Lotta's Camera

Lotta's Camera
Received fromGourd Lake Woods (Turnabout Goodbyes)
Lotta Heart (Farewell, My Turnabout)
CaseTurnabout Goodbyes
Farewell, My Turnabout

This is Lotta Heart's camera, and actually features as evidence twice in the series. Firstly, it was set up at the Gourd Lake on the night of the murder of Hammond, having been set up to take photos whenever it detected loud sounds which, Lotta claimed, was to catch photos of meteor showers.

Secondly, it went missing shortly after the murder of Juan Corrida and inside the case was a tabloid article she had written about Juan and Adrian Andrews. It was later revealed that it was taken by Wendy Oldbag.

It's valued at around $1600.

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