
FamilyDaughter: Franziska von Karma

Manfred von Karma was a feared Prosecutor in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. He never lost a single case in 40 years and kept a perfect record. He is ruthless and will do anything to win a case. Anything. He is also a perfectionist.


[edit] Background

Von Karma only believed in perfection. Every single one of his cases is always planned out. All his witnesses are perfectly coached, his evidence was perfectly examined, and his arguments and objections are perfectly thought through. And of course, he thinks he himself is utterly perfect. He claims that the pin code for his ATM card is 0001 because he is "number one".

[edit] DL-6

15 years prior to his appearance, von Karma found himself with a penalty on his otherwise perfect record. He had faced Gregory Edgeworth in court and won the case, but the defense attorney accused von Karma of presenting faulty evidence, the accusation was upheld and the Head Prosecutor wasn't willing to cover up for von Karma again for his mistake. He went into a rage, but then the courthouse was struck by an earthquake, whilst he was wandering he found himself standing outside an elevator which had become shut closed during the subsequent blackout. Whilst he was standing, inside Miles Edgeworth had thrown a gun, causing it to fire and shoot von Karma in the shoulder. Moments later the electricity returned to the building and the doors opened, revealing inside Miles, Gregory and a court baliff, Yanni Yogi, who had all passed out due to oxygen deprivation. Von Karma saw the gun and shot Gregory as revenge for the penalty in his record. He then disappeared for several months, the bullet in his shoulder being never removed as he didn't want to leave an evidence trail.

Almost 15 years later, and the case of Gregory's murder, known as DL-6, was still open. Yanni Yogi had been accused of Gregory's murder, but had escaped the guilty verdict as his attorney, Robert Hammond, had claimed that he was brain damaged due to oxygen deprivation. The statue of limitations was due to expire, so von Karma contacted Yanni Yogi, sending him a gun and detailed plans of how he should kill Hammond and frame Edgeworth for the murder as an act of revenge for the past 15 years. Yogi did everything in the letter and was later arrested for the murder after Phoenix Wright managed to prove Edgeworth's innocence in the murder. Even so, as von Karma was prosecuting on the trial, he twisted it around so that Edgeworth would confess his assumed guilt in the murder of his father, having Edgeworth convicted of Gregory's murder would be his final act of revenge. However, Phoenix managed to turn the trial around again and exposed von Karma's guilt in the murder and, just one day before the statute of limitations would have expired on the case, he was arrested. It is presumed that von Karma was executed.

[edit] Flashback Cases

Von Karma appears during 2 flashback cases during Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, appearing at the courthouse whilst Edgeworth is prosecuting his first case. He also appears during another flashback case in Gyakuten Kenji 2, during a case involving Gregory Edgeworth and his then assistant, Shigaraki Tateyuki.

[edit] Family

He has two daughters. His younger daughter is Franziska von Karma who appears in Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; and in Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. He raised Miles Edgeworth at the age of 9 ever since Miles' father, Gregory Edgeworth, died. He taught both his younger daughter Franziska and Miles how to be a prosecutor like him, where he passed down his "Perfect everything" and "Do anything to get a Guilty Verdict" techniques to both of them.

Nothing is mentioned about his wife, and his eldest daughter isn't mentioned in the any of the games. But he does mention that his granddaughter (his eldest daughter's child) has a dog named Phoenix in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Goodbyes.

[edit] Cases

Von Karma appears in:

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