Kristoph Gavin

Kristoph Gavin
Japanese nameGaryuu Kirihito
AgeAJ: AA: 32
OccupationDefense Attorney
FamilyBrother: Klavier Gavin

Kristoph Gavin is a defense attorney who first appears in the first case of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney; Turnabout Trump.


[edit] Background

Kristoph's upbringing isn't really divulged. However, he is a calm and intelligent man who will step on whoever is in his way to further his career. His name suggests that he was brought up, or at least born, in Germany. He also likes Ariadoney, an expensive brand of nail polish.

[edit] Friends & Family

Kristoph's only known family is his younger brother, Klavier, who also works in law, but as a prosecutor rather than a defense attorney. Seven years prior to Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Kristoph took on Zak Gramarye as his client after he was accused of murdering his mentor and father-in-law, Magnifi Gramarye. The case was quite high-profile as Zak was part of the famed Gramarye Troupe, a well known circus act, so, in order to ensure a victory in the case and further his own career, he had some false evidence created that would implicate Valant Gramarye as the murderer. However, the day before the case, Zak challenged Kristoph to a game of poker and, as Kristoph lost, Zak fired him as his defense attorney and instead took on Phoenix Wright as his defense instead. Kristoph was outraged that he would be fired from such an important case so to get revenge to told Klavier, who incidentally would be prosecuting on the case, that Wright was going to present a false piece of evidence during the trial. He told him that when he did to call Drew Misham, the forger, who would testify about the fake evidence. Kristoph's scheme went just as planned and the case ended without a verdict as Zak fled the courtroom, and Wright was blamed for the fake evidence. As the board were coming to a decision as to whether to disbar Wright or not, Kristoph was the only one who stood up for him and the two became friends after this. However, this only so that Kristoph could keep an eye on him.

Following this event, Kristoph kept a close eye on everyone involved in the case. He tried to poison both Drew and his daughter, Vera, as they were they only ones who knew he had asked for a forgery but both plots failed. However, some 7 years later, Kristoph finally caught up with Zak and murdered him, framing Wright for his murder. And just a few months later, a poisoned stamp that Kristoph had sent to Drew seven years previously would finally get used and resulted in his death. As the trial progressed, Apollo and Wright managed to finally prove that Kristoph was behind the fake evidence all those years ago.

[edit] Work

It's not detailed how Kristoph trained in or got into law, but at the start of the game he had set up his own office and taken in Apollo as a student. However, during Apollo's case which Kristoph was overseeing, the whole case would turn around to have Kristoph as the suspect in the murder of Shadi Smith. As a result, Kristoph was proven guilty of murder and sent to prison.

[edit] Cases

Kristoph appears in the following cases:

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