Received fromMaya Fey
CaseReunion, and Turnabout onwards

This is Maya's Magatama, a sacred treasure from the Kurain Village. This item has a special ability in that it allows the person holding it to see into people's hearts, and reveal if they are hiding secrets when they are talking to them. If they are, several locks appear, called Psyche-locks, and only once they are all removed is the person speaking the truth. Maya gives this item to Wright during Reunion, and Turnabout and he keeps hold of it, still having it in his possession during Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The only other person to use it other than Wright is Edgeworth when Wright gives him the Magatama during Bridge to the Turnabout whilst he is ill in hospital. Edgeworth mistakenly refers to the psyche-locks as psycho-locks.

Pearl was actually the one who imbued the Magatama with it's powers, so Maya had no idea what the Magatama actually did until Wright told her.

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