Magnifi Gramarye

Magnifi Gramarye
Profile (Magnifi Gramarye).png
Japanese nameArumajiki Tensai
AgeAJ:AA: 67 (deceased) (during flashback)
FamilyDaughter: Thalassa Gramarye
Son-in-law: Zak Gramarye
Grandson: Apollo Justice
Granddaughter: Trucy Wright

Magnifi Gramarye is a world famous magician in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. He is the mentor of both Zak Gramarye and Valant Gramarye.

[edit] Background

The Gramayre Troupe which he mentored consisted also of his daughter, who, tragically, was killed during a rehearsal of a dangerous trick. Niether Zak nor Valant were certain who it had been that had fired the fatal shot, but Magnifi took it upon himself to cover up the death for the sake of the group. However, the relationship between them all was somewhat strained since then.

Magnifi taught everything he knew to his students, but in his latter years he became terminally ill with cancer. As he knew his time was running out, he called both his students and gave them a test. He told them to come meet him in different times and told them to "shoot one bullet straight on the forehead". Zak Gramarye was first, and he didn't shoot his mentor. Instead, he shot a stuffed clown toy in the room, Magnifi then gave the rights to all his tricks to Zak Gramarye. Valant came in next and wasn't able to pick up the gun when it came down to his turn. Magnifi told him that he had failed and as a result had given the right to Zak. Valant was disappointed and angry, and he went out of the room. When he came back, Magnifi had committed suicide. Valant saw this as his chance and changed the evidence to frame Zak for murder.

[edit] Cases

Magnifi appears only in Turnabout Succession.

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