Larry Butz

Larry Butz
Japanese nameYahari Masashi
AgePW:AA: 23
PW:T&T: 25
AAI:ME: 25
OccupationStall Vendor, Security Guard, Artist's Apprentice, Steel Samurai


[edit] Background

Larry Butz is a good friend of both Phoenix and Edgeworth who first appears in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as Phoenix's very first client on his debut case. He appears sporadically after this.

Larry is easy-going and well-meaning, although he seems a little excitable and naive at times. Each time you see him, he seems to have a new job or girlfriend. There is a saying amongst those who know him "if something smells, it's usually the Butz", as he usually winds himself up in trouble. Despite this, he is good to his friends, and helps them out when they need it.

[edit] Friends & Family

He has known both Phoenix and Edgeworth since school after the three became friends when Phoenix was accused of stealing Edgeworth's lunch money. Only Edgeworth and Larry stood up for Phoenix, although, 15 years later, Larry finally admitted it was he who stole Edgeworth's money back then.

As mentioned, Larry seems to always have a different girlfriend, although, they seem to take him for granted and he winds up getting dumped. In his first appearance in the series, Larry was even framed for the murder of his recently ex-girlfriend, Cindy Stone.

Larry has no known family.

[edit] Work

Larry has a variety of jobs in the series, seeming to either not keep one down, or not stay still in one place. He works at a stand by Gourdy Lake, as a security guard, and even an artist apprentice during his appearances in the games.

[edit] Cases

Larry appears in the following cases:

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