Lana Skye

Lana Skye
AgePW:AA: 29
Japanese NameHouzuki Tomoe
OccupationChief Prosecutor
FamilySister: Ema Skye

Lana Skye is chief prosecutor and the defendant of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney; Rise from the Ashes. Her sister, Ema, organised her defence despite Lana's insistence that she was guilty of the murder. In the past she was an acquaintance of Mia Fey.

The events that lead up to the case started two years earlier after the closing of the SL-9 case. At the time Lana was working as a detective alongside Damon Gant and the pair were renowned for their skills. Lana and Gant, alongside detectives Bruce Goodman, Jake Marshall, Angel Starr and prosecutor Neil Marshall pursued Joe Darke, a serial murderer, for 6 months before finally being able to bring him in for questioning. Whilst in custody Darke was able to escape and fled into Lana and Gant's office where Ema happened to be waiting for Lana. Once Lana arrived at the scene she found that Neil had been murdered and, from the look of the scene, it seemed as if Ema had killed Neil by accidentally shoving him onto a sword in a suit of armour that Gant had on display. Both Ema and Darke were passed out at the time so Lana, with Gant's aid, re-arranged the crime scene and falsified evidence so that it seemed as if Darke had been the one to kill Neil. Lana just wanted to protect her sister. The SL-9 incident was closed after Neil's death, Darke was convicted and executed and Lana was transferred to the prosecution office and made chief prosecutor by Damon Gant.

For the next 2 years Lana was manipulated by Gant, who had similarly been promoted to chief of police, in return for his silence over Neil's death Lana was made to further manipulate trials under Gant's orders. Additionally she felt the heavy weight of guilt over what she did and continued to do for the next 2 years as, after the allegations of falsified evidence in the SL-9 case came to light, Angel was fired, Jake demoted and Edgeworth, who had been assigned as prosecutor of the trial after Neil was murdered, had his reputation damaged.

One day Gant called Lana and told her that he had murdered Bruce Goodman and needed her to dispose of the body. He hid the body in Edgeworth's car boot and had him unknowingly deliver the body to Lana. Once Lana opened the car boot to move the body, she saw that the knife Goodman had been stabbed with was the same knife kept as evidence from SL-9. In order to prevent the SL-9 case being brought up again she removed the knife and hid it in the exhaust pipe of Edgeworth's car, then used a knife from Edgeworth's tool box to replace the original. She was seen stabbing the knife into Goodman's body by Angel and was arrested. In order to prevent the case being investigated too heavily she confessed to the murder, but Ema was convinced Lana was innocent and hired Phoenix Wright to defend her.

Over the course of the trial Phoenix and Edgeworth were able to prove that Lana was innocent of murder and that Neil was actually murdered by Gant two years ago, not Ema. Gant had manipulated the crime scene to implicate Ema and gain leverage over Lana. Despite being proven innocent of murder, Lana was scheduled to be put on trial for the other crimes she had committed over the years which she happily accepted, just relieved to have the pressure off her shoulders.

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